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Flag of Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten

Land Sint Maarten Central America and the Caribbean Philipsburg 39,689 inhabitants 34 sq km 1,167.32 inhabitants/sq km Netherlands Antillean guilders (ANG) part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands population evolution

Famous people from Sint Maarten

Here is a list of famous people from Sint Maarten. Curious if anybody from Sint Maarten made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

Eugene Holiday


Eugene Bernard Holiday is the first Governor of Sint Maarten, which became a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands on 10 October 2010. He was installed by the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on 7 September 2010. He was president of Princess Juliana International Airport before assuming his office as governor.

Mathias Voges


Mathias Sinclair Voges is a politician and historian from Sint Maarten, who currently holds the office of Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten. Before this, Voges had been Acting Lieutenant Governor of Sint Maarten. He is also a former president of the Board of Directors of the University of St. Martin.

Claude Wathey

Deceased Person

Claude Wathey, was a prominent politician of the Democratic Party from the island of Sint Maarten. He was knighted by the Dutch Crown for his political longevity. Wathey championed political independence for the island in 1989, but was later convicted on charges of perjury; however, many on Sint Maarten felt the trial was nothing more than a witch hunt conducted by his rivals and adversaries in Curaçao and the Netherlands in order to break his monopoly on political power in Sint Maarten and to destroy his credibility. Despite this, he remains a popular, if controversial, figure, even after his death.