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Republic of Mozambique Africa Maputo 24,692,144 inhabitants 799,380 sq km 30.89 inhabitants/sq km meticais (MZM) population evolution

Famous people from Mozambique

Here is a list of famous people from Mozambique. Curious if anybody from Mozambique made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.



Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, GCIH, GCM, commonly known simply as Eusébio, is a retired Mozambican-born Portuguese football forward. He is considered one of the best footballers of all-time by the IFFHS, experts and fans. He helped the Portuguese national team reach third place at the 1966 World Cup, being the top goalscorer of the tournament with nine goals and receiving the Bronze Ball award. He won the Ballon d'Or award in 1965 and was runner-up in 1962 and 1966. He played for Benfica for 15 years out of his 22 as a footballer, thus being mainly associated with the Portuguese club, and is the team's all-time top scorer with 638 goals scored in 614 official games. There, he won 11 Primeira Liga titles, 5 Taça de Portugal titles, 1 European Cup title and managed to help them reach three additional European Cup finals. He was the European Cup top scorer in 1965, 1966 and 1968. He also won the Bola de Prata seven times in 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1973. He was the first ever player to win the European Golden Boot award, in 1968, a feat he later replicated in 1973.

Teresa Heinz


Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz, known as Teresa Heinz, is a Portuguese–American businesswoman and philanthropist, the widow of former U.S. Senator H. John Heinz III, and the wife of current U.S. Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator John Kerry.

Carlos Queiroz


Carlos Manuel Brito Leal Queiroz ComIH is a Portuguese football manager, currently in charge of the Iran national football team. A former manager of Real Madrid, he has also been the manager of the Portugal national football team and Alex Ferguson's assistant manager at English club Manchester United. Queiroz has won several awards as a coach in junior levels, and has been successful at senior and club levels, mainly as Alex Ferguson's assistant manager. In 1998, he authored the Q-Report, which detailed plans to enhance football player development in the United States.


Fado Artist

Mariza, ComIH, born Marisa dos Reis Nunes, is a popular fado singer. Mariza was born to a Portuguese father and a mother of partial African heritage. At age three, her family moved to Metropolitan Portugal, and she was raised in Lisbon's historic quarters of Mouraria and Alfama. While very young she began singing in a wide variety of musical styles, including gospel, soul and jazz. Her father strongly encouraged her to adopt fado; he felt that participating in the traditional music would grant her greater acceptance in the Portuguese community. Mariza has sold over 1,000,000 records worldwide.

Graça Machel


Graca Machel appeared in the "Comrade President" documentary film.

Samora Machel


Samora Moisés Machel was a Mozambican military commander, revolutionary socialist leader and eventual President of Mozambique. Machel led the country from independence in 1975 until his death in 1986, when his presidential aircraft crashed in mountainous terrain where the borders of Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa converge.

Al Bowlly


Albert Allick Bowlly was a Mozambican born South African singing, songwriter, composer and band leader, who became a popular jazz crooner during the British dance band era of the 1930s and later worked in the United States. He recorded more than 1,000 records between 1927 and 1941. His most popular songs include "Midnight, the Stars and You", "Goodnight, Sweetheart", "The Very Thought of You", "Guilty" and "Love Is the Sweetest Thing". Born in Lourenço Marques in the then-Portuguese colony of Mozambique, Bowlly gained his musical experience singing for a dance band led by Edgar Adeler on a tour of South Africa, Rhodesia, India and Indonesia during the mid-1920s. He was then employed by Jimmy Liquime to perform in India, Calcutta, Singapore and the Raffles Hotel. In 1928, he arrived in the United Kingdom and briefly worked with Percival Mackey's band before being made redundant due to the 1930s depression. In 1930, he was spotted and signed to accompany both Roy Fox's and Ray Noble's orchestras that November. The signing with Noble led a to a successful association between the two which resulted in over 500 records being produced over a four-year period.

Abel Xavier


Abel Xavier is a retired Portuguese footballer who played as a full back. Since July 2013, he has been the manager of Portuguese club Olhanense. Xavier played for clubs in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, England, Turkey and Germany before retiring with Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer in 2008. From his debut in 1993, Xavier played 20 games for the Portuguese national team, and was selected in their squads for Euro 2000 and the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Maria Mutola

Olympic athlete

Maria de Lurdes Mutola is a retired female track and field athlete from Mozambique who has specialized in the 800 metres. She was born in Maputo, hence the nickname of "The Maputo Express. She is the fourth athlete to compete at six Olympic Games. She is a three-time world champion in this event and a one-time Olympic champion.

Afric Simone


Afric Simone is a singer, musician, and entertainer from Mozambique. He entered the European charts with his first hit "Ramaya" in 1975, which was followed by another well-known song "Hafanana". He was very popular from 1975 to 1980 on both sides of the iron curtain. Simone toured the USSR, Poland, the GDR, and Czechoslovakia in the Eastern Bloc.

Mia Couto


António Emílio Leite Couto, better known as Mia Couto, is a world-renowned Mozambican writer and the winner of the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

Armando Guebuza


Armando Emílio Guebuza is a Mozambican politician and the President of Mozambique since 2005.

Joaquim Chissano


Joaquim Alberto Chissano served as the second President of Mozambique from 1986 to 2005. He is credited with transforming the war-torn country of Mozambique into one of the most successful African democracies. After his presidency, Chissano became an elder statesman, envoy and diplomat for both his home country and the United Nations.

Simão Mate Junior

Soccer Midfielder

Simão Mate Junior is a Mozambican football player who is currently playing as a defensive midfielder for La Liga side Levante. He is also a member of the Mozambique national football team, for which he has made 30 appearances since 2007.

Jorge Cadete


Jorge Paulo Cadete Santos Reis, known as Cadete, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a striker. Born to Portuguese settlers, he was groomed in Sporting's prolific youth system, and later was noted while at Celtic, as he led the goalscoring charts in 1996–97. A Portuguese international throughout the 90s, Cadete represented the nation at Euro 1996.


Soccer Defender

Martinho Martins Mukana, aka Paíto, is a Mozambican professional footballer who plays for Skoda Xanthi F.C. in Greece, as a left defender.

Eduardo Mondlane


Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane served as President of the Mozambican Liberation Front from 1962, the year that FRELIMO was founded in Tanzania, until his assassination in 1969. He was an anthropologist by profession but worked as a history and sociology professor at Syracuse University.

Tasha de Vasconcelos


Sandra de Vasconcelos Mota e Cunha, better known under the name Tasha de Vasconcelos, is a Mozambique-born Canadian model, actress, and humanitarian.

Mário Coluna

Soccer Midfielder

Mário Esteves Coluna is a Portuguese retired footballer who played mainly as an central midfielder. He spent most of his career with Benfica, appearing in 525 official games and scoring 127 goals during 16 professional seasons. Dubbed Monstro Sagrado he won 19 major titles with his main club, including ten national leagues and two European Cups. Coluna represented Portugal at the 1966 World Cup, playing nearly 60 times.

Edson André Sitoe

Soccer Defender

Edson André Sitoe, aka Mexer, is a Mozambican footballer who plays for C.D. Nacional in Portugal, as a central defender.

Afonso Dhlakama


Afonso Marceta Macacho Dhlakama is a Mozambican politician and the leader of RENAMO, an anti-communist guerrilla movement that fought the FRELIMO government in the Mozambican Civil War before signing a peace agreement and becoming an opposition political party in the early 1990s. Dhlakama was born in Mangunde, Sofala Province.

José Rodrigues dos Santos


José António Afonso Rodrigues dos Santos is a Portuguese writer, university lecturer and journalist.

Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho


Otelo Nuno Romão Saraiva de Carvalho, GCL is a retired Portuguese military officer. He was the chief strategist of the 1974 Carnation Revolution in Lisbon.

Ruy Guerra


Ruy Alexandre Guerra Coelho Pereira is a film director, screenwriter, film editor, and actor in Brazil. Guerra was born a Portuguese citizen in Lourenço Marques in Moçambique, when it was still a colony of Portugal.


Soccer Midfielder

Júlio Cernadas Pereira, aka Juca, was a Portuguese football midfielder and coach. Most of his career was associated with Sporting, as both player and manager.



Neyma Julio Alfredo is a Mozambican singer, born in Maputo.

Luisa Diogo


Luisa Diogo is the first woman prime minister of Mozambique. She became Prime Minister when President Chissano appointed her in February 2004. Before assuming this office she was Minister of planning and finance. Born in 1958, Luisa Diogo earned her Bachelors in Economics from Eduardo Mondlane University and Masters at School of Oriental and African studies, University of London in 1992.

Roger De Sá


Roger De Sá is a South African football manager and the current head coach of Premier Soccer League club Orlando Pirates. De Sá is a former footballer and played as goalkeeper. De Sá is also one of the handful of South Africans who have represented their country in three different sports — soccer, basketball and indoor soccer.

Noémia de Sousa


Carolina Noémia Abranches de Sousa Soares was a poet from Mozambique who wrote in the Portuguese language. She is also known as Vera Micaia. She is of mixed Portuguese and Bantu descent. She lived in Lisbon working as a translator from 1951 to 1964 and then she left for Paris where she worked for the local consulate of Morocco. She went back to Lisbon in 1975 and became member of the ANOP. She worked with several newspapers and magazines throughout her life. Some of her most notable collaborations were with Mensagem; Mensagem; Itinerário; Notícias do Bloqueio; O Brado Africano; Moçambique 58; Vértice, Sul.

Dimitri Tsafendas

Deceased Person

Dimitri Tsafendas assassinated the so-called "Architect of Apartheid", South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd on 6 September 1966. Tsafendas, working as a parliamentary messenger, stabbed Verwoerd with a dagger during a parliamentary session.

Malangatana Ngwenya

Painting Artist

Malangatana Valente Ngwenya was a Mozambican painter and poet. He frequently exhibited work under his first name alone. He died on January 5, 2011 in Matosinhos, Portugal.

Carlos Fumo Gonçalves


Carlos Fumo Gonçalves, known as Fumo, is a Mozambican footballer who plays as a forward.



Ngungunyane, also known as Mdungazwe Ngungunyane Nxumalo, N'gungunhana, or Gungunhana Reinaldo Frederico Gungunhana, was a tribal king and vassal of the Portuguese Empire, who rebelled, was defeated by General Joaquim Mouzinho de Albuquerque and lived out the rest of his life in exile, first in Lisbon, but later on the island of Terceira, in the Portuguese Azores. Gungunhana was the last dynastic emperor of the Empire of Gaza, a territory now part of Mozambique. Nicknamed the Lion of Gaza, he reigned from around 1884 to 28 December 1895, the day he was imprisoned by Joaquim Mouzinho de Albuquerque in the fortified village of Chaimite. Because he was already known to the European press, the Portuguese colonial administration decided to exile him, rather than send him to face a firing squad, as would normally be the case. He was transported to Lisbon, accompanied by his son Godide and other dignitaries. After a brief stay, he was transferred to the Azores, where he would die eleven years later.


Soccer Midfielder

Elias Gaspar Pelembe, also known simply as Domingues, is a Mozambican footballer who currently plays for Mamelodi Sundowns in the South African Premier Soccer League and Mozambique. His position is midfielder.

Armando Sá

Soccer Defender

Armando Miguel Correia de Sá is a Mozambican retired footballer who played usually a right defender. He also holds a Portuguese passport, and played professionally in four different countries in a 16-year professional career: Portugal, Spain, England and Iran.

José Craveirinha


José Craveirinha, was born in Maputo, Mozambique and is today considered the greatest poet of that country. The child of a Portuguese father and a black mother of the Ronga ethnicity, Craveirinha was raised in the language and culture of Portugal. His poems, written in Portuguese, address such issues as racism and the Portuguese colonial domination of Mozambique. He was one of the African pioneers of the Négritude movement. As a journalist, Craveirinha contributed to numerous Mozambican magazines and newspapers, including O Brado Africano, Notícias, Tribuna, Notícias da Tarde, Voz de Moçambique, Notícias da Beira, Diário de Moçambique, and Voz Africana. He also played football and coached other athletes. He arranged an athletic scholarship in the United States for Maria de Lurdes Mutola, who won a gold medal in track and field at the Olympics in 2000, and his son Stelio also held the national long jump record. Craveirinha also wrote under the pseudonyms Mário Vieira, José Cravo, Jesuíno Cravo, J. Cravo, J.C., and Abílio Cossa. He was imprisoned in solitary confinement by the fascist Portuguese PIDE régime from 1965 to 1969 for his membership in a cell of FRELIMO, the leading movement for the liberation of Mozambique from Portuguese rule. When FRELIMO seized power in 1974, Craveirinha was freed from prison and appointed vice-director of the national press.

Luís de Matos


Luis de Matos is a Portuguese magician. With Lu Chen and Dynamo he was co-winner of the "Golden Grolla" in 2013. He is the youngest magician ever to receive "The Devant Award" from the The Magic Circle. Some say that he is the most renowned and distinguished Portuguese magician of all times.

Paulina Chiziane


Paulina "Poulli" Chiziane is an author of novels and short stories in the Portuguese language. She studied at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo. She was born to a Protestant family that moved from Gaza to the capital Maputo during the writer's early childhood. At home she spoke Chopi and Ronga. Chiziane was the first woman in Mozambique to publish a novel. Her writing has generated some polemical discussions about social issues, such as the practice of polygamy in the country. For example, her first novel, Balada do Amor ao Vento, discusses polygamy in southern Mozambique during the colonial period. Related to her active involvement in the politics of Frelimo, her narrative often reflects the social uneasiness of a country ravaged and divided by the war of liberation and the civil conflicts that followed independence. Her novel "Niketche: Uma História de Poligamia" won the José Craveirinha Prize in 2003.

Mário Wilson

Football player

Mário Wilson is a Mozambican retired football central defender and manager. He played in 280 Portuguese first division games over the course of 14 seasons, mainly in representation of Académica. Subsequently he embarked in a lengthy managerial career in the country, which lasted more than 30 years and also included two spells at his main club, and several more at Benfica.

Alberto da Costa Pereira


Alberto da Costa Pereira was a Portuguese footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

Dário Monteiro

Soccer Forward

Dário Alberto Jesus Monteiro, simply Dário, is a Mozambican footballer who plays for Grupo Desportivo de Maputo as a striker.

Marcelino dos Santos


Marcelino dos Santos is a Mozambican poet, revolutionary, and statesman. As a young man he travelled to Portugal, and Paris, France for an education. He was a founding member of the Frente de Libertacao de Mocambique, in 1962; and served as the party's deputy president from 1969 to 1977. He was Minister of Economic Development in the late 1970s, Frelimo Political Bureau member in charge of the economy in the early 1980s, Chairman of the country's parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, from 1987 to 1994, and, as of 1999, remains a member of the Frelimo Central Committee. He represents the left wing of the party, remaining an avowed Marxist-Leninist, despite the party's embracement of capitalism in recent decades—an embracement which dos Santos declares is temporary. He says that the "retreat" to capitalism was necessary in order to receive Western help in dealing with the RENAMO incursion and Civil War. Under the pseudonyms Kalungano and Lilinho Micaia, he published poems in O Brado Africano, and his work appeared in two anthologies produced by the Casa dos Estudantes do Imperio in Lisbon. Under his real name, he had a book published by the Associacao dos Escritores Mocambicanos in 1987, entitled Canto do Amor Natural.

Josina Machel

Deceased Person

Josina Muthemba Machel was a significant figure in the social and political modern history of Mozambique. She was born with a twin brother, Belmiro, in Vilanculos, Inhambane, Mozambique on August 10, 1945 into a family of 5 sisters and 3 brothers. Her grandfather was a lay Presbyterian evangelist who preached nationalism and cultural identity against European assimilation. Her father worked as a nurse in government hospitals and this required him to periodically move the family to accommodate his job transfers. At one time or another, Josina, her father, two of her sisters, and two uncles were all jailed as a result of their participation in clandestine opposition to the Portuguese colonial administration. She became a key figure in the Mozambican struggle for independence, promoted the emancipation of African women, married the man who would become the country’s first president, and died at the age of 25 years.

Lizha James


Elisa Lisete James Humbane, popularly known as Lizha James, is one of the biggest musicians in Lusophone Africa. Born in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo her music style includes a mixture of rhythms like Marrabenta, Reggae, R&B and hip-hop. She is also famous for the Mozambican style Dzukuta Pandza.

Patrick Chamusso


Patrick Chamusso is a member of the African National Congress party of South Africa who participated in the militant actions of the organization during the apartheid era. One of three sons, Patrick came to live in South Africa when as a teenager he followed his migrant worker father to work in the mines of South Africa performing odd jobs. After his father's death, Chamusso's mother remarried and bore another daughter. He worked in various jobs on the mines and later found work as a house painter and street photographer. When he was 28, he got a job at the Sasol's synthetic fuel plant at Secunda, the largest coal liquefaction plant in the world, located several hours east of Johannesburg. Although not formally educated, he advanced quickly and ended up as a driver, a position that was well-paid. His main job was to fetch coal from a neighboring mine and bring it into the refinery. A talented soccer player who had formerly played for local leagues, his abilities later made him popular among his co-workers and in the community. Chamusso was arrested in 1980 by South African Special Branch for conspiring with the ANC to bomb the Secunda refinery, a crime he insisted he did not commit. He was later released without charges being laid. He reported that he had been tortured whilst a prisoner. He fled to Mozambique where he joined Umkhonto we Sizwe, the militant arm of the ANC.

Gito Baloi

Musical Artist

Gito Baloi was an African musician, born in Mozambique. Originally known for his collaborations and as a member of the trio Tananas, his haunting voice and bass guitar also shine through his solo albums "Ekhaya", Na Ku Randza", "Herbs & Roots" and the posthumously released "Beyond". Gito collaborated with Jason Armstrong in 1996 and 2000 on two albums, Desert Voices, and was bass player in the band Somewhere Else together with Armstrong, George Sunday and Gaston Goliath during 1993. Baloi sang vocals in the song "Mountain Wind" on the album "Bush Telegraph" by Landscape Prayers, and was also credited on the album for production and mixing. In 2004, Baloi recorded "Sweet-Thorn", a duo album with Landscape Prayers guitarist Nibs van der Spuy. He was shot dead in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 4, 2004 while on his way home from a concert in Pretoria. He was 39 years old. In 2008, "Beyond", a posthumous album, was released, with 100% of its proceeds going to the Gito Baloi Memorial Trust, which was set up for Baloi's children. Gito had begun recording the 10 tracks and the production was completed by Dave Reynolds and guests including Steve Newman, Paul Hanmer, Ian Herman, McCoy Mrubata, Moses Khumalo, Pedro Da Silva Pinto, Tlale Makhene, Tony Cox, Frank Paco, Nibs Van Der Spuy, Deepak Ram, Rui Soeiro, Bernice Boikanyo, Paulo Chibanga, Thuli Mdlalose, Eliot Short, Vusi Maseko and Graeme Sacks.

Chakyl Pfiffer Camal


Chakyl Pfiffer Camal is a Mozambican swimmer specializing in freestyle. He competed in the 50 m event at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Carlos Cardoso


Carlos Cardoso was a Mozambican journalist. His murder in 2000 followed his newspaper's investigation into corruption in the privatisation of Mozambique's biggest bank.


Soccer Midfielder

Shéu Han, known as Shéu, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a central midfielder. Having represented Benfica during a 17-year professional career, he was nicknamed "Pézinhos de lã". His father comes from Guangdong, China. His last name Han in Chinese is 韩.

Kurt Couto

Olympic Track and field Athlete

Kurt Leonel da Rocha Couto is an athlete from Mozambique who specializes in 400 metres hurdles. His personal best in the 400 metres is 46.50 and 49.02 in the 400 metres hurdles. He has qualified for London Olympic Games. He was flag bearer for his country at the Olympics three times.

Rui Águas

Racing driver

Rui Águas is a Mozambican-born Portuguese race car driver. Águas spent two seasons in Formula 3000, driving for Nordic in 1997 and Auto&Sport and Coloni in 1998. He has since moved on to Formula Nissan and Renault Eurocup, before making a name for himself on the GT class, being one of the top contenders of the GT2 category, always at the wheel of a Ferrari. He's currently racing on the International GT Open´. He has also, prior to his Formula 3000 days, driven for the Marko, Tomakidis, KMS and GM teams in German Formula Three, and also spent some of 1994 in British Formula Renault Championship, finishing second for Martello Racing. In 1992 he was a works driver for Van Diemen on the British and European FF1800 championship. For 2012, Aguas will compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship in an AF Waltrip Ferrari F458 Italia.



Sebastião Lucas da Fonseca, aka Matateu, was a Mozambican-born Portuguese footballer who played as a striker. His professional career, which spanned more than 30 years, was closely associated to Belenenses. He won the Bola de Prata twice during his spell with the club, and scored 218 goals in 289 Primeira Liga games, being dubbed the World's Eighth Wonder. Matateu's was Belenenses most-capped ever player for the Portuguese national team.

Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa


Francisco Esaú Cossa is a Mozambican writer born August 1, 1957, in Inhaminga, Sofala Province. Khosa completed elementary school in Sofala, and high school in Zambezia. In Maputo he attended Eduardo Mondlane University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in History and Geography. He then worked as a high school teacher. In 1982, Khosa worked for the Ministry of Education for over a year. Six months after leaving the Ministry of Education, he was invited to work for the Writer’s Association. He initiated his career as a writer with the publication of several short stories and was one of the founders of the magazine Charrua of the Associação dos Escritores Moçambicanos. It was his experiences in Niassa and Cabo Delgado, where poorly organized reeducation camps were located, that gave him the urge to write and expose this reality.

Hilário da Conceição

Soccer Defender

Hilário Rosário da Conceição, known as simply Hilário, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a left defender. He played his entire professional career with Sporting CP, appearing in nearly 450 official games and winning seven major trophies. An international for 12 years, Hilário represented the Portuguese national team at the 1966 World Cup.

Ricardo Rangel


Ricardo Achiles Rangel was a Mozambican photojournalist and photographer.

Chiquinho Conde

Football player

Francisco Queriol Conde Júnior, aka Chiquinho Conde, is a Mozambican retired footballer who played as a striker. Most of his extensive professional career was spent in Portugal, mainly for Vitória Futebol Clube, with a brief spell in 1997 in the United States.

Victor Nogueira


Victor Nogueira is a retired American soccer goalkeeper. Nogueira spent six seasons in the North American Soccer League, but gained his greatest recognition in over twenty seasons in three indoor leagues, the Major Indoor Soccer League, National Professional Soccer League and the second Major Indoor Soccer League. He was also a member of the U.S. futsal team which took second place at the 1992 FIFA Futsal World Championship, and he is the father of University of North Carolina and United States forward Casey Nogueira.

Alexandre José Maria dos Santos


Alexandre José Maria dos Santos, O.F.M. is a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was archbishop of Maputo, Mozambique, between 1975 and 2003. On the 26 June 1988 he was elevated to cardinal, and given the titular church of San Frumenzio ai Prati Fiscali.

Carlos Xavier

Soccer Midfielder

Carlos Jorge Marques Caldas Xavier is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a midfielder.

Almiro Lobo


Daniel Almiro Lobo, better known as Miró is a Mozambican football defender who currently plays for South African Premier Soccer League club Platinum Stars and Mozambique.

Jerry Sitoe


Jeremias Jorge "Jerry" Sitoe is a footballer from Mozambique who plays as a forward for AD Oeiras. He has also played for Académica in the Portuguese Primeira Liga, who he joined from Clube Ferroviário de Maputo in 2011. Despite only being 21 years of age, Sitoe has already won seventeen caps for the Mozambique national football team, scoring four goals.

Augusto Matine

Football player

Augusto Matine is a former Portuguese footballer who played as a midfielder.

Eugenio Fernando Bila


Eugenio Fernando Bila is a Mozambican football player. He currently plays for Sektzia Nes Tziona from Israel. "Genito" played 5 seasons for Budapest Honvéd, from Premier league in Hungary. He playing for Sektzia Nes Tziona. "Genito" currently plays for Mozambique. He played with The Black Mambas at African Cup of Nations in Angola, 2010.

Rui Rodrigues

Football player

Rui de Gouveia Pinto Rodrigues is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a central defender.

Norman Carr


Norman Joseph Carr, MBE was a United Kingdom British conservationist working in Central and Southern Africa. He was influential in setting up National Parks in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe in the 1950s and 1960s. He also helped establish the Rhino Trust in the 1970s, helped return two lion cubs to the wild, and provided wildlife education to local children in the South Luangwa Valley.


Soccer Defender

Miguel Ângelo Karim Simões Fazenda, aka Tininho, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Atlético Clube de Portugal as a left defender.

Hélder Pelembe


Hélder Pelembe is a Mozambican footballer who plays for C.D. Maxaquene as a forward.

Alexandre Quintanilha


Alexandre Tiedtke Quintanilha, GOSE is a Portuguese scientist, former director of the Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular of the University of Porto and Professor at ICBAS - Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

Lidia Brito


Lidia Brito is a Mozambiquan forestry expert and engineer and university lecturer, researcher and consultant for Eduardo Mondlane University. Brito holds an undergraduate degree in Forest Engineering by Eduardo Mondlane University and received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Forest Sciences from Colorado State University. She served as the first Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of Mozambique and was Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Eduardo Mondlane University. More recently, Brito has served as Advisor of the Mayor of Maputo for Strategic Planning and External Relations in the capital of Maputo. Internationally, she is a recognized academic promoting sustainable development, and community–based management in Africa in general, and is a member of IHE-UNESCO Governing Board since December 2009. Brito is the director of science policy and capacity building at UNESCO and a co-chairman of the conference, titled Planet Under Pressure. She is also an active participant and speaker in many international summits and conferences.

Stewart Sukuma

Musical Artist

Luis Pereira, known as Stewart Sukuma, is a Mozambican singer. His stage name - Stewart Sukuma - means 'Rise Up' in Zulu and 'Push' in Swahili. He was born in Cuamba, Niassa Province in Mozambique. Coming from a modest family he soon realized his passion for music and in 1977 he moved to the capital Maputo, where he learned how to play percussion, guitar and piano. In 1982 he joined a music group as a vocalist. He won the Mozambican prize for music - Ngoma - in 1983 and soon became one of the most played singers in the national radio stations of Mozambique, being described as "Mozambique's most popular male vocalist". His major works include songs as Felisminha, Xitchuketa Marrabenta, Sumanga and he sings in languages including Portuguese, English, Swahili and Echwabo.

Daúto Faquirá

Soccer Defender

Daúto Xaharmame Amade Faquirá is a Mozambican retired footballer who played as a central defender, and the current manager of C.D. Primeiro de Agosto.

Clesio Bauque


Clésio Bauque is Mozambican footballer who plays for Benfica. He was called to Mozambique national football team at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualification.

Pedro Xavier

Soccer Forward

Pedro Alexandre Marques Caldas Xavier is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a forward.

Vicente Lucas

Soccer Defender

Vicente da Fonseca Lucas, simply known as Vicente, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a central defender.

Gabriel Estêvão Monjane

Deceased Person

Gabriel Estêvão Monjane is one of only thirteen individuals in medical history to have reached eight feet or more in height. Born in Manjacaze, Gaza Province, Mozambique, Monjane's abnormal growth, attributed to an overactive pituitary gland, started soon after birth. By the time he was 17, Monjane stood 7 feet 10 inches. He joined a Portuguese circus around this age, and was billed as 8 feet 8.3 inches. When measured officially in 1987, Monjane was attributed with the height of 8 feet and three quarters of an inch. He also weighed 418 pounds. During his lifetime, especially late into his life, Monjane suffered leg problems and was once crippled after falling and breaking his hip. The Guinness Book of World Records stated that he was the tallest living man in their 1988 edition. Monjane died in January 1990 after a fall at his home, after which Suleiman Ali Nashnush, another African, was named the tallest living man.

Francisco Massinga


Francisco Massinga, better known as Whiskey, is a Mozambican football defender.

João Rafael Kapango


João Rafael Kapango is a Mozambican football goalkeeper.

Tomaz Salomão


Tomaz Salomão is a Mozambican economist, who served as the third Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community. Salomão was appointed at the 2005 Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Southern African Development Community in Gaborone, Botswana. He earned his doctorate at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Opponents of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe have criticized Salomão for his assessment of Zimbabwean elections as free and fair. Salomão said that SADC would pull out an EU summit to be held in Lisbon in December 2007 if Zimbabwe was on the agenda. "SADC will not go to Lisbon to discuss Zimbabwe because the summit is not about Zimbabwe, but about relations between the EU and Africa," he said.

Dario Khan


Dario Ivan Khan is a Mozambican football defender currently playing for Costa do Sol. Khan is a member of the Mozambique national football team. Dario Khan joined Egyptian side Ismaily from Sudanese club Al-Hilal in January 2009. He scored two own goals during the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, in the group matches against Benin and Egypt.

Manuel Escorcio

Pop Artist

Manuel Escorcio is a South African tenor who performs in Afrikaans, English and Portuguese. Escorcio was born in Lourenzo Marques, Mozambique but started his musical career at the Helderberg College in Somerset-West, South Africa when he was 16 years of age. Escorcio has performed in South Africa, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Venezuela, the Philippines and Australia. In 1981, Escorcio was awarded the Order of Prince Henry.

Ângelo de Sousa

Painting Artist

Ângelo César Cardoso de Sousa was a Portuguese painter, sculptor, draftsman and professor, better known for continuously experimenting new techniques in his works. He was seen as a scholar of light and colour who explored minimalism in new radical ways. He was born in Lourenço Marques in 1938 and in 1955 he moved to Porto where he enrolled in the School of Fine Artes. It was there that he received his degree in painting with the highest mark, 20. His academic excellence led him, along with Armando Alves, Jorge Pinheiro and José Rodrigues, to become part of a group known as "Os Quatro Vintes". De Sousa lived and worked in Porto, where he lectured in the School of Fine Arts from 1962 until 2000, when he retired as a Full Professor. Prior to teaching, de Sousa had his first solo exhibition in 1959 and since then his works have been shown worldwide. In 1975 he received the International Prize of the 13th São Paulo Art Biennial and in 2007 the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation presented him with the Gulbenkian Prize. Some of his drawings illustrate books by Eugénio de Andrade, Maria Alzira Seixo, Mário Cláudio, Fiama Hasse Pais Brandão, amongst others.


Soccer Defender

Celso Halilo de Abdul is a professional Mozambican football player who plays for ENPPI.

Filipe Samuel Magaia


Filipe Samuel Magaia was a Mozambican politician, guerrilla leader and Secretary of Defense for the Mozambican FRELIMO organisation during the Mozambican War of Independence. After a number of years fighting, Magaia was assassinated by a Frelimo soldier in the employ of the Portuguese. Magaia was born in Mocuba, in the Zambezia Province of Mozambique, the son of Samuel Guenguene Magaia, a health practitioner, and his wife Albinic Ana Perreira Magaia. During his years as commander of the FRELIMO forces, Magaia sought assistance from Algeria in training his men. He outlined the strategy of the guerrilla forces as one of the "gradual wearing down, morally, psychologically and materially, of the enemy forces, and of the entire machinery that sustained the colonisation of Mozambique". He commanded forces during the initial attacks at Chai Chai, and later in the provinces of Niassa and Tete, using groups of ten to fifteen soldiers in quick guerrilla raids, advancing south towards Meponda and Mandimba, linking to Tete with the aid of forces from the Republic of Malawi. Enjoying freedom to move in the countryside, Magaia was able to increase his attack forces to the size of 100 soldiers in some cases, however on 10 or 11 October 1966, on returning to Tanzania after inspecting the front lines, Magaia was shot dead by Lourenço Matola, a fellow FRELIMO guerrilla who was said to be in the employ of the Portuguese.

Moreira Chonguica


Moreira Chonguica is an ethnomusicologist, saxophonist, songwriter and producer.

Eduardo Pitta


Eduardo Pitta is a Portuguese poet, fiction writer and essayist.

António Dias da Cunha


António Augusto Serra Campos Dias da Cunha is a Portuguese businessman and one of the Portuguese billionaires. Established in Portugal since age nine, he always remained connected to Mozambique, where he posteriorly established many businesses and gave support to social institutions. A Licentiate in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, he practiced various sports while a college student, alternating between football, handball and basketball. In rugby he went to participate in the national championship of the 1st division. He associated with the Sporting Clube de Portugal at invitation of Emídio Pinheiro, a former President of the General Assembly. Still before the Carnation Revolution he became a friend of José Roquette and, later, went with him to the Direction of the SCP. In August 2000, he assumed the Presidency of the club and of the Patrimony Managing Society of Sporting as the 45th President, succeeding José Roquette, who had transformed the club into a Sport Anonymous Society. Under his presidency started at the end of 2001 the works of the new Estádio José Alvalade and Sporting was national champion in soccer in the season 2001/2002. During his tenure he became notorious for his compaints of "the fault is the system's" often when the club suffered defeats that were not directly caused by its own. He resigned in 2005 in solidarity with manager José Peseiro and was succeeded by Filipe Soares Franco.

Fernando Brassard

Football player

Fernando José Alves Brassard is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

Zainadine Júnior

Soccer Defender

Zainadine Abdula Chavango Júnior also known as Zainadine Júnior is a Mozambican football Defender currently playing for Grupo Desportivo de Maputo. Previously he has been on trial at Sporting Clube de Portugal, together with fellow Mozambican Mexer, however, it was only Mexer that was given a contract. Instead, Zainadine Júnior, or Fino, has impressed in the Mozambican league Mocambola and for his national team. His performances has earned interest from South African club Jomo Cosmos, but so far no move has materialized for the centre-back.

Paulo Zucula


Paulo Zucula is a Mozambican politician and Mozambique's Minister of Transportation and Communication since March 2008.



Humberto Carlos Benfica, known as Wazimbo, is one of the greatest voices of Mozambique and one of the most famous marrabenta singers. Born in Chibuto, Gaza Mozambique he moved to the capital - Lourenço Marques - where he grew up in the popular neighborhood Mafalala. There he started as a vocal member for the local 'Silverstars' and then 'Geizers'. Later, he joined Orchestra Marrabenta Star.

Alberto de Lacerda


Alberto Correia de Lacerda was a Portuguese poet and BBC Radio Presenter.

Francisco Chimoio

Religious Leader

Francisco Chimoio, O.F.M. Cap. has been the Roman Catholic archbishop of Maputo, Mozambique, since 2003.

Zé Luís

Soccer Midfielder

Zé Luis is a Mozambican football Defender currently playing for Baladeyet Al-Mahalla.

Manuel de Jesus Lopes

Soccer Midfielder

Manuel de Jesus Lopes is a Mozambican footballer who currently plays for C.R.D. Libolo in Angola.