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Test and improve your knowledge about the world countries

This newly introduced section allows you to test your knowledge about the world countries by playing some fun games. There are several games available covering world capitals, world population, world countries area, countries flags, countries map location, etc. Please see bellow for a brief description of each game.

Each correct answer will earn you a number of points depending on the difficulty of the question. There are no deductions for wrong answer. There are also big bonuses for answering questions in a short amount of time.

Capitals challenge

What is the capital of Uruguay? Is it Helsinki? Athens? Prague? How about Montevideo? This fun game will test your knowledge of world capitals. Try to answer correctly to all the questions in the shortest possible time.

Flags challenge

Do you know how many stars are there on the United States flag? Or which are the colors of the German flag? If so, this game is definitely for you! If not, this game is also definitely for you! The game consists of randomly selected questions which should be answered in the shortest possible amount of time.

Map the country!

Can you name one country crossed by the Tropic of Cancer? Do you know where Peru is located? This fun game will test your knowledge by asking you to associate map locations with country names. It consists of questions of several difficulties.

Know it all!

This is the toughest game yet! It will test all of your world countries knowledge by asking different questions related to capitals, flags, area, population, location of world countries. Of course, answering the questions correctly is not everything. You should also do it FAST!

Custom game

Do you think the previous four games are two easy? Or too difficult? If so, then why not just build your own game? Choose the number of questions, the difficulty and the domain of the questions and start having fun.