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Countries of Middle East

19 countries 325,289,983 inhabitants 6,468,951 sq km 0.02 inhabitants/sq km population evolution

This sections allows you to see the list of all countries of Middle East. Every country has a few important details attached: flag, capital, population and total area. For full details of every country, just click on its name. If you wish to sort countries differently (e.g.: by area or by population) just click the corresponding table heading. By default, countries are ordered alphabetically.

You can also filter the countries and territories being displayed here:
Country Capital Population Area
Flag of Armenia Armenia Yerevan 3,060,631 29,743
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Baku 9,686,210 86,600
Flag of Bahrain Bahrain Manama 1,314,089 760
Flag of Gaza Strip Gaza Strip N/A 1,816,379 360
Flag of Georgia Georgia Tbilisi 4,935,880 69,700
Flag of Iran Iran Tehran 80,840,713 1,648,195
Flag of Iraq Iraq Baghdad 32,585,692 438,317
Flag of Israel Israel Jerusalem 7,821,850 20,770
Flag of Jordan Jordan Amman 7,930,491 89,342
Flag of Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait City 2,742,711 17,818
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Beirut 5,882,562 10,400
Flag of Oman Oman Muscat 3,219,775 309,500
Flag of Qatar Qatar Doha 2,123,160 11,586
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Riyadh 27,345,986 2,149,690
Flag of Syria Syria Damascus 17,951,639 185,180
Flag of Turkey Turkey Ankara 81,619,392 783,562
Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 5,628,805 83,600
Flag of West Bank West Bank N/A 2,731,052 5,860
Flag of Yemen Yemen Sanaa 26,052,966 527,968