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Top tourist attractions in Jamaica

Here is a list of top tourist attractions in Jamaica. Only the topmost tourist destinations are presented here. To see other destinations, please check the images from Jamaica section.

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Blue Mountains

Tourist attraction

The Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range in Jamaica. They include the island's highest point, Blue Mountain Peak, at 2256 m. From the summit, accessible via a walking track, both the north and south coasts of the island can be seen. On a clear day, the outline of the island Cuba, 210 km away, can also be seen.

Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Amusement Park

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is a marine attraction in Jamaica at which guests can swim and interact with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays in their natural environment. Visitors may also interact with other species including iguanas, snakes and a variety of birds as well as other marine creatures in the Jungle Trail Walk. Dolphin Cove has been the recipient of many awards and is considered the NUMBER ONE attraction in Jamaica. The company operates three facilities on the island: Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Lucea, which is claimed to be the largest natural dolphin lagoon in the world.

Black River


The Black River is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica. At a length of 53.4 km, it was believed to be the longest until it was discovered that the Rio Minho was 92.8 km long. Its name refers to the darkness of the river bed caused by thick layers of decomposing vegetation. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the Black River morass.

Martha Brae River


The Martha Brae River is a river of Jamaica. It is located in Trelawny Parish on the north coast of Jamaica, towards the western edge, about 6 miles south of Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica. The river features rafting. A small village west of the river is named Martha's Brae because of this nearby river. Northwest of the village of Martha's Brae is Gun Hill where John Bradshaw was reportedly re-buried by his son, James Bradshaw, to prevent desecration of his father's remains by Charles II of England.

Green Grotto Caves

Tourist attraction

The Green Grotto Caves are show caves and a prominent tourist attraction in Discovery Bay, St Ann on the north coast of Jamaica. Named for the green algae that cover its walls, the structure of the cave is strikingly different to inland systems; the cave is a Flank Margin Cave with two well-defined levels apparently indicating two periods with differing sea-levels. The innermost cavern contains a crystal-clear underground lake. In addition to the publicly accessible sections of the cave there is also a section of "wild caves" with relatively undisturbed ecology. Hydrologically, the cave system is connected with the adjacent coastal waters.

National Heroes Park

Tourist attraction

National Heroes Park is a botanical garden in Kingston, Jamaica. The largest open space in Kingston at 20 hectares in size, National Heroes Park features numerous monuments, and is the burial site of many of Jamaica's National Heroes, Prime Ministers, and cultural leaders.

The Enchanted Gardens, Jamaica

Tourist attraction

The Enchanted Gardens is a resort near Ocho Rios in St. Ann, Jamaica. It is located in a natural river gorge with 14 waterfalls on 8 hectares of land. There is a nature walk with a wide variety of local plants and jungle like atmosphere. There is also an exotic aviary featuring rare birds, scenic ponds and a seawater aquarium. The resort was originally owned by former Prime Minister Edward Seaga. It was forced to close shortly after 9-11 because of debt and tax issues. An injunction barring the sale of the Enchanted Gardens was lifted in September 2008, allowing the property to be put back on the market by its current owner the Jamaican Redevelopment Foundation. This is the third time it has been put up for sale but the first without an injunction. It is expected that it will be sold by July 2009. Although the resort is closed, the property has been refurbished and is open for garden tours, special events, weddings and, soon, lunch. There is a nominal admission fee for the garden tour, which helps with the upkeep of the gardens and the aviary. Carnival Cruise Lines offers an excursion tour of the gardens or you can visit independently.

Negril Lighthouse


Negril Lighthouse was built in 1894 1.5 miles south south east of the westernmost tip of the island of Jamaica by the French company Bubbler & Bernard. It is one of the earliest concrete lighthouses. Its foundation is a tank 14 feet deep, which is kept filled with water to keep the 20-metre reinforced concrete tower balanced and secured in the event of an earthquake. The tower is topped with a lantern and gallery. An automatic white light 30 m above sea level flashes every two seconds. The light was operated by gas initially, switching to acetylene in 1956 and solar energy in 1985. Several adjacent one-story frame keeper's houses are staffed. The site is a well-known attraction of the Negril area. It is maintained by the Port Authority of Jamaica, an agency of the Ministry of Transport and Works.

Y.S. River


The Y.S. River is a river found in the southern parish of St Elizabeth on the island of Jamaica. It has the famous Y.S. Falls of Jamaica.

Bob Marley Mausoleum

Tourist attraction

South Negril River


The South Negril River is a river in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Montego Bay Marine Park

Tourist attraction