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Flag of Suriname


Republic of Suriname South America Paramaribo 573,311 inhabitants 163,820 sq km 3.50 inhabitants/sq km Surinamese dollars (SRD) population evolution

Top tourist attractions in Suriname

Here is a list of top tourist attractions in Suriname. Only the topmost tourist destinations are presented here. To see other destinations, please check the images from Suriname section.

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Brokopondo Reservoir

Water reservoir Lake

The Brokopondo Reservoir, officially named Professor Doctor Ingenieur W. J. van Blommestein Meer, and also called the Brokopondostuwmeer, is a large reservoir in the South American country Suriname. It is named after the Surakarta-born Dutch hydrological engineer Willem Johan van Blommestein. With a surface area of approximately 1,560 km², depending on the current water level, it is one of the largest reservoirs in the world, flooding nearly one percent of the country.

Fort Zeelandia


Fort Zeelandia is a fortress in Paramaribo, Suriname, that was built by British colonists in 1651 around a small trading post, created by the Dutch. It later returned to the Dutch as Nieuw-Amsterdam, later called New York, had been traded for Suriname with the British Empire and it was given its present name in 1667. After the Surinamese independence in 1975, during the military government of Dési Bouterse in the 1980s, it was the scene of the "December murders" of 1982 and was used to hold and torture political prisoners.

Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge

Box girder Bridge

The Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge, also called Suriname bridge, is a bridge over the Suriname river between the capital city Paramaribo and Meerzorg in the Commewijne District. The bridge is part of the East-West Link, and is named after former president Jules Wijdenbosch. Constructed by Dutch constructor Ballast-Nedam, the bridge has two lanes, is 1504 metres long, and was opened on 20 May 2000.



Julianatop is the highest mountain in Suriname at 1,280 metres. It is located in the Sipaliwini District.

Nickerie River


The Nickerie is a river in the northwestern part of Suriname. The river rises in the Bakhuys Mountains and then flows to the North where it forms part of the border between the Coronie and Nickerie districts. The river then turns West and flows into the Atlantic Ocean via Wageningen and Nieuw-Nickerie. There is a bridge near Groot Henar that is part of the Northern East-West Link. Another, more basic bailey bridge was built near Kamp 52 on the Southern East-West Link.

Coppename River


The Coppename is a river in Suriname in the district of Sipaliwini, forming part of the boundary between the districts of Coronie and Saramacca.