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Countries of South America

12 countries and 2 territories 405,941,208 inhabitants 17,747,529 sq km 0.04 inhabitants/sq km population evolution

This sections allows you to see the list of all countries of South America. Every country has a few important details attached: flag, capital, population and total area. For full details of every country, just click on its name. If you wish to sort countries differently (e.g.: by area or by population) just click the corresponding table heading. By default, countries are ordered alphabetically.

You can also filter the countries and territories being displayed here:
Country Capital Population Area
Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires 43,024,374 2,780,400
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia La Paz 10,631,486 1,098,581
Flag of Brazil Brazil Brasilia 202,656,788 8,514,877
Flag of Chile Chile Santiago 17,363,894 756,102
Flag of Colombia Colombia Bogota 46,245,297 1,138,910
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador Quito 15,654,411 283,561
Flag of Guyana Guyana Georgetown 735,554 214,969
Flag of Paraguay Paraguay Asuncion 6,703,860 406,752
Flag of Peru Peru Lima 30,147,935 1,285,216
Flag of Suriname Suriname Paramaribo 573,311 163,820
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay Montevideo 3,332,972 176,215
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela Caracas 28,868,486 912,050