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Republic of Vanuatu Australia-Oceania Port-Vila 266,937 inhabitants 12,189 sq km 21.90 inhabitants/sq km vatu (VUV) population evolution

Famous people from Vanuatu

Here is a list of famous people from Vanuatu. Curious if anybody from Vanuatu made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

Iolu Abil


Iolu Johnson Abil is a Vanuatuan politician. He was elected and sworn in as the President of Vanuatu on 2 September 2009.

Walter Lini


Father Walter Hadye Lini was an Anglican priest and the founding Prime Minister of Vanuatu. He was born on Pentecost Island. During the era when Vanuatu was a condominium ruled by the United Kingdom and France, Lini formed the Vanua'aku Pati, which was principally backed by English-speakers. He became the colony's Chief Minister in 1979 and ascended to the position of Prime Minister upon Vanuatu's independence in 1980. Lini's administration was very controversial in the West because of its ties with the Communist bloc, Libya, and other socialist countries viewed with disdain by the United States and Europe, and its staunch opposition to nuclear testing in the region. He was the primary advocate of Melanesian socialism. Vanuatu provided support to the Kanak indigenous liberation movement in New Caledonia, and was the only country in the region to support the right of East Timor, then under Indonesian occupation, to self-determination. His term ended in 1991, due to factionalism within his party. He joined the National United Party of which he was leader at the time of his death. He died of an illness in Vanuatu's capital Port Vila. His sister, Hilda Lini, and brother, Ham Lini, are also politicians in Vanuatu.

Ham Lini


Ham Lini Vanuaroroa is a politician from Vanuatu. He is an MP from Pentecost Island in PENAMA Province. He was Prime Minister of Vanuatu from 11 December 2004 until 22 September 2008. Lini is the brother of Walter Lini, one of the founders of the modern Republic of Vanuatu. Ham Lini is the current leader of the National United Party.

Ralph Regenvanu


Ralph John Regenvanu is a ni-Vanuatu anthropologist, artist and politician. He has been a Member of Parliament since September 2008, was a member of Cabinet for most of the period from December 2010 to January 2012, and was the Director of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council from 1995 until December 2010. He is currently Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, since 23 March 2013. He has been a leading figure in Vanuatu's cultural world, primarily as a promoter of cultural knowledge preservation and sustainable development as a researcher, but also, to a lesser extent, as a painter and illustrator. He has represented Vanuatu and its culture in the international sphere, notably through UNESCO. His transition to politics came suddenly in 2008, at a comparatively young age; his successful campaign to be elected to Parliament generated popular and media support. As a Member of Parliament, he sought to publicise his activities and discuss political issues directly with members of the public; he also used his parliamentary allowance to help finance student scholarships and youth business projects. Three months after his election, he was arrested and charged with aiding prisoners who had escaped from gaol. The charges were later dropped. In late 2010, he launched his own political party, shortly before being appointed to Cabinet.

Vanessa Quai


Vanessa Diandra Sally Ann Kiristiana Quai, better known as Vanessa Quai, born July 13, 1988 in Port Vila, is a ni-Vanuatu singer.

Seule Soromon


Seule Soromon is an association football striker from Vanuatu who currently plays for ASB Premiership team YoungHeart Manawatu. He hails from Mele, which is located northwest of Port Vila.

Arnold Sorina

Olympic athlete

Arnold Sorina is a Vanuatuan middle distance runner. He competed in the 800 metres competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics but did not advance to the semifinals.

Grace Mera Molisa


Grace Mera Molisa was a ni-Vanuatu politician, poet and campaigner for women's equality in politics. The Australian described her as "a vanguard for Melanesian culture and a voice of the ni-Vanuatu, especially women". She has also been described as one of the Pacific's "leading public intellectuals and activists". She was the first woman from her country to gain a university degree, a bachelor of arts degree at the University of the South Pacific in 1977. Molisa was an Anglican. She spoke five languages. A 2004 book entitled Profiles of Pacific Women, aimed at "paying tribute to Pacific women who have paved the way for gender equality and human rights", included a tribute to Grace Molisa.

Brian Kaltack


Brian Kaltack is a Vanuatuan soccer player who plays for Waterside Karori AFC.

Etienne Mermer

Football player

Etienne Mermer is a footballer from Vanuatu. He currently plays for Tafea Football Club and, from June 2010, has been the coach of the Vanuatu national side.

Gilles Barbier


Gilles Barbier, is a contemporary artist.

Sela Molisa


Sela Molisa is a ni-Vanuatu politician. He is a member of the Parliament of Vanuatu, and was briefly Minister for Trade in Serge Vohor's Cabinet from April to May 2011. Initially a member of the Vanua'aku Pati, he left the party in 2006, but had rejoined it in time for the 2008 general election.

Kalkot Mataskelekele


Kalkot Mataskelekele Mauliliu was President of Vanuatu from 16 August 2004 to 16 August 2009. He was educated at Scotch College Melbourne the University of Papua New Guinea. He is a lawyer from the national capital, Port Vila, and is the first Head of State of Vanuatu to have a university degree. Mataskelekele had previously served as Vanuatu's first indigenous Solicitor General and a former Supreme Court justice. He was elected by the electoral college, which consists of the Parliament and regional Presidents, on 16 August 2004, and sworn in the same day. He had previously been a candidate in the presidential election of April 2004, and was backed by the government of Edward Natapei. However, after several inconclusive rounds in the electoral college, he was defeated by Alfred Maseng. After the impeachment of Maseng and a parliamentary election, a new election was held on 12 August 2004, which was inconclusive and was continued on 16 August. Though Kalkot was widely expected to win, there were many other candidates, and he faced tough opposition from Willie David Saul and former Prime Minister Donald Kalpokas. In the final round of voting, Kalkot defeated Saul by a vote of 49 to 7.

Alexander Frater


Alexander Russell Frater is a travel writer and journalist.

Jean Kaltack


Jean Kaltack is an Vanuatuan footballer who plays as striker for Erakor Golden Star and the Vanuatu national team.

Seimata Chilia

Soccer Midfielder

Seimata Chilia is a Vanuatuan international footballer who plays for Amical as a midfielder.

Donald Kalpokas


Donald Masike'Vanua Kalpokas is a Ni-Vanuatu politician and diplomat who served as prime minister of Vanuatu twice. Kalpokas was born on Efate island. Along with Walter Lini he founded the Vanua'aku Pati a political party which supported political independence for Vanuatu, socialist policies, and drew most of its support from Vanuatu's English-speaking population. Vanuatu did gain independence in 1980, with Lini as the country's first prime minister. Kalpokas became foreign minister of Vanuatu in 1983 but gave up this position after a few months. He again became foreign minister in 1987, this time remaining in that post for four years. On September 6, 1991 Kalpokas and some other members of the Vanua'aku Pati defected from Lini's government and supported a no confidence vote against him. Kalpokas then became the prime minister, to remain in office until after parliamentary elections. The elections resulted in the opposition Union of Moderate Parties taking control of the government, and Kalpokas left office on December 16, 1991. The split in the Vanua'aku Party would remain permanent, as Lini left to start another political party. In March 1998, following parliamentary elections which resulted in gains for the Vanua'aku Pati and Lini's National United Party, Kalpokas and Lini formed a coalition government. Kalpokas took office as prime minister again on March 30, 1998. He also became foreign minister for a third time but soon gave up this post. Lini died in February 1999, but the government continued. It collapsed in November 1999 when Kalpokas resigned as prime minister to prevent a no confidence vote.

Robert Tasso

Soccer Forward

Robert Tasso is an association footballer from Vanuatu. He currently plays for Spirit 08 F.C. and the Vanuatu national football team, as a forward.

Stephen Dubois


Stephen Cairfield Dubois is a retired Australian politician. Born in Vanuatu, he was the legislative assistant to Labor MP Bill Morrison. In 1984, Morrison retired, and Dubois succeeded him in the seat of St George in the Australian House of Representatives, also representing the Labor Party. He held the seat until its abolition in 1993, at which time he retired.

John Bani


Father John Bennett Bani was the president and head of state of Vanuatu from 25 March 1999 until March 24, 2004. His term expired in 2004. He is an Anglican priest from Pentecost Island. He is a member of the Union of Moderate Parties, a conservative, Francophone political party.

Yoshua Shing

Olympic Table Tennis Player

Yoshua Shing is a Vanuatuan table tennis player. He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men's singles, but was defeated in the preliminary round.

Anolyn Lulu

Olympic Table Tennis Player

Anolyn Lulu is a Ni-Vanuatu table tennis player who competed in 2012 Summer Olympics. She was the flag-bearer for Vanuatu at the opening ceremony.

Francois Sakama

Soccer Midfielder

Francois Sakama is a Vanuatuan soccer player who currently plays for Tafea FC.

William Leggatt

Military Commander

Sir William Watt Leggatt, DSO, MC was an Australian soldier, lawyer and politician. He served as commanding officer of the 2/40th Battalion and later Sparrow Force during World War II, fighting in Timor against the Japanese invasion in 1942. He was captured by the Japanese and sent to Changi prison in Singapore. Following the war, he was based in Melbourne in charge of war crimes investigation until 1946. In 1948 he was elected to the Victorian parliament. He died in 1968 and was accorded a state funeral.

Richard Iwai

Soccer Forward

Richard Iwai is a Vanuatuan international footballer who plays for Tafea as a forward.

Patrick Haines


Patrick Haines is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Chikau Mansale


Chikau Mansale in Vanuatu is a footballer who plays as a Goalkeeper. He currently plays for Amicale F.C. in the Vanuatu Premia Divisen and the Vanuatu national football team.

Seiloni Iaruel


Seiloni Iaruel is a Vanuatuan soccer player who currently plays for Tafea FC.

Jean Robert Yelou

Soccer Midfielder

Jean Robert Yelou in Vanuatu is a footballer who plays as a Midfielder. He previously played for Tafea F.C.. He currently plays for Amicale F.C. in the Vanuatu Premia Divisen and the Vanuatu national football team.

Rexley Tarivuti

Soccer Defender

Rexley Tarivuti is a Vanuatuan international footballer who plays for Vanuatu national football team as a defender as well as Vanuatan club Spirit 08 FC at club level.

Lencie Fred


Lencie Fred is a former international association football referee from Vanuatu. He was the first referee from his country to be included on the FIFA list of referees. Fred started refereeing at a young age and was named as an assistant referee for the 1996 Summer Olympics. He assisted Pierluigi Collina in the final of that competition between Nigeria and Argentina, allowing a controversial late winning goal for Nigeria. Two years later, he was selected to be an assistant at the 1998 FIFA World Cup and officiated five games during the tournament, including the third place match between Netherlands and Croatia. Fred was appointed to the list of FIFA referees in 2000, but was largely inactive during the first part of the decade. He refereed the second leg of the Oceania Preliminary Competition for the 2001 FIFA U-17 World Championship, which saw Australia beat New Zealand 6–0. He eventually became one of the most senior referees in the Oceania Football Confederation, regularly officiating international matches on that continent. He was selected as a referee for the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign, the 2007 South Pacific Games, 2008 OFC Men's Olympic Football Tournament and the 2008 OFC Nations Cup. He took charge of his final competitive international match on 19 November 2008 when Fiji achieved a 2–0 victory over New Zealand in a qualifying match for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Fred retired from international refereeing at the end of 2009, at the age of 41.

David Chilia

Football player

David Chilia is a Vanuatuan international footballer who plays for Shepherds United FC as a goalkeeper.

Patrick Crowby


Patrick Joseph Manarewo Kalpuaso Crowby, born 6 July 1958 in Port Vila, is a ni-Vanuatu politician. He began his career as a primary school teacher in 1978. In 1987, he obtained a title as customary chief. In 1991, he became a member of the National Bureau of Tourism. He would subsequently preside over the Bureau from 2007 to 2008. In 1992, he was appointed president of a sub-committee of the Union of Moderate Parties, a francophone political party; Crowby himself is a francophone. In 1997, now representing the National United Party, he became mayor of Port Vila, the capital city of Vanuatu, a position he held until 2004. He subsequently remained a city councillor until 2006. Transparency International Vanuatu accused him of "mismanagement and corruption" during his term. From 2004 to 2008, he served as the Prime Minister's public relations officer, and government spokesman. During that same time, he was also President of Vanuatu's Broadcasting and Television Corporation, and permanent representative of Vanuatu to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. In 2008, he was elected to Parliament, and was appointed Minister for Internal Affairs in Prime Minister Edward Natapei's Cabinet, though he was subsequently dismissed during a Cabinet reshuffle. He returned to government in April 2011, when Prime Minister Sato Kilman was in turn ousted in a vote of no confidence, and succeeded by Serge Vohor. Vohor appointed Crowby Minister for Internal Affairs. Three weeks later, however, Vohor's election and premiership were voided by the Court of Appeal, and Crowby lost his position in government. On 16 June, Kilman's election and premiership were themselves voided by the Supreme Court, on constitutional grounds, and previous Prime Minister Edward Natapei became caretaker Prime Minister until a new leader could be elected. Crowby was restored as caretaker Minister of the Interior. On 26 June 2011, Sato Kilman was elected Prime Minister by Parliament, and Crowby lost his position in government.

Nazario Fiakaifonu

Olympic Judo Athlete

Nazario Fiakaifonu is a Vanuatuan judoka. Fiakaifonu was selected to compete at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom. In the men's +100 kg weight division he lost to Marius Paškevičius in the round of 32 on 10 August.

Michel Kaltack

Soccer Midfielder

Michel Kaltack in Vanuatu is a footballer who plays as a Midfielder.

Kali Jacobus


Kali Jacobus is a Vanuatuan Super middleweight boxer. He is the current holder of the Universal Boxing Organisation world boxing title. Also known as the Malekula Kid, Kali Jacobus is the UBO World Super Middleweight Champion with a successful title defence on 9 April 2011. This is the champion’s second defense of the UBO World title. His professional record as of 9 April 2011 is 15 wins, and 3 losses.

Jean Nako Naprapol

Soccer Forward

Jean Nako Naprapol is an international footballer for Vanuatu. He played in the 2008 and 2012 OFC Nations Cup.

Nalin Nipiko

Cricket Bowler

Nalin Nipiko is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Andrew Mansale


Andrew Mansale is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Sailas Namatak

Soccer Midfielder

Silas Namatak is a Vanuatuan footballer who plays as a midfielder.

Janice Alatoa

Olympic athlete

Janice Alatoa is a Vanuatuan sprinter. She competed in the 100 metres competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics; she ran the preliminaries in 13.60 seconds, which did not qualify her for Round 1.

Geoffrey Lego Gete

Soccer Defender

Geoffrey Gete is a footballer who plays as a Defender. He currently plays for Tafea F.C. in the Vanuatu Premia Divisen and the Vanuatu national football team.

Trevor Langa


Trevor Langa is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Simon Lauru


Simon Lauru is a player who plays for the Vanuatu national football team. His most famous goal was when he was playing against Papua New Guinea national football team, in the qualification group 2 to advance to the 2006 FIFA world cup finals. He scored in the 91st minute of the game to draw the game 1-1, after Mauri Wasi scored for Papua New Guinea in the 73rd minute.

Patrick Matautaava

Cricket Bowler

Patrick Matautaava is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Simon Tousi


Simon Tousi is a Vanuatuan soccer player.

Kempes Vaharu

Soccer Midfielder

Kempes Vaharu is a Vanuatuan soccer player who plays for Pango Green Bird FC.

Jonathan Dunn

Cricket Bowler

Jonathan Dunn is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Jimmy Nakapue

Soccer Midfielder

Jimmy Nakapue is a Vanuatuan soccer player.

Linline Matauatu

Olympic athlete

Linline Matauatu is a Vanuatuan beach volleyball player.

Lenica Natapei

Cricket Player

Lenica Natapei is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Kenny Tari


Kenny Tari is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Simpson Obed


Simpson Obed is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Jelany Chilia

Cricket Bowler

Jelany Chilia is a Vanuatuan cricket player.

Edy Mansale

Cricket Bowler

Edy Mansale is a Vanuatuan cricket player.