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Countries of East and Southeast Asia

20 countries and one territory 2,234,968,292 inhabitants 16,753,701 sq km 0.01 inhabitants/sq km population evolution

This sections allows you to see the list of all countries of East and Southeast Asia. Every country has a few important details attached: flag, capital, population and total area. For full details of every country, just click on its name. If you wish to sort countries differently (e.g.: by area or by population) just click the corresponding table heading. By default, countries are ordered alphabetically.

You can also filter the countries and territories being displayed here:
Country Capital Population Area
Flag of Brunei Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan 422,675 5,765
Flag of Burma Burma Rangoon 55,746,253 676,578
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia Phnom Penh 15,458,332 181,035
Flag of China China Beijing 1,355,692,576 9,596,960
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong N/A 7,112,688 1,104
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia Jakarta 253,609,643 1,904,569
Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo 127,103,388 377,915
Flag of Korea, North Korea, North Pyongyang 24,851,627 120,538
Flag of Korea, South Korea, South Seoul 49,039,986 99,720
Flag of Laos Laos Vientiane 6,803,699 236,800
Flag of Macau Macau N/A 587,914 28
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 30,073,353 329,847
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Ulaanbaatar 2,953,190 1,564,116
Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 6,552,730 462,840
Flag of Philippines Philippines Manila 107,668,231 300,000
Flag of Singapore Singapore Singapore 5,567,301 697
Flag of Taiwan Taiwan Taipei 23,359,928 35,980
Flag of Thailand Thailand Bangkok 67,741,401 513,120
Flag of Timor-Leste Timor-Leste Dili 1,201,542 14,874
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Hanoi 93,421,835 331,210