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Republic of Maldives South Asia Male 393,595 inhabitants 298 sq km 1,320.79 inhabitants/sq km rufiyaa (MVR) population evolution

Famous people from Maldives

Here is a list of famous people from Maldives. Curious if anybody from Maldives made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

Mohamed Nasheed


Mohamed Nasheed is a Maldivian politician who served as the fourth President of the Maldives from 2008 to 2012. He is one of the founders of the Maldivian Democratic Party. He played a role in the 2003 Maldives civil unrest by requesting an autopsy on murdered teenage prisoner Hassan Evan Naseem, and his own arrest sparked the 2005 Maldives civil unrest. In the October 2008 presidential election, Nasheed, as the candidate of an opposition coalition, defeated long-time President Gayoom in the second round, assuming office on 11 November 2008. On 7 February 2012 Mohamed Nasheed resigned in front of local media from his presidency under disputed circumstances, following weeks of protests by the opposition which had then been joined by majority of military and police forces. The next day, Nasheed stated that these protesters had joined with "powerful networks" of Gayoom loyalists to force his resignation in a coup d'état, and that he was forced to resign "at gunpoint" by police and army officers. Nasheed's successor Mohammed Waheed Hassan denied these claims and stated that the transfer of power was voluntary and constitutional. On 30 August, the Maldives' National Commission of Inquiry stated that it had found no evidence to support Nasheed's version of events, a verdict supported by the US and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Mohammed Waheed Hassan


Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik is the President of the Maldives, in office since 2012. He has worked as a news anchor, a United Nations official with UNICEF, UNDP and UNESCO, and a member of the Maldivian Parliament. Waheed was the first citizen of the Maldives to receive a Ph.D. having received it at Stanford University in the U.S., and reportedly the first person to appear on Maldivian television. He was Vice President of the Maldives from 2008 to 2012. President Waheed is considered to be among most influential and popular political leader in Maldives. On 7 February 2012, he assumed the office of President following the disputed resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed.

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom


Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, GCMG, was the President of Maldives from 1978 to 2008. After serving as Minister of Transport, he was nominated as President by the Majlis of the Maldives and succeeded Ibrahim Nasir. Gayoom was defeated in the October 2008 presidential election – exactly 30 years to the day that he first came to power. Gayoom continued to serve as leader of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party, then opposition party, until January 2010, when Gayoom retired from active politics. However, in September 2011, he returned to Maldivian politics as the leader of the then newly formed party, the Progressive Party of Maldives.

Ali Ashfaq


Ali Ashfaq is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Dhagandey" by his fans. He is widely known for his strength, amazing dribbling skills and is capable of beating any sort of defenders according to many coaches. He is a freekick specialist and a clinical finisher. His trademark style of scoring is beating couple of defenders and rounding off the keeper to score. He is considered as the best Maldivian footballer ever most notably when he won the most valuable player of South Asia in 2008 and won the fans favourite player of South Asia in 2009.He has played for Club Valencia, DPMM FC, VB Sports Club and New Radiant SC in the Dhiraagu Dhivehi League. He also is the captain of the Maldives national football team.

Muhammad Fareed Didi

Noble person

King Muhammad Fareed Didi KCMG, the son of the Sultan Prince Abdul Majeed Didi. Muhammed Fareed Didi was the last Sultan of Maldives and the first Maldivian Monarch to assume the title of "King" with the style of "Your Majesty". He was the Sultan of Maldives from March 7, 1954 until November 11, 1968. He was deposed in 1968 from the throne when Maldives became a republic, and died the following year.

Sayed Mohamed Adnan

Soccer Defender

Sayed Mohamed Adnan is a Bahrani footballer who currently plays for Al-Arabi in the Qatar Stars League.

Ahmed Shaheed


Ahmed Shaheed ޝަހީދު is a Maldivian politician and human rights defender. He served as Maldivian Minister of Foreign Affairs from November 2008 to December 2010; previously, he had served as Minister of Foreign Affairs for two years, from 14 July 2005 until August 20, 2007.

Ibrahim Muhammad Didi


Ibrahim Muhammad Didi, was the first Vice President of Maldives. While people demanded him to be President on terms that the vacancy of the office of the President leads to the succession of the Vice President to presidency, Ibrahim Didi also served as acting president from September 2, 1953 to March 7, 1954 after the banishment of Mohamed Amin Didi.

Rilwan Waheed

Soccer Midfielder

Rilwan Waheed is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Kaká" or "Riley", who plays as a Winger and Wing back, currently for New Radiant.

Abdullah Afeef


Abdullah Afeef was the President of the United Suvadive Republic from 1959 to 1963. Born in Hithadhoo, Addu Atoll, Afeef was an educated and well-respected individual from a family of notables. Owing to his knowledge of the English language, he served as a translator to the British military at Gan airbase in the same atoll. His local name was Elha Didige Ali Didige Afifu. Abdullah Afeef was the breakaway nation's first and only president. The Suvadive government was unceremoniously dismantled by the British and the Maldive Islands' government representatives without ceremony in 1963. Following this, Abdullah Afeef was exiled to the Seychelles where he died about 40 years later. Southern islanders still remember him fondly as "our Afeefu".

Ahmed Shafeeq Ibrahim Moosa


Ahmed Shafeeq Ibrahim Moosa, famously known as Sappe' was the President's Envoy for Science and Technology of the first democratically elected Government of the Maldives. He was appointed on 11 March 2009. He resigned from the Government on 9th February 2012, soon after President Nasheed's Government was allegedly overthrown by the incumbent President Mohamed Waheed two days earlier. Moosa is amongst those who campaigned for democracy and human rights which led to the end of the 30 year rule of Gayoom in November 2008. He is the founder and editor in chief of the news website Dhivehi Observer. Moosa is a senior member of the Maldivian Democratic Party and was elected to its first General Council. He was a widely outspoken critic of the former president Gayoom. He lived in self-proclaimed exile in the United Kingdom with his family from 2003 - 2008. The opposition Coalition won the Presidential Election held in October 2008. Moosa is normally resident in Glasgow, United Kingdom. </ref>

Ashad Ali

Soccer Midfielder

Ashad Ali is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Adey", who plays as a forward for Victory SC. He is a member of the Maldives national football team.

Ahmed Nashid

Soccer Midfielder

Ahmed Nashid is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Naattey", who is currently playing for VB Addu FC.

Ali Umar

Soccer Midfielder

Ali Umar is a Maldivian footballer. He currently plays as a forward for New Radiant SC. Ali Umar is also a member of the Maldives national football team.

Aminath Shajan

Olympic Swimmer

Aminath Shajan is a Maldivian swimmer. She was born in Malé. She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed


Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed is a Maldivian diplomat, and was the Secretary-General of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. She was the first woman to hold this post since the organization's inception in 1985. She was appointed Secretary-General at the Thirty-third Session of the SAARC Council of Ministers in February 2011, and assumed office in Kathmandu on 1 March 2011. She succeeded India's Sheel Kant Sharma, who's term ended in February. She was previously the Maldives’ Attorney General, and also served as the Maldivian Government’s Envoy for South Asia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University, Japan. She is the first female to hold this position, as well as the youngest person on the post.

Mohamed Arif

Soccer Midfielder

Mohamed Arif nicknamed Bakaa born 11 August 1985 is a Maldivian footballer who plays as a striker for Maldivian Dhiraagu Dhivehi League club VB Sports Club.

Ibrahim Hussein Zaki


Ibrahim Hussein Zaki is a politician of the Maldives and the special envoy to the President of the Maldives. Zaki is a former Cabinet Minister of the Maldives government. He also served as the Secretary General of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. Ibrahim Hussain Zaki hails from a respectable family of Male’ the Capital, with a long tradition of public service. Born in the Maldives in 1947, he was educated initially in the Maldives, and later in India, Australia and the United States. Having studied and worked both in the Maldives and Overseas, Zaki maintains a cosmopolitan outlook based on his familiarity with various cultures and intellectual traditions. Zaki sacked off as Minister of Planning and National Development in 2003, He had previously served as the Minister of Tourism, as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and as Foreign Secretary since 1979. He had begun his public service in the Foreign Office, including serving at the Embassy of the Maldives in Colombo. Ever so versatile, Mr. Zaki served between 1975 and 1979 in several key Ministries of the Government, rapidly earning promotions before taking up his assignment as Foreign Secretary in 1979.

Ibrahim Fazeel

Soccer Midfielder

Ibrahim Fazeel is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Oppo", can play both as a midfielder and as a Forward, who started his career while he was a student in Majeedhiyaa School in 1999.He played his first international match on 2 April 2000 Maldives vs Syria.His 1st goal scored in Golden jubilee international tournament against Bangladesh. He is the only player who scored 4 times in semifinals to take Maldives to the finals. In 2000 he scored against Bangladesh in Maldives,In 2003 he scored against Pakistan in Daka,In 2008, he scored against Sri Lanka in Colombo,In 2009, he score against Sri Lanka in Daka. After his international duty in 1999 he signed for his first club New lagoons in 2000.Between the years 2001 to 2003 he played for IFC which was the best club that time.2004 to 2006 he changed to New Radiant SC. 2007 a new Club named VB signed him as a record fee. On October 2007, he transferred to DPMM FC in Brunei along with fellow Maldivian Ali Ashfaq and scored 2 goals for the team. From 2008 to 2011 he played for Victory SC. Later in 2012, he played for New Radiant along with his National team mates Ali Ashfaq and Ahmed Thoriq and now playing for BG Sports. He was one of the most important members of the Maldives national football team.

Ahmed Zaad

Soccer Midfielder

Ahmed Zaad is a Maldivian footballer, who is currently playing for BG Sports Club.

Ahmed Thariq


Ahmed Thoriq is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Tom".

Ahmed Rasheed


Ahmed Rasheed is a Maldivian footballer, who is currently playing for Maziya Sports & Recreation Club as a Forward.

Hussain Rasheed Ahmed


Hussain Rasheed Ahmed is a Maldivian Sunni Islamic scholar and political leader in Republic of the Maldives. He is also the first elected President of Adhaalath Party, a political party in the Republic of Maldives known for its Sunni Islamic positions. He is very fluent in Arabic, Urdu. Sheikh Hussain Rasheed is well known for his controversial public talks on political issues and his Islamic lectures and sermons. He's famous as "an Islamic religious politician in the Maldives, the only one who can make tough decisions wisely, find sustainable solutions for different types of controversial issues." by some of his supporters. From President Mohamed Nasheed's government, first he was appointed as the co-chair of "Riyaasee Commission", then he was appointed as Minister of State for Home Affairs, 23 December 2010 he was appointed as Minister of State for Islamic Affairs.

Naseema Mohamed


Naseema Mohamed was the former First Lady of the Maldives and the third wife of former President Ibrahim Nasir. After Ibrahim Nasir went into self-exile to Singapore on 7 December 1978, Naseema continued to live in Male' and worked as a historian for the National Centre for Linguistic and Historic Research. She has written extensively on early Maldivian history and the Dhivehi language.

Mohamed Faisal


Mohamed Faisal is a Maldivian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper, currently for Club Valencia.

Laila Ali Abdulla


Laila Ali Abdulla, is the wife of the fourth president of the second Republic of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed and mother of two girls [Meera Laila Nasheed] & [Zaaya Laila Nasheed] . She had been the First Lady of the Maldives from 11 November 2008 until 7 February 2012.

Hassan Ugail


Professor Hassan Ugail, PhD is a mathematician and a computer scientist at the School of Informatics; the University of Bradford. Professor Ugail is the first Maldivian to obtain a PhD in Mathematics. He is also the first Maldivian to receive a professorship in the field of Science. Prof. Ugail's principle research interests are in the areas of geometric design, computer based physical analysis and design optimisation that fall into the broad area of research known as Simulation Based Design. He is a member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council peer review college and also a peer reviewer for several related journals and conferences in his field of research.

Nasreena Ibrahim


Nasreena Ibrahim was the former First Lady of the Maldives, wife of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. Nasreena is one of the founding members of the Society for Health Education, a charity based Non-governmental organisations in the Maldives, that works in a variety of health fields, but particularly in thalassemia and women's health. SHE is the Maldives national affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Mohamed Ajfan Rasheed

Olympic Badminton Player

Mohamed Ajfan Rasheed is a Maldivian badminton player.

Muhammad Imaaduddeen VI

Deceased Person

Sultan Haji Muhammad Imaaduddeen VI Iskandar Sri Kula Sundara Kattiri Buwana Maha Radun was the sultan of the Maldives from 1893 to 1902. Sultan Imaaduddeen was born on 25 October 1868 to Prince Hassan Izzuddine and Maandhoogey Dhon didi. His grandfather was His Highness Sultan Imaaduddeen the fourth of Maldives. Sultan Imaaduddeen VI ascended the throne on 20 July 1893. After his Hajj pilgrimage he became famous with the name as Haji Imaadudeen. He spoke fluent Urdu and Arabic. Sultan Imaaduddeen VI went to Egypt to marry his fiance Sharifaa Hanim, and while he was there he was deposed from the throne. He died on 30 September 1932 and was buried in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Ahmed Niyaz

Soccer Midfielder

Ahmed Niyaz is a Maldivian footballer, who is currently playing for New Radiant.

Hassan Adhuham

Soccer Midfielder

Hassan Adhuham is a Maldivian footballer who plays for VB Sports Club.

Assad Abdul Ghani


Assad Abdul Ghani is a Maldivian football player who is currently playing for Club Valencia.

Abdulla Saeed


Born in Meedhoo, the Maldives, on 25 September 1964, Mr. Abdullah Saeed is a descendant of the Dhiyamigili dynasty of the Maldives. He also belonged to the illustrious family of scholars, jurists and educators in the Maldives, Chief Justice Mohamed Shamsudhdhin El-Kabeeru, Chief Justice Ibrahim Majududhdhin, Chief Justice Moosa Badhurudhdhin, Chief Justice Ismail Bahaaudhdhin, Chief Justice Shaikh Ali Didi and Chief Justice Hussain Afeefudhdhin. The distinguished scholar El-Sheikh El-Hafiz Ibrahim Dhonbeyyaa of Aisaabeegedharu, S. Meedhoo was his great grandfather. According to Mr. HCP Bell, the famous historian and archeologist, his ancestors were “erudite scholars and jurists and judges, Meedhoo has produced for generations past.”[citation needed] Since the sixteenth century more than 8 of his ancestors have filled the high office of Chief Justice of the Maldives. He is the first son of Mr. Mohamed Saeed and Maumoona Mohammed Didi of Alivaage, S. Meedhoo. His father, Mohamed Saeed served as a Khateeb of Meedhoo for nearly a decade. He received his L.L.B from Al-Azhar University, Cairo in 1994. He received his L.L.M from IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta in 1999. He also attended a parliamentary studies and legal drafting course at the Lok Sabha, India in 1997. The Courses, national and international seminars and conferences he attended include Judicial studies and training programs at Judiciaries in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia in 2001; Course on Effective Dispute Management in a Changing World, An Executive Programme in Negotiation and Mediation, conducted by Singapore Mediation Centre, Singapore, 2001; Seminar on Customer-Oriented Service, Organized by the Civil Service College in cooperation with Public Service Division, The President’s Office, Male’, 2000; Workshop on Aviation Accident Investigation, Singapore Aviation Academy, Singapore, 16 – 22 February 2000; WIPO National Workshop on Intellectual Property and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Male’, 1999; Special Course on International Maritime Labour Law in conjunction with ISF, ITF and MMA, Malta, 15 – 19 February 1999; Seminar on the FIDIC forms of contract Male’, 1996; Workshop on EEZ Management and Maritime Legislation organized by Economic and Legal Advisory Services Division, Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Male’, 1995. He is also under taking his L.L.D Program, in Public International Law.

Ilham Hussain


Ilham Hussain is the wife of Mohammed Waheed Hassan, the 5th president President of the Maldives. She runs the Maldives Autism Association.

Mohamed Zaki


Mohamed Zaki, also known as Nazaki Zaki or Sandhaanu Zaki, is a businessman and politician in the Maldives. Zaki is the founder of Nazaki Services Pvt Ltd, which is a well-known company in the Maldives. While being a business man, he is also a part-time politician in the opposition party MDP Maldivian Democratic Party. He is among the few political figures in the Maldives who had stood up against a corrupt Government during the time when there was no freedom of speech in the country. The struggle that he and others had undergone has made a political impact within just 4 to 5 years. In 2007, Maldivians were able to speak openly against the government and the police without the fear of being arrested, beaten, or tortured. This was a complete change compared to the year 2003. In October 2008, the first Maldivian democratic presidential elections were held, where people voted for a change in government, causing the Maldivian Democratic Party presidential candidate Mohamed Nasheed to be the new incoming President. As government posts are decided by the President, Mohamed Zaki was appointed the new Maldives Ambassador to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei in 2008.

Akram Abdul Ghani

Soccer Midfielder

Akram Abdul Ghanee is a Maldivian footballer who plays for New Radiant Sports Club.

Ali Jaleel


Ali Jaleel was a citizen of the Maldive Islands who is reported to have died as a suicide bomber. He is reported to have attacked the Inter-Service Intelligence Directorate headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan on 27 May 2009. A martyr video was broadcast on youtube and other similar sites in the fall of 2009. Pakistani accounts from the time of the attack say the three attackers who were killed, were unidentified. Subsequently a martyr video, and an interview established Ali Jaleel was one of the bombers. Ali Jaleel, and two other Maldive citizens were captured in 2006, on suspicion they were attempting to travel to Pakistan for underground military training. He was convicted of preaching without a license in December 2006. He was sentenced to two years house arrest on December 26, 2006. According to Haveeru Online, he violated his house arrest and was sentenced to four months of banishment on February 8, 2008.

Afa Ismail

Olympic athlete

Afa Ismail is a track and field athlete.

Mohamed Munavvar


Dr. Mohamed Munavvar was born in the island of Meedhoo in the Maldives. He was former Attorney General of Maldives. Master of Laws with Honours, with specialization in International Law, 1985, Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia, September 1979 – June 1985,

Ismail Easa

Soccer Midfielder

Ismail Easa is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Messi", who is currently playing for New Radiant Sports Club.

Abdulla Shahid

Cricket Player

Abdulla Shahid is a Maldivian cricket player.

Moosa Manik

Football player

Moosa Maniku best known as ‘kuda moosa’ is a football coach, and a former football player. He spent much of his youth playing football. He started his career as a footballer at the age of nineteen and continued to play for more than 20 years at the very top level. He played numerous positions during his career but more known as a gifted midfielder In 1984 he was named ‘the most promising player of the year’ and he was an automatic choice for the Maldives National team. Since then he appeared in the national team for more than a decade. His life has been celebrated by football achievements rather than years. Year after year achievement after achievements his career ultimately led him to coach youngsters aspiring to become great football players. He is widely regarded as one of the best coach in Maldives.

Hassan Farid Didi


Prince Hassan Farid Didi was a Maldivian royal and a statesmen. He was the Minister for Home Affairs, Finance, Minister of State and Plenipotentiary Representative in Ceylon. Born as the younger son of the Prince Abdul Majeed Didi, later Sultan Elect of the Maldives and Princess Veyoge Ruqia Don Goma, the daughter of Sultan Hassan Nooraddeen II. His twin brother Muhammad Fareed Didi was the last Sultan of the Maldives. Educated at the prestigious Royal College Colombo in Ceylon, he returned to Malé in the 1920s. Appointed Treasurer and Minister of Finance from 1932 to 1933; Minister for Home Affairs 1934 to 1939. During World War II he served as Maldive's Plenipotentiary Representative in Ceylon from 1942 to 1944. He was killed whilst en rout to Colombo when his ship, the 249 ton British naval trawler HMS Maaløy was torpedoed by U-510, 27 March 1944.

Naushad Waheed


Naushad Waheed is a cartoonist and painter in the Maldives. He was detained by the government for four months following the publication of one of his cartoons in the magazine Hukuru in 1999. In 2001 he was arrested for participating in debates critical of the government, tried for treason, and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was released on February 22, 2006. Naushad Waheed is also the brother of Dr. Mohammed Waheed Hassan, a former Member of Parliament, a leading political figure in the Maldives, and since 2012, President of the Maldives. He was appointed as Deputy High Commissioner of Maldives to the UK in 2008 after the new government settled into place.

Faruhad Ismail

Soccer Defender

Faruhad Ismail is a footballer from the Maldives. He made his first appearance for the Maldives national football team in 2011.

Moosa Kaleem


Moosa Kaleem is a Maldivian cricket player.


Musical Artist

Mohamed Rishwan


Mohamed Rishwan is a Maldivian cricket player.

Athif Ahmed


Athif Ahmed is a Maldivian footballer who plays for Maziya Sports and Recreation Club.

Mohamed Haleem


Mohamed "Kesto" Haleem, is the founder of Muscle load Gymnasium and the co-founder of BodyBuilding Federation of Maldives. He is a Maldivian entrepreneur well known for the introduction of Bodybuilding in Maldives.

Mihusan Hamid

Cricket Player

Mihusan Hamid is a Maldivian cricket player.

Mohamed Mahafooz

Cricket Player

Mohamed Mahafooz is a Maldivian cricket player.

Henveyru Ganduvaru Manippulu


Prince Henveyru Ganduvaru Manippulu, the son of the Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen III. He was named the Crown Prince of the Maldives on February 8, 1931 by his father. He studied at the prestigious Royal College Colombo in Ceylon. After spending several years in Ceylon, he came back in 1920 and took up residence at Muliaage. Muliaa’ge was occupied by Prince Hassan Izzuddin between 1920 and 1934. The house did not prove auspicious for the prince, though he apparently spent a lot of time there. It was famous throughout Male’, as a place for merriment and gaiety with numerous music and dance performances organised by the young prince for his entertainment. Izzuddin however soon became the victim of a smear campaign organized by his uncle Al Ameer Abdul Majeed Rannabandeyri Kilegefaanu and cousin Hassan Fareed. Ultimately he was discredited and banished in 1934 to the isolated southerly island of Fuvahmulah where he died in 1938.

Ismail Ali

Cricket Player

Ismail Ali is a Maldivian cricket player.

Shafraz Jaleel

Cricket Player

Shafraz Jaleel is a Maldivian cricket player.

Hassan Haziq

Cricket Player

Hassan Haziq is a Maldivian cricket player.

Neesham Nasir

Cricket Player

Neesham Nasir is a Maldivian cricket player.

Ahmed Faiz

Cricket Player

Ahmed Faiz is a Maldivian cricket player.

Ibrahim Hassan

Cricket Player

Ibrahim Hassan is a Maldivian cricket player.

Ahmed Mauroof

Cricket Player

Ahmed Mauroof is a Maldivian cricket player.

Ahmed Hassan

Cricket Player

Ahmed Hassan is a Maldivian cricket player.

Husham Ibrahim

Cricket Player

Husham Ibrahim is a Maldivian cricket player.

Ismail Nihad

Cricket Player

Ismail Nihad is a Maldivian cricket player.

Sulthan Abdul Muhsin


Sulthan Abdul Muhsin was the personal secretary of the Minister of State for Islamic Affairs of the Republic of the Maldives from 1 May 2010 to 22 March 2011 until his resignation from the post.