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Flag of Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Republic of Cape Verde Africa Praia 538,535 inhabitants 4,033 sq km 133.53 inhabitants/sq km Cape Verdean escudos (CVE) population evolution

Famous people from Cape Verde

Here is a list of famous people from Cape Verde. Curious if anybody from Cape Verde made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.



Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, commonly known as Nani or Luis Nani, is a Portuguese footballer currently playing as a winger for English club Manchester United and the Portugal national team. Although predominantly right-footed, he has been utilised on the left-wing on many occasions. Nani was born with his nana Rishabh Tandon in Cape Verde and emigrated to Europe with his family at an early age. He was raised in Portugal and began his football career playing for local side Real Massamá. At the age of nine, he began training with Sporting Clube de Portugal and S.L. Benfica on alternate days, eventually joining Sporting's youth squad after they offered him pre-season training. In 2005, he made his professional debut with the club and won the Portuguese Cup during his second season with them. Nani was named the SJPF Young Player of the Month for May 2007 and his performances with Sporting culminated into a move to English club side Manchester United in July 2007 for a fee of €25 million. Nani won the Community Shield on his competitive debut at Manchester United and has since added a number of trophies, which included the Premier League and Champions League during his debut season at the club. He has established himself as first-choice winger at United and has won a further Premier League title, the Football League Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup, and three Community Shield titles. Individually, Nani has been included in the Professional Footballers' Association Premier League Team of the Year on one occasion and was a nominee for the PFA Young Player of the Year in 2011.



Rolando Jorge Pires da Fonseca, simply known as Rolando, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Internazionale on loan from F.C. Porto, as a central defender.

Gelson Fernandes

Soccer Midfielder

Gelson Tavares Fernandes is a Swiss footballer who currently plays as a defensive midfielder for SC Freiburg. He also plays for the Swiss national team.

Adilson Tavares Varela

Soccer Midfielder

Adilson Tavares Varela, commonly known as Cabral, is a Cape Verde footballer who plays as a midfielder in the Premier League for Sunderland. He also holds Swiss citizenship.

Ryan Mendes


Ryan Isaac Mendes da Graça is a Cape Verdean football winger who plays for Lille in the Ligue 1.

Nélson Marcos


Nélson Augusto Tomar Marcos, simply known as Nélson, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for UD Almería on loan from U.S. Città di Palermo, as a right defender.

Pedro Pires


Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires was the President of Cape Verde from March 2001 to September 2011. Before becoming President, he was Prime Minister from 1975 to 1991.

Suzanna Lubrano

Zouk Artist

Suzanna Lubrano is a Cape Verdean Zouk singer based in Rotterdam. Several albums have gone Gold and Platinum, while she has won major international music awards.

Marcelino Manuel da Graca

Deceased Person

Marcelino Manuel da Graça, better known as Charles Manuel "Sweet Daddy" Grace, or Daddy Grace, was the founder and first bishop of the predominantly African-American denomination the United House of Prayer For All People. He was a contemporary of other religious leaders such as Father Divine, Charles Harrison Mason, Noble Drew Ali and Ernest Holmes. Daddy Grace, an innovative Christian evangelist, faith healer, pastor and bishop, used his unique worship style to birth a distinctive religious institution on the American scene. Many of his followers claimed miraculous acts of faith healing while attending services and others saw his ministry as a sign from God of the immanent return of Jesus Christ.

Tito Paris


Tito Paris, is a singer and musician. He has a long career behind him. Tito Paris moved as a young man, aged 19, to Portugal. Lisbon continues to be his hometown even if he still goes back to his islands.

Oceano da Cruz

Soccer Midfielder

Oceano Andrade da Cruz, simply known as Oceano, is a Portuguese retired footballer and a current manager. A defensive midfielder with tremendous physical strength and leadership skills as his main assets, he is widely regarded as the best footballer ever hailing from his birth nation, and represented most notably Sporting, appearing in more than 400 official games with the club over the course of 11 seasons. Having gained more than 50 caps for Portugal, Oceano represented his adopted nation at Euro 1996.

Daniel Batista Lima

Soccer Forward

Daniel Batista Lima is a former Greek international football player who played as a striker. He has been given the title "Gullit of the poor" by the Italian press after an impressive display against Torino. Batista's uncle, Noni Lima, already had a successful career in Greece at Panionios.Also Batista's nephew, Noni's son named Konstantinos Lima is currently playing in Lesbos at Kalloni F.C..


Soccer Midfielder

Cláudio Zélito Fonseca Fernandes Aguiar, aka Lito, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays for C.D. Pinhalnovense mainly as a forward.

Boss AC

Hip hop Artist

Boss AC is a Portuguese rapper originally from Cape Verde. His albums include Preto no Branco, Ritmo, Amor e Palavras, Rimar contra a Maré, and TPC. His most popular songs include: "Dinero", "Baza Baza", and "Doa a Quem Doer". Although he lives in Portugal, he spends a lot of his time in Africa, especially Angola. He has collaborated with many Angolan rappers, most notably Gutto, when they collaborated for "Dinero". Boss AC started his career in 1994 with Rapública, a compilation album that joined together the new faces of the Portuguese hip hop movement. In this album, he was one of the performers and producers. In 1998, Boss AC recorded his first album, Mandachuva, in the USA with production by Troy Hightower. This album was a mixture of hip-hop, ragga, soul, R&B and African sounds. He also recorded a duet titled "No Stress" with Gutto. Together, they produced music and went on tour. In 2002, Boss AC produced his second album titled Rimar contra a maré, a more autobiographical album, entirely written and produced by him. This album continued the trend of adding African and Portuguese traditional sounds. Boss AC's latest album, Ritmo, Amor e Palavras, was recorded in 2005. This album included collaborations with Posdnuos from De La Soul, Da Weasel, Sam the Kid and Pedro Ayres de Magalhães. The album gave Boss AC a nomination in the MTV European Music Awards for Best Portuguese Act.


Soccer Defender

Ianique dos Santos Tavares, aka Stopira, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for Videoton FC in Hungary, as a left defender.

Héldon Ramos

Soccer Midfielder

Héldon Augusto Almeida Ramos, simply Héldon and sometimes nicknamed Nhuck, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for C.S. Marítimo in Portugal, as a striker.

Zé Luís


José Luís Mendes Andrade, aka Zé Luís, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for Videoton FC on loan from S.C. Braga in Portugal, as a striker.

Nando Maria Neves

Soccer Defender

Fernando "Nando" Maria Neves is a Cape Verdean football defender, plays for Czech club SK Slavia Prague and Cape Verde national football team.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca


Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca OICVV is a Cape Verdean politician, lawyer, and university professor who has been President of Cape Verde since 2011. He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1991 to 1993. Supported by the Movement for Democracy, he won the 2011 presidential election in a second round of voting.

José Emilio Furtado

Soccer Forward

José Emílio Robalo Furtado is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who currently plays for ACS Poli Timi┼čoara. He also holds Portuguese citizenship.


Soccer Forward

Jorge Djaniny Tavares Semedo, known as Djaniny, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays for C.D. Nacional in Portugal, as a forward.

António Mascarenhas Monteiro


António Manuel Mascarenhas Gomes Monteiro was the President of Cape Verde from March 22, 1991 to March 22, 2001.

Luís Carlos Almada Soares

Soccer Midfielder

Luís Carlos Almada Soares, aka Platini, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays for AC Omonia in Cyprus, as a forward. He spent most of his professional career in Portugal, and chose his name in honour of French international Michel Platini.

Manuel dos Santos Fernandes

Soccer Defender

Manuel dos Santos Fernandes, known as Dos Santos, is a Cape Verdean-born French retired footballer who played as a left defender.



Adelino Augusto da Graça Barbosa Barros, aka Neno is a retired Cape Verdean-born Portuguese footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

Aalviar Lima


Aalviar "The Machine" Lima is a retired Cape Verdean-Dutch middleweight kickboxer who fought out of Dordrecht, Netherlands. He made his K-1 debut against Warren Stevelmans in K-1 MAX Netherlands 2008 The Final Qualification.


Soccer Midfielder

Elvis Manuel Monteiro Macedo, aka Babanco, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for G.D. Estoril Praia in Portugal, as a midfielder.

Ildo Lobo

Musical Artist

Ildo Lobo was a famous Cape Verdean singer. His versatile and melodic voice, commanding stage presence and trademark beret hats made him one of the all time great performers of Cape Verde. Always well known throughout the Cape Verde Islands, Lobo rose to international fame with his first solo work, “Nôs Morna”, following it with another album “Intelectual”.

David Soares


P. David Soares is the Albany County District Attorney. He is a Democrat.

Odaïr Fortes

Soccer Midfielder

Odair Júnior Lopes Fortes is a Cape Verdean professional football player. Currently, he plays in the French Ligue 1 for Stade Reims. He played on the professional level in Ligue 2 for Stade Reims.

Orlanda Amarílis


Orlanda Amarílis Lopes Rodrigues Fernandes Ferreira, known as Orlanda Amarílis, is a Cape Verdean writer. She is considered to be a noteworthy writer of fiction whose main literary themes include perspectives on women’s writing, with depictions of various aspects of the lives of Cape Verdean women as well as depictions of the Cape Verdean diaspora.

Vladine Biosse


Vladine "Mr Providence" Biosse is a Super Middleweight boxer who grew up in the Cape Verde islands - off the western coast of Africa - came to Providence in 1996 where he attended Hope High School and was a multi-sport athlete, competing in soccer, basketball and track & field. Following high school, Biosse went on to play football for two seasons at Dean College before transferring to URI for his junior and senior seasons.


Musical Artist

Tcheka is a Cape Verdean singer, songwriter and guitarist, who is well known for his work in transposing the traditional Afro-creole folk rhythm Batuku to the electro-acoustic guitar.


Soccer Goalkeeper

Josimar Dias, nicknamed Vozinha, is a Cape Verdean international association football goalkeeper who plays for Progresso in Angola.

Josimar Lima

Soccer Defender

Josimar Lima is a Cape Verdean professional footballer. He currently plays for FC Dordrecht in the Dutch Eerste Divisie.

Carlos Veiga


Carlos Alberto Wahnon de Carvalho Veiga is a Cape Verdean politician. He was Prime Minister of Cape Verde from April 4, 1991 to July 29, 2000, and he unsuccessfully ran for President as the candidate of the Movement for Democracy in 2001 and 2006. Veiga served as Prime Minister under President António Mascarenhas Monteiro, and resigned in July 2000 in order to stand as the MpD's candidate in the February 2001 presidential election. He was succeeded as Prime Minister by Gualberto do Rosário. In the 2001 presidential election, Veiga lost by 17 votes to Pedro Pires of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde in the second round of voting. He ran again in the February 2006 presidential election, but lost again to Pires.

Baltasar Lopes da Silva


Baltasar Lopes da Silva was a writer, poet and linguist from Cape Verde, who wrote in both Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole. With Manuel Lopes and Jorge Barbosa, he was the founder of Claridade. In 1947 he published Chiquinho, considered the greatest Cape Verdean novel. He sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Osvaldo Alcântara.

Manuel Lopes


Manuel António de Sousa Lopes was a Cape Verdean novelist, poet and essayist and a founder of modern Cape Verdean literature. With Baltasar Lopes da Silva and Jorge Barbosa he was a creator of the paper named Claridade. Manuel Lopes wrote texts in Portuguese, and utilized several works expressed in Cape Verdean Creole. Manuel Lopes was born on December 23, 1907 in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde, which was then a territory of Portugal. He moved along with his family to Coimbra in Mainland Portugal in 1908 to attend a lyceum. Four years later, he returned to Cape Verde and he functioned at an English company. In 1936, with Baltasar Lobes, he wrote the paper Claridade. In 1944, he transferred to the island of Faial in the Azores, he later lived in Lisbon in 1959 until his death. Os Flagelados do Vento Leste was adapted into a movie directed by António Faria in 1987.

Pedro Celestino Silva Soares

Soccer Midfielder

Pedro Celestino Silva Soares, known as Celestino, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for S.C. Olhanense as a central midfielder. He also holds a Portuguese passport, due to the many years spent in the country.

Gil Semedo

Film crewmember

Gil Semedo is a recording artist and performer.

Jorge Barbosa


Jorge Vera-Cruz Barbosa was a Cape Verdean poet and writer. He collaborated in various reviews and Portuguese and Cape Verdean journals. The publication of his poetry anthology Arquipélago in 1935 marked the beginning of Capeverdean poetry. He was, along with Baltazar Lopes da Silva and Manuel Lopes one of the three founders of the literary journal Claridade in 1936, which marked the beginning of modern Cape Verdean literature.

João Gomes

Basketball Player

João Gomes, most commonly known as Betinho, is a Portuguese basketball player.

Eugénio Tavares


Eugénio de Paula Tavares was a Cape Verdean poet. He is known through his famous poems, written in the Crioulo of Brava. His name is honored in the name of the town square in Vila Nova Sintra along with a statue.


Musical Artist

Adriano Gonçalves, known by his stage name Bana and called the "King of Morna", was a Cape Verdean balladeer and an interpreter of the morna style, the plaintive, melodic lament which is a staple musical style of the country. Bana, who was over seven feet tall, began his musical career during Portuguese colonial rule, when he worked as a handyman and bodyguard for the legendary Cabo Verdean composer and performer, B. Leza. Suffering from poor health during the last years of his life, Bana died in 2013 at Loures hospital in Portugal, at the age of 81, after suffering a cardiac arrest. According to his last will, his body will be cremated.

Carlos Alhinho

Soccer Defender

Carlos Alexandre Fortes Alhinho was a Portuguese professional footballer who played as a central defender, and a manager. He is one of the few players in his generation to have played for the Big Three in Portugal – Sporting, Benfica and Porto. Over the course of 15 seasons, he amassed Primeira Liga totals of 337 games and 17 goals. Until his death in 2008 he subsequently worked as a coach for more than 20 years, in numerous countries.


Musical Artist

Fantcha is a Cape Verdean singer who is popularly known in its traditional morna. She began her career with Cesária Évora. In 1988, she accompanied Évora in several tours in the USA, Fantcha later visited New York.

John DeBrito

Soccer Midfielder

John DeBrito is a former U.S.-Cape Verde soccer player. He was an All American at Southern Connecticut State University, spent at least one season playing indoor soccer, then played eight seasons outdoor, including six season in Major League Soccer. He earned six caps with the U.S. national team from 1991 to 1992.

Gilson Manuel Silva Alves

Football player

Gilson Manuel Silva Alves also known as Ja is a Cape Verdean football forward who plays for Olympique du Kef in the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 2.

Lúcio Antunes

Football team manager

Ulisses Indalécio Silva Antunes, nicknamed Lúcio Antunes, is the manager of the Cape Verde national football team. He was appointed in July 2010. He led the Cape Verde national side to the 2013 African Cup of Nations for the first time in their history, but had to take leave from his day job as an air-traffic controller.

José Andrade


José Manuel Gomes de Andrade, also known as Zé de Angola, is a Cape Verdean-born retired professional footballer who played as a striker. He also held Portuguese nationality due to the many years he spent in the country.

Vinny deMacedo


Viriato Manuel Pereira de Macedo, also popularly known as Vinny deMacedo, is a Cape Verdean American politician, and is the Massachusetts State Representative for the First Plymouth District, which comprises the precincts 2 to 10, 12 and 14 of the town of Plymouth, in Plymouth County. He is a Republican.

Edson Rolando Silva Sousa

Soccer Midfielder

Edson Rolando Silva Sousa is a Portuguese footballer currently unattached. He plays as a forward. Edson Silva signed for Tottenham Hotspur F.C. from PSV Eindhoven shortly before the 2004/05 season got underway. Tottenham's Sporting Director Frank Arnesen had signed him for PSV after spotting him playing for Portugal's youth teams. The attacking midfielder signed a one-year deal with an option to extend that at the end of the season. Unfortunately, he did not reach the first team and left Spurs in January 2005 to join Den Haag. After scoring 3 goals for Den Haag, Egyptian side Zamalek signed him. There he played in only 5 matches and after an unfortunate season, Portuguese club Maritimo decided to sign him for a fee that extended to 230,000 $. In the beginning of 2007 he was signed by Romanian Liga I side UTA Arad. After the 2008 season and relegation with UTA,he then left Romania and trained with Finnish Veikkausliiga club TPS Turku, he then returned to Romania and signed a contract with Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt.

Fredson Tavares

Soccer Goalkeeper

Fredson Jorge Ramos Tavares, aka Fock, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays as a goalkeeper.

Pedro DeBrito

Soccer Midfielder

Pedro Gomez DeBrito is a retired U.S.-Cape Verdean soccer midfielder. His career took him through multiple U.S. leagues including the North American Soccer League, Major Indoor Soccer League, American Soccer League and the National Professional Soccer League. He earned one cap with the U.S. national team in 1983.

Ronny Souto

Soccer Midfielder

Walder Alves Souto Amado, known as Ronny is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays professionally in for CS Fola Esch. He previously played in Cape Verde for SC Praia and for CS Oberkorn and F91 Dudelange, another teams in Luxembourg.

Rambé do Rosário

Soccer Forward

Ramilton Jorge Santos do Rosário, commonly known as Rambé, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for S.C. Farense on loan from C.F. Os Belenenses in Portugal, as a striker.

Elvis Évora

Basketball Center

Elvis Garcia Monteiro Évora is a Cape Verde-born Portuguese basketball player. He plays as a center. He played for FC Porto, from 1998/1999 to 2004/2005. After a season at Tenerife, he moved back to Portugal, playing for Ovarense, from 2006/07 to 2007/08, where he was twice National Champion. In 2008, he moved to Gandía BA, in Spain. With the season going, he signed for SL Benfica becoming a starter and a very important player for the team. He plays for Portugal since 2000. He had 95 caps by October 2007. Elvis Évora played at the EuroBasket 2007 finals, where Portugal reached the 2nd phase.


Football player

Alves Nilo Marcos Lima Fortes, aka Vinha, is a Cape Verdean retired footballer who played as a centre forward.

Fernando Quejas

Musical Artist

Fernando Quejas was a singer and a songwriter of Cape Verde.

Nilton Fernandes

Soccer Midfielder

Nilton Rogério Cardoso Fernandes, simply Nilton, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays as a midfielder.

Paulo Dos Santos

Soccer Midfielder

Paulo Dos Santos is a Cape Verdean soccer midfielder who played two seasons with the New England Revolution in Major League Soccer, four seasons in the USISL and six seasons in Norway.

Carlos Pedro Silva Morais

Football player

Carlos Pedro Silva Morais, aka Caló, is a Cape Verdean retired footballer who played as a left winger.

Janício Martins

Soccer Defender

Janício de Jesus Gomes Martins, simply known as Janício, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays as a right defender.

Arménio Vieira


Arménio Adroaldo Vieira e Silva is a Cape Verdean and a Portuguese journalist. He elemented an activity during the 1960s, collaborated in SELÓ, Boletim de Cabo Verde, Vértice review, Raízes, Ponto & Vírgula, Fragmentos, Sopinha de Alfabeto and others. He won the 2009 Camões Prize

Mateus Lopes

Soccer Forward

Mateus Henrique Fonseca Lopes, simply known as Mateus, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays for CDR Quarteirense in Portugal, as a striker. He also holds a Portuguese passport, due to the many years he spent in the country.

Maria Alice


Maria Alice de Fátima Rocha Silva, better known as Maria Alice, is a Cape Verdean singer. She was born and raised on the island of Sal. Cape Verde's international airport is based on Sal, and Maria's unique voice drew the attention of many Cape Verdean musicians who passed through the island on their way to and from Europe, America, and Africa. She soon moved to Lisbon, Portugal and began performing and recording with established artists such as the renowned clarinettist Luís Morais. Her solo album D'zencontre was recorded in Lisbon in 1995 with top local musicians.

Henrique Teixeira de Sousa


Henrique Teixeira de Sousa was a doctor and author from Cape Verde.


Soccer Midfielder

Davidson Renato da Cruz Coronel, aka Bijou, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for F.C. Arouca in the Portuguese first division, as a central midfielder.

Corsino Fortes


Corsino António Fortes is a Cape Verdean writer. He participated at the University of Lisbon in 1966. He became an ambassador in Lisbon.

Ovídio Martins


Ovídio de Sousa Martins was a famous Cape Verdean poet and journalist. He lived in exile in the Netherlands due to his pro-independence activities in his native land.

Pedro Miguel Carvalho Deus Correia

Soccer Defender

Pedro Miguel Carvalho Deus Correia, aka Ró-Ró, is a Cape Verdean-born Portuguese footballer who plays for Al Ahli SC in Qatar, as a defender.

Gualberto do Rosário


António Gualberto do Rosário was Prime Minister of Cape Verde from 29 July 2000 to 1 February 2001. Leader of the Movement for Democracy, do Rosário was acting Prime Minister from July to October 2000 and became Prime Minister thereafter. Previously he served as Minister of Agriculture under Prime Minister Carlos Veiga. He stepped down as leader in August 2001 and ran as an independent candidate for the Municipal Council of St. Vincent in February 2008.

Vasco da Gama Fernandes


Vasco da Gama Fernandes GC C, GC L, was a Portuguese lawyer and politician.

Rui Almeida Monteiro

Football player

Rui Almeida Monteiro is a retired Dutch football striker. Born in Cape Verde, he made his debut in professional football on 22 August 1998 for FC Dordrecht in a game against HFC Haarlem replacing Giovanni Franken in the 83rd minute.


Soccer Defender

Carlos Ilídio Moreno Gomes, aka Piguita, is a Cape Verdean retired footballer who played as a central defender.

Sergio Frusoni


Sergio Frusoni was a poet and promoter of the Cape Verdean Creole language.

Emerson da Luz

Soccer Midfielder

Emerson dos Santos da Luz is a Cape Verdean footballer who currently plays for Cape Verde national football team and for Arouca in the Segunda Divisão Portuguesa Zona Centro, the third level of the Portuguese football league system.

Gabriel Mariano


José Gabriel Lopes da Silva, also known as Gabriel Mariano, was a Cape Verdean poet and an essayist. He studied at São Joaquim and graduated as director in Lisbon. He returned to Cape Verde 1950 where he participated in the creation of the magazine Restoration, the Cultural Supplement and Boletim Cabo Verde. His cultural activity brought him to the attention of the local governor and he was deported to Mozambique. He published poems, novels and essays, in Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole.

Luís de Matos Monteiro da Fonseca


Luís de Matos Monteiro da Fonseca is a Cape Verdean diplomat and civil servant. Fonseca has taken a position as the ambassador to the Netherlands and European Community from 1987-1991, then Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, to Austria and the United Nations. From July 2004 to 2008, da Fonseca was the Executive Secretary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries. From 1995-1997, he served as director general for Political and Cultural Affairs. Then from 1997-1999, da Fonseca was the Director General for Foreign Policy. He is married and has two children.

Edson Cruz

Soccer Midfielder

Edson "Karr" Cruz is a Cape Verdean international football midfielder who currently plays for Cypriot side Aris Limassol.

Valter Borges

Soccer Midfielder

Valter Borges is a Cape Verdean international footballer who plays professionally as a midfielder.

Eugenio Duarte


Eugenio Duarte is an ordained minister and 37th general superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene. Born in Cape Verde, Duarte was the first African elected to the General Superintendency in the Church of the Nazarene. His election occurred in the centenary year of the denomination. Duarte was elected June 30, 2009 at the 27th General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene. Duarte was born on the island of Brava, one of the Cape Verde Islands. Upon his completion of high school in the city of Mindelo, he was chosen by the Portuguese, who governed the Cape Verde Islands at that time, to be secretary to the administrator on the island of May. While there, he was active in the work of the Church of the Nazarene. He also met and married Maria Teresa, who was serving as postmaster on the island. When Cape Verde received its independence from Portugal, the new government asked Duarte to go to Moscow to study electrical engineering. He declined the offer and began to preach. Duarte holds a master's degree in leadership from California's Azusa Pacific University. He is currently enrolled in the online Master of Business Administration Program at Northwest Nazarene University. He speaks several languages, including English, Portuguese and three African languages.

Almir Barbosa

Football player

Almir Barbosa is a Cape Verdean footballer.

Rodrigo Mascarenhas

Basketball Player

Rodrigo Mascarenhas in the Netherlands, is a Cape Verdean basketball player. Mascarenhas played professional basketball in Portugal with F.C. Porto. He then joined countryman Marques Houtman on Angolan side Primero de Agosto at the 2007-08 season and then played for another Angolan team, ASA. Mascarenhas currently is the captain of the Cape Verde national basketball team. At the 2007 FIBA Africa Championship, after leading the Cape Verdeans to a surprise third place finish in the tournament. he was named to the All-Tournament team.

Zé Piguita

Soccer Defender

José Barros Silva also known as Zé Piguita is a retired Cape Verdean footballer who was last a defender for Al Shamal.

Bela Duarte

Musical Artist

Bela Duarte is an artist from Cape Verde, Born in the island of São Vicente and was studied decorative arts in Lisbon, Portugal. During the Portuguese Carnation Revolution in 1974, she returned to Cape Verde in Mindelo, together with Manuel Figueira and Luísa Queirós,she made the Cooperativa da Resistência. She saw the ethnological research, over arts and crafts and works from the Cape Verde Islands, making it today the greatest person in the archipelago. Bela Duarte made her works and painted in oil and acrylic, batik maker, webbing and one other. In 1992 along with Luisa Queiros created in a gallery in Mindelo "azul + azul = verde" for batik, craftsmanship and artist. In the 1970s, Bela Duarte successfully took place in numerous art exhibitions in Cape Verde, Brussels, Portugal, Paris and the USA. For her batik work in 1995, she was received by the national cultural institute the renominated Fonte Lima Prize.

José Rui

Football player

José Rui de Pina Aguiar, commonly known as Zé Rui, is a Cape Verdean retired footballer who played as a central defender, and the current assistant coach of the Cape Verde national football team.

Sténio Santos


Sténio Santos is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays for Clube Desportivo Feirense.

Armando Zeferino Soares


Armando Zeferino Soares, was a Capeverdean composer, author of the famous song Sodade. He was born in Praia Branca in the island of São Nicolau and worked there as a salesman. He had several disputes due to the authorship of Sodade with other composers, including Amândio Cabral and Luís Morais. Finally on December 2006, the court declared Armando Soares the author of the famous song. He told the newspaper A Semana that he created the music in the 1950s in a farewell celebration to a group of friends that embarked for São Tomé e Príncipe.

Lidiane Lopes

Olympic athlete

Lidiane Lopes is an athlete.

Sidnei dos Santos Reis Mariano

Soccer Midfielder

Sidnei dos Reis Mariano is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for Libolo in Angola, as an Midfielder.

Dany Mendes Ribeiro

Soccer Forward

Dany Mendes Ribeiro, known as simply Dany, is a Cape Verdean footballer who plays for G.D. Interclube as a forward.

Péricles Santos Pereira


Péricles Santos Pereira, commonly known as Pecks, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for Gil Vicente F.C. in Portugal, mainly as a central defender.