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Republic of Yemen Middle East Sanaa 26,052,966 inhabitants 527,968 sq km 49.35 inhabitants/sq km Yemeni rials (YER) population evolution

Top tourist attractions in Yemen

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Marib Dam

Tourist attraction

The Marib or Ma'rib or Ma'arib Dam blocks the Wadi Adhanah in the valley of Dhana in the Balaq Hills, Yemen. The current dam is close to the ruins of the Great Dam of Ma'rib, dating from around the eighth century BCE. It was one of the engineering wonders of the ancient world and a central part of the south Arabian civilization around Marib. There are also other important ancient dams in Yemen such as the Dam of Jufaynah, the Dam of Khārid, the Dam of Aḑra’ah, the Dam of Miqrān and the Dam of Yath’ān. Historically, Yemen has been recognized for the magnificence of its ancient water engineering. From the Red Sea coast to the limits of the Rub' al Khali desert are numerous ruins of small and large dams made of earth and stone.