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Flag of Guam


Territory of Guam Australia-Oceania Hagatna 161,001 inhabitants 544 sq km 295.96 inhabitants/sq km the US dollar is used territory of the United States population evolution

Top tourist attractions in Guam

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Cocos Island

Tourist attraction

Cocos Island is an island 1 mile off the southern tip of the United States territory of Guam, located within the Merizo Barrier Reef, part of the municipality of Merizo. The island is uninhabited, 1,600 meters long in a southwest-northeast direction, but only between 200 m and 300 m wide, and has an area of 386,303 m². It sits atop the southwestern coral reef rim of Cocos Lagoon. The west coast of the island is a resort hotel complex. The east side is public land part of the Territorial Park System. Ferries run to Merizo, Guam. A Coast Guard long-range navigation station operated on Cocos Island from 1944-1963. Military tests on soil from Cocos Island in late 2005 showed levels of polychlorinated biphenyls contamination 4,900 times higher than the federally recommended level. Tests on twelve species of fish in the lagoon showed all but one of those species had high levels of PCBs. One had 265 times the acceptable level. The contamination most likely originated from transformers and other electrical equipment at the Coast Guard station, but was not tested for earlier. Officials from the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services, and the Coast Guard announced their findings on 20 February 2006 and warned people not to eat fish caught in the lagoon.