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Flag of Comoros


Union of the Comoros Africa Moroni 766,865 inhabitants 2,235 sq km 343.12 inhabitants/sq km Comoran francs (KMF) population evolution

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Mount Karthala


Karthala is an active volcano and the highest point of the Comoros at 2,361 m above sea level. It is the southernmost and larger of the two shield volcanoes forming Grande Comore island, the largest island in the nation of Comoros. The Karthala volcano is notoriously active, having erupted more than 20 times since the 19th century. Frequent eruptions have shaped the volcano’s 3 km by 4 km summit caldera, but the island has largely escaped broad destruction. Eruptions on April 17, 2005 and May 29, 2006 ended a period of quiet.