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Republic of Latvia Europe Riga 2,165,165 inhabitants 64,589 sq km 33.52 inhabitants/sq km lati (LVL) population evolution

Top tourist attractions in Latvia

Here is a list of top tourist attractions in Latvia. Only the topmost tourist destinations are presented here. To see other destinations, please check the images from Latvia section.

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Rundāle Palace


Rundāle Palace is one of the two major baroque palaces built for the Dukes of Courland in what is now Latvia, the other being Jelgava Palace. The palace was built in two periods, from 1736 until 1740 and from 1764 until 1768. It is situated at Pilsrundāle, 12 km west of Bauska.

Riga Zoo


Riga Zoo is a city-owned zoo in Riga, Latvia. It is located in Mežaparks, on the western bank of Ķīšezers lake. Riga Zoo houses around 3000 animals of nearly 500 species and is visited by 250-300,000 visitors annually. The zoo has a branch "Cīruļi" in Liepāja District, Kalvene parish, established in 1996, it has an area of 135 hectares.

Gauja National Park

Protected Site

The Gauja National Park in Vidzeme is the largest national park in Latvia, with an area of 917.45 km² running from north-east of Sigulda to south-west of Cēsis along the valley of the Gauja River, from which the park takes its name. It was established in order to protect slightly disturbed natural areas, promote nature tourism and ensure sustainable development in the area. National park is characterized by a high biological diversity, rock outcrops and varied terrain shapes, springs, picturesque landscapes and many historical and cultural monuments from different centuries. The major part of the national park and the dominant is the old valley of the Gauja River. The valley is protected and at the same time it can be used for nature and cultural history tourism, as well as healthy recreation. The park administration is based in Sigulda.

Turaida Castle

Tourist attraction

Turaida Castle is a recently reconstructed medieval castle in Turaida, in the Vidzeme region of Latvia, on the opposite bank of the Gauja River from Sigulda.

Āraiši lake dwelling site

Tourist attraction

Āraiši lake dwelling site is a popular tourist location with original and reconstructed remnants of Latvian prehistory. It is a unique nationally important archaeological site: remains of the 9th–10th centuries Latgalian fortified settlement on the island of Āraiši lake. Today the lake dwelling is partially reconstructed and visitors can see rebuilt prehistoric Latgalian wooden buildings. During the excavations remains of 151 wooden buildings were discovered, with 3700 artifacts, and about a hundred thousand fragments of pottery were found. Using collected data, ethnographic parallels and replicas of ancient tools, today there are 14 reconstructed buildings of the first period of the construction of the fortified settlement. Āraiši archaeological museum park is a member of EXARC organization of open-air archaeological museums throughout the Europe.

Museum of Foreign Art, Riga

Art Museum

The Museum of Foreign Art in Riga, Latvia, was established in 1920.