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Flag of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

Republic of Equatorial Guinea Africa Malabo 722,254 inhabitants 28,051 sq km 25.75 inhabitants/sq km Cooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs per US dollar -
511.4 (2012 est.)
471.87 (2011 est.)
495.28 (2010 est.)
472.19 (2009)
447.81 (2008)) population evolution

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Pico Basilé

Shield volcano

Pico Basilé is the highest mountain on the island of Bioko, which is part of Equatorial Guinea. With an altitude of 9,878 ft, it is the summit of the largest and highest of three overlapping basaltic shield volcanoes which form the island. From the summit, Mt. Cameroon can be seen to the northeast. Pico Basilé lies close to the city of Malabo. Bioko was formed along the Cameroon line, a major northeast-trending geologic fault that runs from the Atlantic Ocean into Cameroon. This line includes other volcanic islands in the Gulf of Guinea such as Annobón, Príncipe and São Tomé, along with the massive stratovolcano of Mount Cameroon.