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Europe Gibraltar 29,185 inhabitants 7 sq km 4,490.00 inhabitants/sq km Gibraltar pounds (GIP) overseas territory of the United Kingdom population evolution

Famous people from Gibraltar

Here is a list of famous people from Gibraltar. Curious if anybody from Gibraltar made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

John Galliano

Fashion Designer

John Charles Galliano CBE, RDI is a Gibraltar-born British fashion designer who was the head designer of French fashion companies Givenchy, Christian Dior, and his own label John Galliano.

Frederick Stanley Maude

Military Person

Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude KCB, CMG, DSO was a British commander, most famous for his efforts in Mesopotamia during World War I and for conquering Baghdad in 1917.

Fabian Picardo


The Hon. Fabian Picardo is a Gibraltarian politician and barrister. In April 2011, he was elected as leader of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party, replacing long term leader Joe Bossano. In December 2011, he was elected Chief Minister of Gibraltar, replacing Peter Caruana. Picardo was born and schooled in Gibraltar. In 1993, he graduated with a degree in Jurisprudence from Oriel College, Oxford University. He attended the Inns of Court School of Law at Gray's Inn and was called to the Bar in 1994. In 1991, he was one of the founders of the Gibraltar National Party. However, in 2003 he left the Liberal Party and joined the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party.

Kaiane Aldorino


Kaiane Aldorino, GMH is a Gibraltarian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Gibraltar 2009 and Miss World the same year in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was the first Miss Gibraltar ever to reach the semifinals of the Miss World beauty pageant.

William Penney, Baron Penney


William George Penney, Baron Penney OM, KBE PhD, DSc, FRS, FRSE, FIC, Hon FCGI, was an English mathematician and professor of mathematical physics at the Imperial College London and later the rector of Imperial College. He is acknowledged as having a leading and integral role in the development of Britain's nuclear programme, a clandestine programme started in 1942 during World War II which produced the first British atomic bomb in 1952. As the head of the British delegation working in the Manhattan Project, Penney initially carried out calculations to predict the damage effects generated by the blast wave of an atomic bomb. Upon returning home, Penney directed Britain's own nuclear weapons directorate, codename Tube Alloys, and directed scientific research at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment which resulted in the first detonation of a British nuclear bomb, in 1952. After the test, Penney became chief adviser to the newly created British government's United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. He was later chairman of the authority, which he used in international negotiations to control nuclear testing with the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Peter Caruana


Sir Peter Richard Caruana, KCMG QC is a Gibraltarian politician, historical leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats and former Chief Minister of Gibraltar holding office from, 1996 to 2011. He is a barrister by profession and was appointed a Queen's Counsel for Gibraltar in 1998 and elected an Overseas Master of the Bench of Inner Temple in 2011.

Ricardo Montez


Ricardo Montez was a Gibraltarian actor best known for his role as the Spanish bartender Juan Cervantes in the ITV comedy series Mind Your Language.

James Richard Dacres

Military Person

James Richard Dacres was an officer of the Royal Navy who saw service during the Seven Years' War, the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. He eventually rose to the rank of Vice-Admiral.

Amanda Carreras

Tennis Player

Amanda Carreras is a Gibraltarian tennis player, currently residing in Bicester, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. She reached her career-high singles ranking of world number 308 on 13 May 2013 and has so far won four singles and seven doubles titles on the ITF tour. Due to her winning her first two singles and doubles titles back-to-back, the ITF website wrote a "Spotlight On…" article on Carreras in May 2009. On 24 July 2012, Carreras carried the Olympic flame in the torch relay in Ealing. Nicola Bosio passed on the flame to Amanda who was described as one of Gibraltar's finest sportswomen.

Alison Nicholas


Alison Nicholas MBE is an English golfer.

Joshua Hassan


Sir Joshua Abraham Hassan, GBE, KCMG, LVO, GMH, QC, nicknamed "Salvador", was a Gibraltarian politician, and first Mayor and Chief Minister of Gibraltar, serving four terms as Chief Minister for a total of 17 years. He is seen as the key figure in the civil rights movement in Gibraltar, and played a key role in the creation of the territory's institutions of self-government.

Charlotte Lennox


"Mrs Lenox was the author of "The Female Quixote" and various other works . In he "Shakespeare Illustrated" she gives an account of the source of whence the poet derived the plots of his plays". Samuel Johnson wrote the dedicatory in this book for her, to the Earl of Orrery in 1753.

Joe Bossano


Joseph John Bossano is a Gibraltarian politician, and the former leader of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party. He was Chief Minister of Gibraltar from 25 March 1988 to 17 May 1996. He served as the Leader of the Opposition in the Gibraltar Parliament from its founding in 1978 until April 2011. On 20 April 2011, he stood down as leader of the GSLP, replaced by Fabian Picardo.

George Tierney


George Tierney PC was an English Whig politician.

James Henry Craig


General Sir James Henry Craig KB was a British military officer and colonial administrator.

Cecil Street

Military Person

Cecil John Charles Street, MC, OBE, who was known to his colleagues, family and friends as John Street, began his military career as an artillery officer in the British army. During the course of World War I, he became a propagandist for MI7, in which role he held the rank of Major. After the armistice, he alternated between Dublin and London during the Irish War of Independence as Information Officer for Dublin Castle, working closely with Lionel Curtis. He later earned his living as a prolific writer of detective novels.

Jane Clifton


Jane Clifton is a British-born Australian actress and singer. Clifton was born in Gibraltar to British Army parents. In 1961 she emigrated to Perth, Australia, before later settling in Melbourne. She became a naturalized citizen of Australia in 1992.

John Montresor

Military Person

Captain John Montresor was a British military engineer in North America.

Michael Bowen


Michael George Bowen is a British prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of Southwark from 1977 to 2003, having previously served as Bishop of Arundel and Brighton.

Henry Cary


Henry Francis Cary was a British author and translator, best known for his blank verse translation of The Divine Comedy of Dante.

Joseph Garcia


The Hon. Joseph John Garcia MP is a Gibraltarian historian and politician, and the current leader of the Gibraltar Liberal Party and Deputy Chief Minister of the Government of Gibraltar. The GLP controls three of the 17 seats in the Gibraltar Parliament after the 2011 general election and is in government with its political allies, the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party.

Ken Edwards


Ken Edwards is a poet, editor, writer and musician who has lived in England since 1968. He is associated with The British Poetry Revival. Edwards ran Reality Studios, a magazine that helped introduce the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets to a British readership. He now runs the literary press Reality Street.

Don Pacifico


David Pacifico was of Portuguese Jewish descent. He was born a British subject at Gibraltar 1784 and died in London April 12, 1854. He is best known to history as "Don Pacifico". In 1850, Don Pacifico was a key figure in the international crisis known as the Don Pacifico Affair. In 1847, while he was living and working in the Greek capital, Athens, as the Portuguese consul, Don Pacifico's home was attacked and vandalised by an anti-Semitic mob that included the sons of a government minister, whilst police looked on and did nothing. Don Pacifico appealed to the Greek government for compensation for loss of possessions, including documents relating to a substantial claim against the Portuguese government for monies owed. When in 1848 it became clear that compensation would not be given, he appealed to the British. Because Don Pacifico was born in Gibraltar and was therefore a British subject, then foreign minister Lord Palmerston decided on military action and dispatched a squadron of the Royal Navy to blockade Piraeus, the port of Athens. After some eight weeks of blockade, the Greek government at last paid suitable compensation to Pacifico. When challenged in Parliament on this issue, Palmerston justified his actions with, "Civis romanus sum": translated as "I am a Roman citizen", this declaration by a Roman would protect him from harm anywhere in the ancient Roman empire.

Edward Bell

Football player

Edward Inkerman Jordan Bell MC was a British professional footballer who played for Southampton and Portsmouth in the early 20th century. He later was a soldier who was twice awarded for gallantry in the First World War but died in the Battle of the Somme in March 1918.

Arthur Forman

Cricket Player

Arthur Francis Emilius Forman was an English schoolmaster and cricketer who played for Derbyshire between 1877 and 1882. Forman was the son of Richard Forman of Gibraltar and his wife Mary Heath daughter of Rev. Joseph Heath Rector of Wigmore. He was born in Gibraltar and was baptised in the garrison chapel there. He was educated at Trinity College, Oxford. In 1874, he was awarded BA and became a master at Repton School. He took holy orders and was awarded MA in 1876. Forman made his debut for Derbyshire in the 1877 season against Hampshire, in an innings victory for Derbyshire. He played one further match in that year, a draw against Yorkshire and a single match in the 1878 season, an innings victory over Lancashire. In the 1879 season Forman took part in a game against Nottinghamshire in which he was one of seven players who scored no runs, and Derbyshire set their lowest first-class single innings total of 16. His next game was in the 1882 season, after Derbyshire altered their ranks significantly, to improve the strength of their opening order. Forman batted first in the lineup against Sussex, where he, along with batting partners Robert Smith and Ludford Docker managed to string together a powerful opening attack in an innings victory.

Clive Finlayson


Prof. Clive Finlayson MBE is a Gibraltarian zoologist and palaeontologist. He is the incumbent Director of the Gibraltar Museum. Finlayson has published various works mainly based on his research which includes ongoing excavations at Gorham's Cave in Gibraltar, the last known site of the Neanderthals.

Nicholas Boulton


Nicholas Boulton is a British actor. He studied in Dublin, Sherborne School and Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Solomon Levy


Solomon "Momy" Levy MBE JP, is a Jewish Gibraltarian estate agent and former Mayor of Gibraltar. He held office from 1 August 2008 to 31 July 2009. Levy is the nephew of Sir Joshua Hassan and was an Estate agent before he took office and founded Solomon Levy FRICS in 1960. Levy served 18 years with the Gibraltar Defence Force and was the unit's first Jewish soldier.

Charles Caruana


Charles Caruana CBE was a Gibraltarian Roman Catholic bishop of Maltese descent. He was appointed sixth Roman Catholic Bishop of Gibraltar on 14 February 1998 and ordained on 24 May 1998. His retirement request was accepted on 18 March 2010. He died at St Bernard's Hospital, Gibraltar on 1 October 2010 following a bout of ill health.

Wallace Duffield Wright

Military Person

Brigadier General Wallace Duffield Wright VC, CB, CMG, DSO was a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

Tony Macedo

Soccer Goalkeeper

Tony Macedo is a Gibraltarian former professional association football goalkeeper who spent nearly his whole career at Fulham. He played 346 league games and a total of 391 matches in all competitions. He ended his career in 1968 after suffering a string of injuries.

Maurice Xiberras


Maurice Xiberras GMH is a retired Gibraltarian teacher, trade unionist and politician. He is regarded as being a strong defender of British sovereignty, who believes there is no future for Gibraltar without the continuing close relationship with the United Kingdom.

Edward Stevenson


Edward Stevenson was a prominent Mormon missionary of the 19th century. He also served as a general authority in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as one of the seven presidents of the Seventy.

Felix Alvarez


Felix Alvarez OBE is a Gibraltarian LGBT, human, civil rights and green activist.

Gustavo Bacarisas

Visual Artist

Gustavo Bacarisa GMH was a Gibraltarian painter. He was born in Gibraltar and died in Seville, Spain. His work, of a figurative style and varied themes, is characterised by the rich use of colour.

William Rooke Creswell

Military Person

Vice Admiral Sir William Rooke Creswell KCMG, KBE, RAN was an Australian naval officer, commonly considered to be the 'father' of the Royal Australian Navy.

Simón Susarte


Simón Rodríguez Susarte, commonly known as Simón Susarte, was a Spanish goatherd from Gibraltar, who in 1704 aided a Bourbon Spanish attempt to seize Gibraltar during the Twelfth Siege of Gibraltar by revealing a concealed path to the attackers which led to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. Susarte then guided a Bourbon contingent along this difficult trail, aiming to surprise the Grand Alliance garrison in hopes of recovering the town. Although the resulting assault proved unsuccessful, Susarte's bravery and resourcefulness made him a local legend.

Kaelan Joyce


Kaelan Joyce, is an amateur boxer from the British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar. He started his boxing career in January 2000 as a Middleweight and competed exclusively in Gibraltar at first, but then mostly abroad thereafter.

Charles Ramirez


Charles Ramirez is a concert guitarist based in London. He is also Professor of guitar at the Royal College of Music.

Keith Azopardi


Keith Azopardi QC is a Gibraltarian lawyer and politician, and former leader of the Progressive Democratic Party He was born in Gibraltar on 6 June 1967 and was called to the Bars of England, Wales and Gibraltar in 1990. He is of Maltese descent. He served as Minister for Environment & Health for the Gibraltar Social Democrats from 1996 to 2000, after which he was appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar and Minister for Trade and Industry, a position he held until 2003. He stood down from politics in 2003 but later founded the Progressive Democratic Party in June 2006. He was also involved in the negotiations with the British Government that led to the grant of the new Gibraltar Constitution of 2006. In October 2009, Azopardi published a book "Sovereignty and the Stateless Nation: Gibraltar in the Modern Legal Context" discussing the constitutional status of Gibraltar, and proposing ways forward to achieve an enduring settlement to the dispute with Spain.

Peter Isola


Peter Joseph Isola, OBE, GMH, was a Gibraltarian politician and lawyer. He succeeded Maurice Xiberras as leader of the Democratic Party of British Gibraltar, a political party in Gibraltar.

Charles Gomez


Charles A. Gomez LL.B. of counsel is a Gibraltarian lawyer, politician, and Leader of the right of centre New Gibraltar Democracy Party.

Alfred Holmes

Military Person

Sgt. Alfred Holmes BEM was a Gibraltarian sergeant of the Gibraltar Regiment. He was a well remembered Officer-in-Charge of the Apes who held this position, caring for the Gibraltar Barbary macaques, for over 38 years. He described the macaques as "Gibraltar's greatest treasure".

Francis Oliva


Francisco Javier Oliva commonly known as Francis Oliva or Paco Oliva is a Gibraltarian journalist and published author. He is the news editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle, where he also regularly writes opinion articles on current affairs. He is also known as Paco or Francis.

Paul Isola

Heavy metal Artist

Paul Isola is a Gibraltarian musician and songwriter. He was the lead vocalist in the Flamenco metal band, Breed 77. Isola was one of the original members and founders of the band. He also plays the djembe, piano, flamenco guitar and palmas. Being a native Gibraltarian, Isola is naturally bilingual in English and Spanish and uses this ability to his advantage when writing songs. He often incorporates Spanish words and phrases into the band's lyrics, sometimes writing them fully in Spanish. Paul announced his departure from Breed 77 on their website on the 28th of August 2013, citing personal reasons. He stated he was leaving the band in good hands with new singer, Rui Lopez.

Dylan Duo


Dylan Duo is a Gibraltarian darts player.

Tim Buzaglo

Cricket Player

Tim Buzaglo is a footballer and cricketer.

Ricky McEvoy

Soccer Midfielder

Richard "Ricky" McEvoy is a retired Irish footballer. A schoolboys international from Patrician College Finglas McEvoy along with Martin Russell helped his school win the Leinster Junior Schools Cup and the All Ireland Colleges Junior title for the first time in 1983. McEvoy scoring in both finals. He was spotted by Luton scout Eddie Cochrane while playing for the national schoolboy team. McEvoy played for the Republic of Ireland national football team youth team against Iceland in the qualifiers for the 1986 UEFA European Under-18 Football Championship in November 1985. Future Rovers team mate Wayne Cooney scored in this 2–0 win. In the 1986–87 Football League season where Luton finished 7th in the Football League First Division McEvoy made one appearance as a substitute against Watford F.C. in the M1 derby on St. Stephen's Day 1986. He was then loaned to Football League Fourth Division Cambridge United where he scored one goal in 11 league appearances, which he scored at Turf Moor on 4 April 1987. The following season he appeared once for Luton in the Full Members Cup at Goodison Park. On the back of his great form he was called up to the Republic of Ireland national under-21 football team squad to play in the 1989 Toulon Tournament.

Joseph Triay


Joseph Emmanuel Triay QC was a Gibraltarian lawyer and politician, best known for having been one of the promoters of the Doves in the 1960s. Joseph Triay's daughter Cristina is married to Peter Caruana, former Chief Minister of Gibraltar.

Michelle Gillingwater Pedersen


Michelle Gillingwater Pedersen is a Gibraltarian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Gibraltar 2011. Gillingwater Pedersen, a private bank clerk and model represented Gibraltar as Miss Gibraltar in Miss World 2011 in London, UK on 6 November, 2011. Gillingwater Pedersen, speaks English, Danish and Spanish fluently. Gillingwater Pedersen was crowned Miss Gibraltar by her predecessor, Larissa Dalli during a beauty pageant held at the Alameda Open Air Theatre on 25 June 2011. Gillingwater Pedersen's mother Louise Gillingwater, also a Gibraltarian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Gibraltar 1982, represented Gibraltar in Miss World 1982. They are the second mother & daughter to win the Miss Gibraltar title.

Robert Peliza


Sir Robert John "Bob" Peliza KBE GMH ED was a Gibraltarian politician. He founded and led the Integration with Britain Party and was the second Chief Minister of Gibraltar serving in office from 6 August 1969 to 25 June 1972. He was one of the members of the Constitutional Conference chaired by Malcolm Shepherd, 2nd Baron Shepherd in 1968 that drafted Gibraltar's first Constitution. Peliza was also Speaker of the Gibraltar House of Assembly from 1992 to 1996. Peliza died on 12 December 2011 at St Bernard's Hospital in Gibraltar. He was 91.


Rock Artist

Surianne Dalmedo, known as Surianne, is a Gibraltarian international singer and songwriter of acoustic Latin/Rock/Flamenco music. Described as "la nina del sur" her music style is derived from a blend of various cultures; Gibraltarian, Spanish, British and North African, inspired by Mediterranean grooves, strongly influenced by the fusion of acoustic guitar sounds and driving percussive rhythms.

Tommy Finlayson


Thomas James Finlayson MBE, commonly known as Tommy Finlayson, is a Gibraltarian historian. He is also a former cricketer and archivist of the Gibraltar Archives. He is the eldest brother of Clive Finlayson, the director of the Gibraltar Museum.

Alonso Hernández del Portillo


Alonso Hernández del Portillo was a Spanish local politician and historian, remembered for being the first chronicler of the city of Gibraltar.

Juan Mateos


Juan Mateos was a wealthy inhabitant of Gibraltar during the Spanish period. He was remembered for being the founder of Gibraltar's first hospital, which subsequently became the old St Bernard's Hospital.

Thomas William Bowlby


Thomas William Bowlby was a British correspondent for The Times in Germany and China.

Henry Wheeler

Cricket Player

Henry James William Wheeler was an English cricketer. Wheeler's batting and bowling styles are unknown. He was born on Gibraltar. Wheeler made his one and only first-class appearance for Middlesex in 1864 against Sussex at the Royal Brunswick Ground in Brighton. In this match he scored 44 runs in two innings, with a high score of 27 and a batting average of 22.00, while in the field he took a single catch.

Olga Zammitt


Olga Mercedes Zammitt OBE, JP, is a retired Gibraltarian teacher and former Mayor of Gibraltar. She held office from 1 August 2009 to 31 July 2010. Zammitt was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2011 Birthday Honours for services to the community in Gibraltar.

Anthony Lombard


Anthony J P Lombard LL.B., served as Mayor of Gibraltar from 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011. He is the honorary consul of the Republic of Poland in Gibraltar and the recipient of the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

Danny Felice

Heavy metal Artist

Danny Felice is a Gibraltarian guitarist. He is one of the two guitarists in the Gibraltarian Flamenco Metal band, Breed 77. Felice is one of the original members and founders of Breed 77. He plays a mixture of flamenco guitar, electric guitar and mandolin creating a unique sound for the band. Being a native Gibraltarian, Felice is naturally bilingual in English and Spanish and uses this ability when singing as backing vocals in some songs. He also speaks Llanito when among other Gibraltarians.

Indy Selvarajah


Indy Selvarajah is a Writer & Advertising Creative. Educated at Simon Langton Boys Grammar School in Canterbury, he went on to study degrees at the universities of Oxford and UCL. Selvarajah created the website 'It aint funny being coloured' in 2008 which led him to write and direct his first show aint it funny being coloured? for Channel 4 which aired in November 2009. The show was chosen as a Guardian Must See Show, Independent Pick of the Day and Time Out's Pick of the Week. It was produced by Zeppotron. He has gone on to write a pilot for TalkBack Thames and written for the Guardian, Observer and Independent newspapers and publications including broadcast Dazed and Confused, The Face and Sabotage Times. Indy has created a pilot for the BBC called 'MilTV', a comedy character show with Pett Productions. He is currently writing a new comedy / drama show with his writing partner Sean Cook being produced by Cowboy Films and developing a new satire show 'Mirror Mirror' with Jamie Oliver's Fresh One Productions. Indy was selected as a Broadcast Hot Shot for comedy writing 2010 and selected on the Courvoisier Future100 in 2011. He is represented by the agent Vivienne Clore.

Edward Charles Frome

Military Person

General Edward Charles Frome was a prominent British Army officer and Surveyor General of South Australia. Born in Gibraltar, and orphaned early in his life, he was educated in Blackheath, London, England, where he became a close friend of Benjamin Disraeli. He received his commission in the Royal Engineers in 1825. He was involved in the Rideau Canal construction in Canada in 1827 to 1833. In September 1839 Frome arrived in Adelaide, South Australia to take up an appointment as the third surveyor-general of South Australia. He made an important contribution in surveying large areas of South Australia for new immigrants to settle upon. In 1843 he led an expedition to the mid-north of South Australia and was the first to accurately map Lake Frome. He was also a competent artist and made many sketches and paintings of landscapes on his surveying expeditions. After his ten-year term expired he returned to England and was subsequently stationed in Mauritius, Scotland and Gibraltar. Between 1869 and 1874 he served as Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey. He retired in 1877 with the army rank of general, and died in 1890 at Ewell in Surrey. His name was given to both Lake Frome and Frome Road, a major thoroughfare in Adelaide, South Australia.

Adrian Pisarello


Adrian Pisarello is a Gibraltarian rock, punk and folk musician and songwriter.

Jeremy Campbell-Lamerton


Jeremy Robert Edward Campbell-Lamerton is a former Scottish rugby union lock. He played 3 times for the Scottish national team in the 1986-7 season. He is the son of Mike Campbell-Lamerton, the noted rugby player.

Krystle Robba

Award competitor

Krystle Robba is a Gibraltarian dancer and model who represented Gibraltar in Miss World 2008 in South Africa. She studied accountancy at Cardiff University. Robba was crowned Miss Gibraltar 2008 on 5 July 2008.

Peter Amigo

Deceased Person

Peter Emmanuel Amigo was a Roman Catholic bishop in the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Thomas Shapter


Dr. Thomas Shapter, LL.D., M.D., FRCP was born in Gibraltar, graduated from Edinburgh University, and arrived in Exeter in the year cholera arrived, 1832. Today, Dr Shapter is best known for the account he wrote of this devastating cholera outbreak entitled The History of the Cholera in Exeter in 1832

Paul Jaques


Paul Jaques is an actor.

Albert Risso


Albert J. Risso, GMH was a Gibraltarian trade unionist and politician. He was the first president of the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights in Gibraltar.

Pepe Forbes


Joseph "Pepe" Forbes is a Gibraltarian matchmaker and boxing agent based in London.

Gerard Teuma


Gerard Teuma is a Gibraltarian radio and television presenter. He has been one of the regular voices on Radio Gibraltar since 1984. Before that he had involved in broadcasting organisations in the United Kingdom, including attachments to BBC Radio Leicester and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association in London. After nine years of involvement as a senior in the news section, Teuma is now GBC's Head of Radio.

Arthur Howes

Film Director

Arthur Howes was a film director, screenwriter, film producer and film editor.

John Baptist Scandella

Deceased Person

John Baptist Scandella STD was a Gibraltarian Roman Catholic priest of Genoese descent. He was Vicar Apostolic of the Diocese of Gibraltar between 1857 and 1880. He spoke fluent English and his native Spanish. Scandella is mainly remembered in Gibraltar for seeing the return of the statue of Our Lady of Europe to Gibraltar from Algeciras in Spain and for his efforts to improve education in the territory.

Stuart Cavilla

Heavy metal Artist

Stuart Cavilla is a Gibraltarian bass guitarist. He plays bass guitar in the Gibraltarian Flamenco Metal band, Breed 77. Although Cavilla has not played continuously, he is one of the original members and founders of the band. He also plays palmas for the band. Being a native Gibraltarian, Cavilla is naturally bilingual in English and Spanish as well as speaking Llanito when among other Gibraltarians.

Willa Vasquez Serfaty

Painting Artist

Willa Vasquez Serfaty is a Gibraltarian artist.

Larissa Dalli


Larissa Marie Dalli is a Gibraltarian dancer and fund administrator who represented Gibraltar at Miss World 2010 in Sanya, China. Dalli was crowned Miss Gibraltar by her predecessor, Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino during a beauty pageant held at the Alameda Open Air Theatre on 26 June 2010.