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Flag of Turkmenistan


Central Asia Ashgabat 5,171,943 inhabitants 488,100 sq km 10.60 inhabitants/sq km Turkmen manat (TMM) population evolution

Famous people from Turkmenistan

Here is a list of famous people from Turkmenistan. Curious if anybody from Turkmenistan made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow


Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow is a Turkmen politician who has served as the president of Turkmenistan since 2006. Berdimuhamedow, a dentist by profession, served in the government under President Saparmurat Niyazov as minister of health beginning in 1997 and as deputy prime minister beginning in 2001. He became acting president following Niyazov's death on 21 December 2006 and subsequently won the February 2007 presidential election. He faced no meaningful opposition in the vote and won by an overwhelming margin. In the February 2012 presidential election, he was re-elected with 97% of the vote. He uses the honorific title Arkadag, meaning "Patron".

Saparmurat Niyazov


Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov was a Turkmen politician who served as the leader of Turkmenistan from 1985 until his death in 2006. He was First Secretary of the Turkmen Communist Party from 1985 until 1991 and continued to lead Turkmenistan for 15 years after independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Turkmen media referred to him using the title "His Excellency Saparmurat Türkmenbaşy, President of Turkmenistan and Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers". His self-given title Türkmenbaşy, meaning Leader of Turkmen, referred to his position as the founder and president of the Association of Turkmens of the World. Foreign media criticized him as one of the world's most totalitarian and repressive dictators, highlighting his reputation of imposing his personal eccentricities upon the country, which extended to renaming months, which had been borrowed Russian words, after members of his family. Global Witness, a London-based human rights organization, reported that money under Niyazov's control and held overseas may be in excess of US$3 billion, of which between $1.8–$2.6 billion was supposedly situated in the Foreign Exchange Reserve Fund at Deutsche Bank in Germany.

Kurban Berdyev

Soccer Midfielder

Kurban Berdyev is a Turkmenistani football coach and a former Soviet footballer. He is currently a head coach and a vice-president of Rubin.

Eduard Asadov


Eduard Arkadyevich Asadov was a Russian poet and writer of Armenian origin. Born in the town of Merv, Turkestan ASSR, to Armenian family. Both parents were teachers. Father fought Dashnaks in the Caucasus during the Civil War. After his father's death in 1929, Eduard and his mother moved to Sverdlovsk to her father Ivan Kalustovich Kurdov. At the age of 8 Eduard composed his first poem, then entered the Pioneers' Organization and, later, Komsomol. Moved to Moscow in 1939, studied at school No.38 and until finishing in 1941. A week after graduation the USSR entered the Great Patriotic War. Asadov went to the front as a volunteer. As a soldier he was a mortar spotter, then assistant to commander of Katyusha battery at North-Caucasian and 4th Ukrainian Fronts. On the night of May 3-4, 1944 defending Sevastopol he was badly wounded by a shell fragment hitting his face. Hardly conscious he managed to drive his munition truck down to the artillery battery. After continuous treatment in many hospitals surgeons had not managed to save his eyes; to the end of his life he wore a black mask. His memories of those tragic times:

Rolan Gusev

Soccer Midfielder

Rolan Gusev is a former Russian international association football player. He is a right midfielder and is known for his dribbling and crossing. Gusev was born in Ashgabat but moved to Moscow at the age of 9. He attended the Dynamo football school. Gusev played for Dynamo Moscow since 1997 and transferred to the city rivals CSKA in 2002. With CSKA he won two Russian championships, two Russian Cups and the UEFA Cup. As of 1 January 2006 Gusev scored over 50 goals in his 200+ appearances in the Russian Premier League. He played 2 matches for Russia at Euro 2004.

Vladyslav Vashchuk

Soccer Defender

Vladyslav Vashchuk is a retired Ukrainian football defender who last played for FC Volyn Lutsk. Vashchuk was also a member of the Ukrainian national football team playing 63 times. He mainly plays in the centre back position and can also be utilized as a sweeper.

Elnur Hüseynov


Elnur Hüseynov is an Azerbaijani pop singer. He was selected as Azerbaijan's representative to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Hüseynov was born in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, to ethnic Azeri parents. His father was a military serviceman and his mother specializes in music theory. At age five, Elnur was admitted to a music school for gifted children where he was trained as a piano player. In 1999, the family moved to Baku, Azerbaijan, where Elnur studied at a medical school and graduated with a degree in dentistry. In 2004 he graduated from the Asaf Zeynally College of Music and took up some hairstylist courses. He worked shortly at the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre and with the choir group of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society, in addition to singing in a church choir. In 2003, he received first prize in the musical competition Sing Your Song aired on Azerbaijan's Lider TV. In 2008, he and Samir Javadzadeh were selected to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision marking the country's debut in this song contest. They were placed eighth in the finals. Following the contest, the duo split. In December 2009, Elnur Hüseynov announced his intention to move permanently to Ukraine to further pursue his musical career. In June 2010, Elnur Hüseynov performed the part of Phoebus in the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, which was staged in Heydar Aliyev Palace. In October 2010, he submitted an application to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 but did not compete in the semifinals, with the exception of making a cameo appearance in one of the performances of the semifinalist Diana Hajiyeva.

Aman Tuleyev


Aman Gumirovich Tuleyev, born 13 May 1944, is the governor of Kemerovo Oblast. He ran for President of Russia in 1991, 1996 and 2000, both times coming fourth. Tuleyev was born to Kazakh father and half-Tatar half-Bashkir mother in Krasnovodsk, Turkmen SSR, USSR.

Maxim Kalashnikov


Vladimir Alexandrovich Kucherenko, better known by the pen name Maxim Kalashnikov, is a Russian patriotic writer, publicist, and political activist. His writings focus on praising the Soviet Union and its political and economic system from a Russian nationalist perspective, criticizing the Russian government, and discussing the perceived NATO threat to Russia and the likelihood that this antagonism will result in a nuclear war between Russia and NATO. Kucherenko was born in Ashgabat on December 21, 1966, but spent much of his childhood in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR. He served in the Red Army from 1985 to 1987, and graduated from Moscow State University in 1991 with degree in history. Kucherenko is the father of three daughters, and published his first book in 1993.

Oleg Kononenko


Oleg Dmitriyevich Kononenko is a Russian cosmonaut.

Galina Shatalova


Galina Shatalova was the author of many popular books on health, healthful food, and healthful lifestyle. Shatalova is best known for her Natural Health Improvement System, which incorporates a very low calory diet. In 1960 she began developing her system of natural health improvement. To prove her theories she and her patients undertook a 311 mile hike through the desert in 1990. Her book Vybor Puti, published in 1996, describes her system. One of the theories she attempts to debunk is that people require about 1200 to 1700 kcal per day. These figures date back to statistical research done in Germany at the end of the 19th century; she claims that the requirements are in fact around 250 to 400 kcal, assuming a natural rather than processed diet. The four elements of her system of natural health improvement are: ⁕Correct breathing ⁕Healthy motion ⁕Hardening of the organism ⁕Appropriate nutrition She also was a neurosurgeon, MD, PhD; clinical researcher and Burdenko Award prizewinner. She was chief of the Astronauts Training Sector of the Institute of Space and Aviation Biology.

Inha Babakova

Olympic athlete

Inha Babakova. is a former high jumper who represented the Soviet Union and later Ukraine. Her personal best is 2.05 metres.

Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari


Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari was a Persian Muslim hakim, Islamic scholar, physician and psychologist of Zoroastrian descent, who produced one of the first encyclopedia of medicine. He was a pioneer of pediatrics and the field of child development. His stature, however, was eclipsed by his more famous pupil, Muhammad ibn Zakarīya Rāzi. Ali came from a well-known Syriac family of Merv but moved to Tabaristan but became an Islamic convert under the Abbassid caliph Al-Mu'tasim, who took him into the service of the court, in which he continued under Al-Mutawakkil. His father Sahl ibn Bishr was a state official, highly educated and well respected member of the Syriac community. Ali ibn Sahl was fluent in Syriac and Greek, the two sources for the medical tradition of antiquity, and versed in fine calligraphy.

Dmitri Khomukha

Soccer Midfielder

Dmitri Ivanovich Khomukha is a retired Turkmenistani footballer. He is Ukrainian by ethnicity and also has Russian citizenship. Khomukha is currently the coach of the Russia national under-17 football team.

Ruslan Mingazow

Soccer Midfielder

Ruslan Mingazow is a Turkmenistan international footballer currently playing for Skonto Riga in the Latvian Higher League. Mingazov made his senior national team debut on 14 April 2009, in an 2010 AFC Challenge Cup Qualification match against Maldives. He scored his first national team goal against Bhutan in the very next match on 16 April 2009, also in AFC Challenge Cup qualifying. Ruslan's father, Kamil formerly played for national team.

Wladimir Baýramow

Soccer Forward

Wladimir Karajaýewiç Baýramow, born 2 August 1980 is a Turkmenistan football centre forward who last played for Balkan FT. He was a member of the Turkmenistan national football team. He also holds Russian citizenship.

Raşit Meredow


Raşit Öwezgeldiýewiç Meredow is a Turkmen politician and diplomat who has served in the government of Turkmenistan as Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2001, as well as Deputy Prime Minister since 2007. Born in a lawyer's family, Meredow studied at Moscow State University in the faculty of law. He made a diplomatic career in the independent Turkmenistan. In 2007, shortly after President Saparmurat Niyazov's death, he was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the police and army.

Artur Gevorkyan

Soccer Forward

Artur Gevorkyan is a professional Turkmen football player, playing for Nasaf Qarshi.

Bishr the Barefoot


Bishr ibn Hareth, better known as Bishr the Barefoot, was a Muslim saint born near Merv in 767 C.E. He was converted from a life of dissipation and then studied Muslim tradition under Al-Fozail ibn Iyaz. Bishr then devoted his life to God and became famous as one of the greatest saints in the area.

Danil Burkenya

Olympic athlete

Danil Sergeyevich Burkenya is a Russian track and field athlete who competes mainly in triple jump. He was a long jumper before taking up triple jumping in 2004, and the same year he won the bronze medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Remigija Nazarovienė

Olympic athlete

Remigija Nazarovienė is a retired Lithuanian heptathlete. She won the bronze medal at the 1997 World Championships and finished third at the 1998 IAAF World Combined Events Challenge. She won Talence Decastar two times, 1996 and 1997. She was also a runner-up in Talence 1989 and 1998. She competed four times at the Olympic Games. She currently owns Lithuanian national record in heptathlon with 6604 points. She also owned national records in 100m hurdles and 60m hurdles. After retirement as heptathlete, she started coaching in Estonia. In 2009, her student, decathlete Mikk Pahapill, won European Indoor Championships in heptathlon.

Georges Agabekov


Georges Agabekov was a Soviet Red Army soldier, Chekist, OGPU agent, and Chief of OGPU Eastern Section. He was the first senior OGPU officer to defect to the West, motivated presumably by his amorous infatuation with an English language teacher in Constantinople; his revelatory books led to massive arrests of Soviet intelligence assets across the Near East and Central Asia.

David Yurchenko

Soccer Midfielder

David Viktorovich Yurchenko is a Russian footballer currently playing for FC Ufa.

Wahyt Orazsähedow


Vahyt Sakhetmyratovich Orazsakhedov is a Turkmenistani football forward who plays for FC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk.

Boris Şyhmyradow


Boris Orazowiç Şyhmyradow was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan from 1995 to 2000. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison after he was convicted of participation in a plot against Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov in 2002. Şyhmyradow was born in Ashgabat to an Armenian mother and Turkmen father. Beginning in 1971, he worked in the Soviet embassies to Pakistan and India. After Turkmenistan gained independence, in 1992 he became Deputy Foreign Minister and then First Deputy Foreign Minister; he also became Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers in the same year. He became Foreign Minister in 1995 and served in that position for five years. He subsequently became a Special Envoy dealing with Caspian Sea affairs and the normalization of the situation in Afghanistan in June 2000. He served in that post until March 2001, when he became Turkmenistan's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China. He remained in the latter position until November 2001, when he announced his opposition to President Niyazov. Following an alleged assassination attempt against Niyazov on November 25, 2002, Şyhmyradow was arrested in Ashgabat on December 25, 2002. It was alleged that, as part of the plot, he had entered Turkmenistan from Uzbekistan prior to the attempt on Niyazov's life, and that, after it failed, he had taken refuge in the Uzbek embassy from November 26 to December 7. Subsequently, according to Şyhmyradow's confession, he stayed in a friend's apartment until he was captured. This confession was shown on television; in it, he called himself "a criminal able only to destroy the state" and a drug addict, and he also praised Niyazov very highly. Some suspected that torture was used to obtain the confession. On December 30, Şyhmyradow was sentenced to 25 years in prison, the maximum possible punishment; however, the People's Council amended the criminal code shortly thereafter to enable life sentences for traitors, and Şyhmyradow's sentence was accordingly changed.

Muhammad Khwandamir


Ghiyāś ad-Dīn Muḥammad Khwāndamīr, Khvandamir, or Khondamir or Hondemir was a Persian Islamic scholar born in Herat, in 880 AH or 1475 CE, a grandson and successor to noted historian Mirkhond.

Tetyana Lazareva

Olympic Freestyle wrestler

Tetyana Lazareva is a female wrestler from Ukraine. She is coached by her husband Grigori Shepelyev and is representing Ukraine at the 2012 Summer Olympics in Women's freestyle 55 kg. She has previously competed in the same weight category at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Daniyar Ismayilov


Daniyar Ismayilov is a Turkmenistani weightlifter. He is competing for Turkmenistan at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Azat Bairyyev

Soccer Midfielder

Azat Khodzhageldyyevich Bairyyev is a Russian football player. Currently, he plays for FC Alania Vladikavkaz. He made his debut in the Russian Premier League on March 14, 2009 in a game against FC Rubin Kazan. Ethnicity - Turkmen.

Didargylyç Urazow

Soccer Forward

Didargylyç Urazow is a Turkmenistan footballer currently playing for Turkmenistan Higher League club FC Ahal as a striker He is a member of the Turkmenistan national football team and he is signed with Brunei's DPMM FC on a transfer in February 2013.

Berdi Şamyradow

Soccer Forward

Berdimyrat Şamyradow is a professional Turkmen football player currently playing for FC Aşgabat. He is six-times top goalscorer of Ýokary Liga. In 2009, Şamyradow shattered the all-times Ýokary Liga top scorer title of Rejepmyrat Agabaýew. In 2010, he became all-time Ýokary Liga top scorer. Şamyradow scored his first international goal in the 2008 Ho Chi Minh City International Football Cup against hosts Vietnam, helping Turkmenistan win the tournament. He graduated from the International Turkmen-Turkish University.

Guwançmuhammet Öwekow

Soccer Forward

Guwançmuhammet Öwekow is a professional Turkmen football player who has recently played for FC Balkan in the Turkmenistan League. He has played 22 games for the Turkmenistan national football team. Guwançmuhammet participated in the largest ever win for Turkmenistan, a match at home against Afghan national football team in which Öwekow scored two of Turkmenistan's eleven goals. Five years later, Ovekov made another record against the same opponent, as he scored four goals during the 5–0 win over the Afghans during a 2008 AFC Challenge Cup group stage match.

Iraida Yusupova


Iraida Yusupova is a Turkmenistani composer of half Russian-half Tatar ethnicity who lives in Moscow, Russia. Iraida Yusupova was born in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, and graduated from Moscow Conservatory with a degree in composition in 1987. She has written and composed 3 operas, 2 symphonies, 6 cantatas, 3 instrumental concerts, and a great deal of chamber music, electro-acoustic music, and music for cinema and theater spanning over the late eighties to the present day. Her various styles include minimalism, serialism, and several progressive new age styles. Her music has been performed in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Switzerland, Turkey and Hungary. In 2001, certain independent Moscow journalists made her among the top 10 most notable modern Russian composers.

Elman Tagaýew


Elman Tagaýew is an Azerbaijani descent Turkmen footballer playing currently for Aşgabat. He scored in the game against Nepal in 2012 AFC Challenge Cup group stage.

Serdar Hudayberdiyev

Professional Boxer

Serdar Hudayberdiyev is Turkmen boxer. He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the light welterweight event. He was selected to bear national flag of Turkmenistan sports team at the opening ceremony. He is currently member of the Higher School of sportsmanship of the State committee of Turkmenistan for tourism and sport. He fought a gold medal at the 2009 Asian Amateur Boxing Championships in China. At the Olympics 2012 he was upset in the first bout by Indian boxer Manoj Kumar 7:13.

Gochguly Gochgulyyev

Soccer Defender

Goçguly Hangulyýewiç Goçgulyýew is a former Turkmenistani footballer currently assistant coach of the Turkmenistan national team. It is believed that when Goçgulyýew retires from his current post he plans to move to Googleyville to relax, with the Googleys.

Andrei Buivolov

Soccer Defender

Andrei Valeryevich Buivolov is a Russian professional football player. Currently, he plays for FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod.

Tahira Tahirova


Tahira Akbar qizi Tahirova was a Soviet politician and diplomat. She served as Foreign Minister of the Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic from 1959 to 1983.

Vladimir Ivanovich Morozov

Olympic athlete

Vladimir Ivanovich Morozov is a retired sprint canoer from USSR. Morozov trained at Armed Forces sports society in Krasnovodsk and later in Kiev. Morozov began canoeing in 1957 and became a member of the USSR National Team in 1963. He won gold medals for the USSR at three consecutive Olympics between 1964 and 1972. Morozov also won six medals at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships with three golds

Sergey Agashkov

Soccer Midfielder

Sergey Nikolaevich Agashkov is retired Turkmen footballer. He had spells at SKA Rostov-on-Don, Torpedo Moscow, Beitar Tel Aviv, POSCO Atoms and Ankaragücü. Agashkov played seven seasons in the Soviet Top League, two with SKA Rostov-on-Don and five with Torpedo Moscow. He later played four seasons in the Russian Premier League, all of them with Torpedo Moscow.

Nazar Petrosyan

Soccer Midfielder

Nazar Samvelovich Petrosyan is a Russian football coach and a retired Soviet football player. He is of Armenian descent. Currently, he is the president of FC Nika Moscow.

Jennet Saryyeva

Olympic athlete

Jennet Saryyeva is a Turkmenistan swimmer. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she competed in the Women's 400 metre freestyle, finishing in 35th place in the heats; her time of 5:40.29 was nearly a minute behind that the next slowest competitor, but set a new Turkmenistan record.

Batyr Berdiýew


Batyr Ataýewiç Berdiýew is a former politician in Turkmenistan, specializing in the country's foreign relations. During the course of his career, he was an ambassador and a foreign minister.

Ilyas Malayev


Ilyas Malayev was an Uzbekistani musician and poet. Malayev was born in Mary to Efraim and Yelizaveta Malayev, a Bukharian Jewish family and raised in the Uzbek town of Katta-Kurgan near Bukhara. He learned to play the tar and the tanbur, as well as the violin, and immersed himself in the shashmaqam genre. In 1951, he moved to Tashkent, where he performed with various state-sponsored ensembles, and became popular as a variety entertainer, performing comedy routines, his own songs and poetry and Shashmaqom excerpts. Tens of thousands of fans attended his stadium performances. He was later named "Honored Artist of the Uzbek SSR". In 1994, following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Malayev emigrated to the United States where he settled in Queens, New York City along with thousands of other Bukharian Jews. Although it was a considerable step down from his fame and popularity in Uzbekistan, Malayev emigrated as he was unable to have his poetry published in his homeland, a restriction he suspected was due to either anti-Semitism or the state of the Soviet cultural bureaucracy. He was granted U.S. citizenship on November 15, 2001.

Izzeddin Hasanoglu


Izzeddin Hasanoglu-founder of literature in Azeri language. He was from Khorasan by origin. He was sufi sheikh Jamaladdin Ahmad Zakir's student. He wrote in Azeri and Persian under the Azeri pseudonym "Izzeddin Hasanoglu" and Persian pseudonym "Pur-Hasan". The main theme of Hasanoglu's poetry was love. The tazkirist of the 15th century Dovletshah Samargandi noticed that Hasanoghlu had written his poems in Azerbaijani and Persian and they were well-known in Turkey and Azerbaijan. Hassanoghlu’s famous gazelle in Azerbaijani language has reached to our time. This gazelle was included to the final part of Saadi’s “Gulistan”, which was translated into Turkish language by Seyfi Sarayi in the 16th century in Egypt, and this fact saved ghazal from oblivion.German orientalist Barbara Flemming discovered one more ghazal of Hassanoghlu in Egypt. Evidently “Divan” by Hasanoghlu existed in the 16th century in Egypt. The works, created by the author in two languages, witness the high mastery of the poet. According to poems it can be known that the poet was sufi. It is impossible to differ poet's pantheistic love philosophy from love to concrete real person and a human being commonly. As lots of other pantheists, Hasanoghlu also welcomed earthly love, deified it,and exalted him to the Creator. It was a revolutionary approach to feudal ideology, the idea “analhag” – “God is incide me”- brave defiance. Hasanoghlu lived in the first half of the 13th century and the main feature of his creation was that he created it in his native language. Many generations of poets, who wrote in Turkic languages followed his lyric poetry. His followers are Ahmed Burhaneddin and Imadaddin Nasimi.

Anastasiya Prenko

Tennis Player

Anastasiya Prenko is a junior Turkmen tennis player. Her highest Women's Tennis Association singles ranking is 556, which she reached on 5 April 2010. Her career high in doubles is 858, which she reached on 5 April 2010.

Yuri Kovshov

Olympic athlete

Yuri Aleksandrovich Kovshov is a former Soviet equestrian and Olympic champion. He won a gold medal in team dressage at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, and received a silver medal in individual dressage.

Aleksandr Boliyan


Aleksander Boliyan is a Turkmen international footballer. He is currently playing for Şagadam Türkmenbaşy, and plays on the Turkmenistan national football team. Aleksander Boliyan played his first match for Şagadam Türkmenbaşy when he was 16. In his first season for club he scored 5 goals, then 1 goal in 2007, and 2 goals in 2009. In 2010 season he became his club's top goalscorer with 5 goals. Next season he moved to FC Ahal, but later at summer transfer window he returned to Şagadam. 2012 season was his best season at Şagadam - he scored 23 goals and became League topscorer.

Maksim Belyh


Maksim Belyh is a professional Turkmen football player currently playing for Navbahor Namangan.

Aksoltan Toreevna Ataeva


Dr. Aksoltan Toreevna Ataeva has been the Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan to the United Nations since 23 February 1995. In 1968 she graduated from the Turkmen State Medical Institute. Candidate of Medical Sciences. She served as Deputy Minister of Public Health from 1985 to 1991 and Minister of Public Health from 1991–94; from 1994–95, she was both Minister of Social Security and President of the Trade Unions of Turkmenistan. She joined the ruling Democratic Party in 1992 and became a member of the People's Council in 1993. In 2008 she was appointed as part-Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Cuba. In 2011, she was appointed at the same time Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to the Federal Republic of Brazil. In 2013, at the same time appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Çariýar Muhadow

Soccer Forward

Charyar Mukhadov is a former Turkmen footballer.

Vladimir Dostal

Film Director

Vladimir Dostal is a film director and producer.

Aliasker Bashirov

Professional Boxer

Aliasker Bashirov is an amateur boxer from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan who fought at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics at welterweight. In 2004 he beat Rolandas Jasevicius but lost his second match to eventual winner Bakhtiyar Artayev. Bashirov qualified for the Athens Games by ending up in second place at the 1st AIBA Asian 2004 Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Guangzhou, PR China. In the final he lost to China's Hanati Silamu. At the 2008 Summer Olympics he lost his first bout to Jaoid Chiguer.

Mansur Rejepov


Mansur Rejepov is a Turkmen weightlifter competing in the 85 kg category. He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Boris Kramorenko

Olympic athlete

Boris Kramarenko is a former Soviet wrestler who competed in the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Sergey Balasanian


Sergey Artem'yevich Balasanian was a Soviet-era composer. He taught composition in the Moscow State Conservatory. Balasanian wrote the first Tajik opera - The Uprising at Vosse. Sergey Balasanian was awarded the State Prize of the USSR and five orders. In 1957 he was decorated as People’s Artist of the Tajik SSR, and in 1963 as Honored Art Worker of the Russian SFSR.

Maysa Rejepova

Olympic Track and field Athlete

Maysa Rejepova is a Turkmen sprinter. She competed in the 100 metres competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics; she ran the preliminaries in a personal best of 12.80 seconds, which did not qualify her for Round 1.

Nury Halmammedov


Nury Halmammedow was a famous Turkmen composer who created numerous musical genres and has been described as one of Turkmenistan's "greatest sons". His legacy has been commemorated with anniversary events within Turkmenistan.

Larisa Kositsyna


Larisa Kositsyna is a retired Soviet high jumper. She competed in both the 1983 and 1987 World Championships in Athletics - Women's high jump. Her personal best jump was 2.00 metres, achieved in July 1988 in Chelyabinsk.

Husein Huseinov


Husein Huseinov is a Turkmen painter and art director in films.

Sapardurdy Khadzhiev


Sapardurdy Khadzhiev is a Turkmenistani human rights activist currently serving a prison sentence in Turkmenbashi. Amnesty International designated him a prisoner of conscience and named him a 2011 "priority case".

Begli Nurmyradow

Football player

Begli Nurmyradow is a Turkmen footballer playing currently for HTTU Aşgabat. He scored one critical goal in the game versus Kyrgyzstan in 2010 AFC Challenge Cup.

Sergey Krovyakov


Kamil Mingazow

Football player

Kamil Mingazov is a former Turkmenistan footballer.

Gulnar Hayytbaeva

Olympic athlete

Gulnar Hayytbaeva is an athlete.

Siros Muqadam

TV Program Creator

Siros Muqadam is a film and television director.

Nursahat Pazziyev

Olympic athlete

Nursahat Pazziyev is a boxer.

Makhammetgeldi Annaamanov


Makhammetgeldi Annaamanov is a Turkmen politician. He is the current Minister of Education of Turkmenistan. Born in Ashgabat, he graduated from the Turkmen Institute of National Economy and gained a master’s degree in economic sciences. Since 2004 he has been rector of the Turkmen Institute of National Economy and Minister of Education since 2006.