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Flag of Curacao


Land Curacao Central America and the Caribbean Willemstad 146,836 inhabitants 444 sq km 330.71 inhabitants/sq km Netherlands Antillean guilders (ANG) part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands population evolution

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Klein Curaçao

Tourist attraction

Klein Curaçao is a 1.7 square kilometres uninhabited island south-east of Curaçao in the Caribbean Sea, and is part of the country of Curaçao. The only structures on the island are an old lighthouse, a beach house, and several huts. Klein Curaçao is well known as a beautiful diving-spot because of its coral and underwater caves. It's fairly easy to spot colorful fish and sea turtles when snorkeling. Klein Curaçao has no permanent inhabitants, only a few palm-frond covered sheds for day trippers from Curaçao, and apart from some coconut palms has little vegetation. There are some fishermen's huts where fishermen normally stay for some days. They get water from the Coast Guard of Curaçao. The windward side is a graveyard for boats that did not stay out far enough or lost power. A small tanker, the Maria Bianca Guidesman, is gradually being reduced to rust and dust by the constant pounding of the waves. The remains of another four or five boats have been washed far onshore.