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Commonwealth of Dominica Central America and the Caribbean Roseau 73,449 inhabitants 751 sq km 97.80 inhabitants/sq km East Caribbean dollars (XCD) population evolution

Famous people from Dominica

Here is a list of famous people from Dominica. Curious if anybody from Dominica made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

Jean Rhys


Jean Rhys, CBE, born Ella Gwendolen Rees Williams, was a mid-20th-century novelist from Dominica. Educated from the age of 16 in Great Britain, she is best known for her novel Wide Sargasso Sea, written as a "prequel" to Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre.

Henry Wilcoxon


Henry Wilcoxon was an actor born in Roseau, Dominica, British West Indies, and best known as a leading man in many of Cecil B. DeMille's films, also serving as DeMille's associate producer on his later films.

Patricia Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal


Patricia Janet, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, PC, QC is a British barrister, and served in many ministerial positions within the UK Government, most notably as the Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland.

Prince Ital Joe

Hip hop Artist

Joe Paquette, better known as Prince Ital Joe, was a Dominican-born American musician best known for his collaborations with Marky Mark. Prince Ital Joe also did some acting, appearing in the Steven Seagal film, Marked for Death and in the TV series, EZ Streets and Players.

Phillip DeFreitas

Cricket Bowler

Phillip Anthony Jason "Daffy" DeFreitas is a retired English cricketer. He played county cricket for Leicestershire, Lancashire and Derbyshire, as well as appearing in forty four Test matches and 103 ODIs. Cricket writer, Colin Bateman, noted that "DeFreitas was an explosive hitter when the mood took him, an aggressive pace bowler, inclined to pitch everything short and a spectacular fielder".

Nasio Fontaine

Reggae Artist

Nasio Fontaine, also known simply as Nasio, is a reggae artist from the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Roosevelt Skerrit


Roosevelt Skerrit is a Dominican politician who has been Prime Minister of Dominica since 2004; he has also been the Member of Parliament for the Vieille Case constituency since 2000. Regionally, he has served as the Chairman of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States and most recently as Chairman of the Caribbean Community in 2010.

Billy Doctrove

Cricket Umpire

Billy Raymond Doctrove is a former international football referee, but is best known as an international cricket umpire.

Eugenia Charles


Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, DBE was Prime Minister of Dominica from 21 July 1980 until 14 June 1995. She was Dominica's first, and to date only, female prime minister, as well as the nation's longest-serving prime minister. She was the second female prime minister in the Caribbean after Lucinda da Costa of the Netherlands Antilles, and the first woman elected in her own right as head of government in the Americas. She was the world's third longest-serving female Prime Minister, behind Indira Gandhi of India and Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, and the world's longest continuously serving female Prime Minister ever.

Shane Shillingford

Cricket Bowler

Shane Shillingford, is a West Indian cricketer who plays first-class and List A cricket for the Windward Islands and the West Indies cricket team. Shillingford made his Test debut on 10 June 2010 in the home series against South Africa and played in three matches in that series. He then toured Sri Lanka with the 2010–11 West Indies team and took five wickets in his first test match of the tour: four in the first innings triggering a Sri Lankan collapse and instigating a follow-on. However half of the third day was washed out in rain and Sri Lanka rallied after the follow-on and salvaged a draw. On 20 November 2010 straight after his first international match umpires Asad Rauf, Richard Kettleborough and Steve Davis reported Shillingford for a suspect action. It was found that Shillingford bent his arm by 17 degrees while bowling, rendering his action illegal and on 21 December 2010 the International Cricket Council announced he had been suspended from bowling in international cricket until his action could be remodelled and reassessed. Following the news that Shillingford could not bowl in international cricket, he was dropped from the Windward Islands' squad for the 2010–11 Caribbean Twenty20. Instead he was sent to the Sagicor High Performance Centre to work on his bowling action for three-months. After testing in May 2011, it was announced that Shillingford's action was legal and he would be allowed to resume bowling in international cricket.

Nagy Aguilera


Nagy Aguilera De La Rosa is a Dominican professional boxer in the Heavyweight division. Although he is from the commonwealth island of Dominica, his application was confused when inducted into the boxing world with the Dominican Republic. For his explosive technique and various knockouts, Aguilera received the name the Dominican Dynamite. Popularity rose after a few matches and the colors of the Dominican Republic's flag stuck.

Dwain Murphy


Dwain Murphy is a Caribbean-born Canadian actor. He is best known for playing Eric in Degrassi: The Next Generation, Giles in The Line, and Bishop in How She Move.

Garth Joseph

Basketball Center

Garth McArthur Fitzgerald Joseph is a Dominican basketball player who played in the NBA. At 7 ft, 2 in and 315 pounds, his physique was often compared to that of Shaquille O'Neal, especially when he was a young and raw-skilled center at The College of St. Rose. However, Joseph's skills never materialized and he only appeared in a total of four National Basketball Association games, two with the Denver Nuggets and two with the Toronto Raptors during the 2000–01 NBA season. Joseph has been a member of the Dominica national basketball team.

Nicholas Liverpool


Nicholas Joseph Orville Liverpool is a Dominican politician and jurist who was the sixth President of Dominica, from October 2, 2003 to September 17, 2012. In 1957 he entered the University of Hull and obtained an LL.B degree in 1960. He was called to the bar at Inner Temple in 1961. He obtained a Ph.D degree from University of Sheffield in 1965. While returning to the Caribbean, he spent 18 years as a law lecturer at the University of the West Indies in Barbados and in 1992 became dean of its law school. He served as a regional judge and then an appeal court judge in several countries in the Caribbean including Belize and Grenada. He also served as a high court jduge in Antigua and Montserrat and has served on a number of tribunals and commissions for legal reform. In 2002 he was chairman of the constitutional review commission for Grenada. The University of Hull awarded him a degree of Doctor of Laws in July 2011. He became Ambassador to the United States in March 1998 and served in that capacity until 2001. In the same year as elected president Dr. Liverpool was awarded the Dominica Award of Honour. Between 2002 and 2003 he also served as a Member of the UNESCO governing board. In July 2008 he agreed to serve a second term as President upon the expiration of his first term, following a joint nomination by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Opposition Leader Earl Williams.

Oliver Seraphin


Oliver James "O. J." Seraphin was the Prime Minister of Dominica from June 25, 1979, until July 21, 1980.

Julian Jay Savarin

Musical Artist

Julian Jay Savarin is a British musician, songwriter, poet and science fiction author.

Philip Potter


Philip Alford Potter was a leader in the Methodist Church and the third General Secretary of the World Council of Churches.

Edison James


Edison Chenfil James was the prime minister of Dominica from June 14, 1995 to February 3, 2000 as well as the Member of Parliament for the Marigot constituency from 1990. He graduated from the Dominica Grammar School. He holds a Bsc degree in Botany from the University of East London, a MSc degree in Biochemistry from the University of Reading and a post graduate diploma in crop protection technology from Imperial College. He worked in a number of local and regional institutions including the Caribbean Development Bank, but it was as manager of the Dominica Banana Marketing Company that he rose to prominence on the island. He was instrumental in resuscitating the island's critical banana industry which had been decimated by Hurricane David. James has been active in regional cricket as an administrator; he was Manager of the Windward Islands cricket team and the Combined Islands cricket team. He is also a member of the Rotary Club. In 1988 he headed a committee which founded the United Workers' Party and became its first political leader. From its inception the party was assailed as a group of "disgruntled businessmen"; or "greedy businessmen" by the established parties, but in 1990 the party captured 6 seats in the 21 seat House of Assembly and James became the leader of the opposition. As leader of the opposition, he criticized the ruling Dominica Freedom Party for instituting an economic-citizen programme whereby persons could become citizens of the island for a fee. In the run-up to the 1995 elections, James accused the Eugenia Charles-led government of bugging his party's offices. A commission formed to investigate the matter concluded that the allegations were baseless.

Lennox Honychurch


Lennox Honychurch is Dominica's most noted historian and a politician. He is well known for writing 1975's The Dominica Story, the 1980s textbook series The Caribbean People, and the 1991 travel book Dominica: Isle of Adventure. He was largely responsible for compiling the exhibit information for The Dominica Museum in Roseau. Honychurch served as a senator in the House of Assembly of Dominica from 1975-1979 as a member of the Dominica Freedom Party. When the DFP formed the government in 1980 he also served as Press Secretary to The Government of Dominica until 1981.

Hubert J. Charles


Hubert J. Charles is a Dominican diplomat and educator. He is the current ambassador of Dominica to the Organization of American States and to the United States. Charles was born in Portsmouth, Dominica and grew up on the island. He graduated from the Dominica Grammar School in 1969. He earned a B.A. in history and economics from the University of the West Indies in Barbados in 1972, and then taught history and commerce at Dominica Grammar School from September 1972 to July 1974. In 1977, he earned an M.A. in Atlantic history and culture from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. After completing his education, Charles served from July to October 1977 as Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture in the Dominican government. He next served as the headmaster of the Dominica Grammar School from October 1977 to June 1981. Charles was appointed Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture and held that position from January 1981 to December 1985. Charles served as an Advisor on Special Programs to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States from June 1986 to October 1995. Between 1991 and 2006, he also served in various posts in UNESCO in the Caribbean and Africa. In January 1991, he became the UNESCO Representative to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, based in Bridgetown, Barbados. In November 1995, he became the UNESCO Educational Advisor in Pretoria, South Africa, serving until April 1998. In June 1998 he became the UNESCO Representative and Head of Office in Maputo, Mozambique, serving until December 2000. Finally, in January 2001, he became the UNESCO Representative and Director of the Office for the Economic Community of West African States, serving in Abuja, Nigeria until October 2006.

Joseph Oliver Bowers

Religious Leader

Joseph Oliver Bowers, SVD was a prelate of the Roman Catholic Church from Dominica, who went to West Africa to serve in the then Gold Coast in 1939. At the time of his death, aged 102, he was the second-oldest Roman Catholic bishop and the oldest in the Caribbean.

George Matthews


George Matthews was a jazz trombonist. Matthews's father was a guitarist; Matthews himself was adept on tuba and trumpet as well as trombone. He received classical training in New York City and played with local dance and jazz bands before joining Tiny Bradshaw's group in the early 1930s. He worked later in the 1930s with Willie Bryant, Louis Armstrong, Chick Webb, and Ella Fitzgerald. After World War II Matthews worked extensively with Count Basie, then joined Erskine Hawkins's group in the early 1950s. In the 1960s he played with Lucille Dixon and Clark Terry, among others.

Paul St. Hilaire


Pierre Charles


Pierre Charles was Prime Minister of Dominica from 2000 to 2004 as well as Member of Parliament for Grand Bay, Dominica from 1985 until his death.

Emily Yoshikawa


Paul Southwell


Caleb Azariah Paul Southwell was the second Premier and first Chief Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. He also worked as a teacher, police officer, and trade unionist.

Alphonsia Emmanuel


Alphonsia Emmanuel is an actress.

Phyllis Shand Allfrey


Phyllis Byam Shand Allfrey was a West Indian writer, socialist activist, newspaper editor and politician of the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. She is best known for her first novel, The Orchid House, based on her own early life, which in 1991 was turned into a Channel 4 television miniseries in the United Kingdom.

Edward Oliver LeBlanc


Edward Oliver Le Blanc was a Dominican politician. Le Blanc was born in Vieille Case. He joined the Dominica Labour Party in 1957. He joined the government of the Federation of the West Indies in Trinidad in 1960, but returned to Dominica later that year to become the leader of his party. He won a seat in the House of Assembly in 1961. Le Blanc served as chief minister of Dominica from January 1961 to March 1, 1967. In March 1967, when the British granted Dominica more self-government, Le Blanc became premier. Le Blanc tried to implement socialist policies in Dominica. He was committed to helping poor workers, whom he called "little men", a catchphrase which still remains in Dominican politics. He was very popular with the voters, winning three elections in three different constituencies, and is believed by many to be one of the founders of the Dominican nation. He unexpectedly resigned on July 27, 1974, and retired from politics and public life. He did not explain his retirement, and refused to give interviews, but it is believed that he was tired of the opposition to his policies by many in the government. He returned to Vieille Case, where he died.

Norbert Phillip

Cricket Bowler

Norbert Phillip is a former cricketer. A bowling all-rounder, with many national players migrating to Kerry Packer's groundbreaking venture, he represented West Indies in nine Tests and one One Day International in the interim, also appearing in English county cricket for Essex from 1978 until 1985. Domestically, he appeared for the Combined Islands, playing 31 first-class matches; although he never hit a century for the Combined Islands, with 106 wickets he was the second-highest wicket taker for the team, one behind Andy Roberts.

Adam Sanford

Cricket Player

Adam Sanford is a West Indian cricketer who currently plays first class cricket for the Leeward Islands, despite being born in Dominica, which is a member of the Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control. Sanford played 11 Test matches for the West Indies, taking 15 wickets in five Tests in the 2001-02 home series against India, when he became the first indigenous Carib to play for the West Indies. He also went on tour of New Zealand in June 2002, but after taking five wickets in two Tests including a bowling analysis of one for 101 in the final match, he was dropped for the tour of India the following season. Sanford returned to the side a year and a half later, playing two Tests against South Africa and taking seven wickets, before rounding off his career so far with two home Tests against England. His bowling on that series was criticised by TV commentator and former Test player Geoff Boycott, who claimed that Sanford "couldn't have got [his] granny out". Sanford was dropped again after the second Test against England, and has not returned to the side, although he still plays for Leeward Islands. Currently he is playing for Middlesex Cricket Club in Brooklyn Cricket League New York.

Ronald Green


Ronald Milner Green is a Dominican politician who has served as the head of the United Workers' Party. In that capacity, Green was also the Leader of the Opposition of Dominica from 2005 until 2009, when he lost his seat in the House of Assembly in the general election. Green is now serving in the Assembly as an appointed senator.

Joe Cooke

Soccer Forward

Joseph 'Joe' Cooke is a retired Dominican professional footballer player who spent his entire career in England. He began his career at as a centre-forward, but was later converted into a central defender.

Elizabeth Israel

Deceased Person

Mione Elizabeth George Israel, known as Mione "Minette" George for much of her life, and as Elizabeth Israel and Ma Pampo later in life, was the focus of one of the most widely publicized longevity claims of recent years.

Irvine Shillingford

Cricket Bowler

Irvine Theodore Shillingford is a former West Indian cricketer who played four Tests and two ODIs in 1977 and 1978. He also played a further 88 first class games, 49 of them for the Combined Islands, whom he represented from its inception in 1961 until the dissolution of the team in 1981. He also played first class cricket for the Windward Islands. His Test career began when he was selected for three Tests of the five-match 1976–77 home Test series against Pakistan, replacing Maurice Foster who had made 19 runs from number six in the first Test. Shillingford had made the most runs in the Shell Shield the previous season, with 257, and though he was aged nearly 33 he was given the chance. He made 39 from number five in the first West Indies' innings – in an 81-run partnership with opener Roy Fredericks, helping the West Indies to a lead of 136 runs on first innings. Shillingford only made two runs in the second innings, but the West Indies still won with six wickets to spare. Shillingford was retained for the third Test, and held a catch to dismiss Khan in the first innings, as Pakistan made 194. After the West Indies lost Fredericks early on, Gordon Greenidge, Viv Richards and Alvin Kallicharran took West Indies to 193 for 3 when Shillingford came in to bat, and batted for 315 minutes, hitting fifteen fours and one six in a career best 120. Despite Shillingford's century and a lead of 254, the West Indian bowlers could not back up the batsmen, and Pakistan made 540 in the second innings to secure the draw.

Tam Joseph


Tam Joseph is a British painter, illustrator, graphic artist, printmaker and sculptor. One of his best known paintings is his 1983 work "Spirit of the Carnival", a reference to the Notting Hill Carnival. Another notable work, dating from 1983, is "UK School Report", which depicts the passage of a Black youth through the British education system in three portraits that are captioned: "Good at sports", "Likes music" and "Needs surveillance".

Malcolm Joseph

Soccer Defender

Malcolm Joseph is a Dominican footballer who plays for Dominica national football team as defender.

Colin Bernard

Soccer Defender

Colin Bernard is a Dominican footballer who plays for Dominica national football team as defender.

Mitchell Joseph


Mitchell Joseph in Dominica is a footballer who plays as a striker who plays for the Dominica national football team.

Kurlson Benjamin

Soccer Forward

Kurlson Benjamin is a Dominican footballer who currently plays for Dominican side Bath Estate and the Dominica national football team. He plays as a striker. He is currently his country's all-time top goalscorer with 12 goals.

Crispin S. Gregoire


Crispin S. Gregoire is the Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the Commonwealth of Dominica. He presented his credentials to Secretary-General Kofi Annan on 1 October 2002.

Crispin Sorhaindo


Crispin Anselm Sorhaindo OBE was the fourth President of Dominica. He served from October 25, 1993 until October 5, 1998.

Jean Paul

Cricket Player

Jean Cedric Paul is a West Indian cricketer for Dominica, Windward Islands and the West Indies' A-squad. Pauls first-class career, which continued through the 2004/05 - 2006/07 seasons, consists of 6 first-class matches, one A list and one Twenty20. Paul's best bowling figures of 4/52, came at first-class level, where he has the most experience with an average of 38.18. He has taken no wickets during the other matches of his career While predominantly a right-arm medium bowler, Paul is also a right-handed batsman and maintains a tailender average of 4.75 in first-class cricket with a high score of 10 not out.

Grayson Shillingford

Cricket Player

Grayson Cleophas Shillingford was a West Indian cricketer who played in seven Tests from 1969 to 1972. His cousin Irvine Shillingford, also played Test cricket for the West Indies. Grayson Shillingford was a right-arm fast bowler who played for Windward Islands from 1967-68 to 1978-79. He toured England with the West Indies team in 1969 and 1973. His best first-class figures were 6 for 49 for the Combined Windward and Leeward Islands team against Trinidad in 1971-72.

Pauline Marcelle

Sculpture Artist

Pauline Marcelle is a contemporary Caribbean artist.

Maurice Dubois Sr.


Maurice Dubois Sr. is the father of Maurice DuBois.

Kelvin Felix


Kelvin Edward Felix, is the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Castries. He was born in Roseau, Dominica on 15 February 1933. He was ordained into the Catholic priesthood in 1956. Archbishop Kelvin Felix was born in Dominica on 15 February 1933. He was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church on 8 April 1956. In 1962 he left the West Indies for St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, where he attained a Diploma in Adult Education in 1963, gained a Masters Degree from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in Sociology and Anthropology in 1967 and completed post graduate studies in Sociology at the University of Bradford in Yorkshire, England in 1970. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws in 1986 from St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia. Archbishop Felix was the Principal of the Roman Catholic High School in Dominica from 1972–1975 and Associate General Secretary of the Caribbean Conference of Churches from 1975–1981. He was ordained Archbishop on 5 October 1981 and served as President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference from 1991–1997 and President of the Caribbean Conference of Churches from 1981–1986. He is presently a member of the Roman Curia.

Glenson Prince

Soccer Goalkeeper

Glenson Prince is a Dominican footballer who plays for Dominica national football team as goalkeeper.

Ramona Dubois


Ramona Dubois is the mother of Maurice DuBois.

Lennard Remy

Football player

Lennard Remy is a Dominican international footballer who plays as a midfielder. Remy has played non-league football in England for Barkingside. Remy made his international debut for Dominica on 6 February 2008, in a FIFA World Cup qualifying game against Barbados. It remains his only international cap to date.

Chris Gotziaman


Chris Gotziaman was an American ice hockey forward who spent most of years in the minor leagues. He was drafted into the NHL 29th overall in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft. He started his career at the U. of North Dakota.

Lester Langlais

Soccer Midfielder

Lester Langlais in Dominica is a footballer who plays as a midfielder for the Dominica national football team.

Hubert Prince

Soccer Defender

Hubert Prince is a Dominican footballer who plays for Buster Warner club as defender.

Elmond Derrick

Soccer Defender

Elmond Derrick is a Dominican footballer who plays for Dominica national football team as defender.

Luan Gabriel

Olympic athlete

Prince Austrie

Soccer Defender

Prince Austrie is a Dominican footballer who plays for Dominica national football team as defender.

Shern Dailey

Soccer Defender