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Flag of Anguilla


Central America and the Caribbean The Valley 16,086 inhabitants 91 sq km 176.77 inhabitants/sq km East Caribbean dollars (XCD) overseas territory of the United Kingdom population evolution

Famous people from Anguilla

Here is a list of famous people from Anguilla. Curious if anybody from Anguilla made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

Carlos Newton

Martial Artist

Carlos Newton is a Canadian mixed martial artist and former UFC Welterweight Champion. Known as "The Ronin", he competed worldwide in the biggest MMA organizations including UFC, Pride FC, IFL, K-1, Shooto and most recently W-1. Newton is a 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt alongside his coach Terry Riggs, at Warrior MMA in Newmarket, Ontario. Newton, always a fan favourite, is considered a "Submission Master" and has dubbed his personal fighting style—an amalgam of Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling and Boxing as "Dragon Ball Jiu-Jitsu" in tribute to Dragon Ball, a Japanese manga and anime series. His nickname, "The Ronin", is a reflection of his interest in the martial culture of feudal Japan.

Shara Proctor

Olympic Track and field Athlete

Shara Proctor is an Anguillan-born long jumper competing for Great Britain since 2011. She competed at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 2007 World Championships for Anguilla, but without reaching the final round. In November 2010, she transferred her allegiance to Great Britain. A British Overseas Territory, Anguilla does not have a National Olympic Committee of its own; the British Olympic Association is recognised as the appropriate NOC for such athletes and thus Anguillan athletes who hold a British passport are eligible to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games. Following her transfer of allegiance, however, Proctor also became eligible to compete for Great Britain at European and World Championships. In 2012, Proctor won her first senior medal for Great Britain, a bronze medal in the long jump in the IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championships, after a British national indoor record leap of 6.89 metres. Her longest jumps outdoors are 6.95 metres in the long jump, achieved in June 2012 in Birmingham; and 13.74 metres in the triple jump, achieved in May 2009 in Greensboro. She holds the national long jump records for Anguilla and Great Britain.

Chesney Hughes


Chesney Francis Hughes is a West Indian cricketer who plays for Derbyshire. He was born in Anguilla. Having signed for the side in June 2009, and holding a British passport, Hughes made his List A debut for the side during the 2009 Pro40 League against Warwickshire, scoring 4 runs. In the early 2010 season Hughes started to show his talent as a young cricketer by making an exciting 41 on his first class debut against Middlesex at Lords in May 2010. Two weeks later he continued to show promise as he reached three figures for the first time in first class cricket in only his fifth innings of county cricket at the age of 19. The rest of the 2010 season saw Hughes go on to score another century, 156 against Northamptonshire at Chesterfield, and a further three half centuries, one of them being a match winning 96* on a questionable wicket at Bristol. In total, 2010 saw Hughes amass 784 runs at an average of 41.26 in Championship cricket. In Limited overs cricket he scored 422 runs at an average of 35.16. A very productive first full season for a man that has showed much promise for his County, Derbyshire. During the winter months of 2010/11, Hughes will be playing in the caribbean after he was selected in the Leeward Islands squad.

Omari Banks

Cricket Bowler

Omari Ahmed Clement Banks is an Anguillan musician and former cricketer, who appeared in 10 Test matches for the West Indies, as well as domestic matches for the Leeward Islands. In 2011, Banks began to pursue his musical career professionally and has been less involved in playing regional cricket, and officially retired from cricket on 31 January 2012.

Keith Connor

Olympic athlete

Keith Leroy Connor migrated with his parents to Great Britain in 1964. He went on to represent Great Britain as an athlete who mainly competed in the triple jump. Winning gold medals at the Commonwealth Games 1978 & 1982, European 1982 and bronze at the Los Angeles Olympics 1984. Connor attended the University of Texas at El Paso in the USA from 1978–80 and later transferred the Southern Methodist University where he competed with distinction in the US national collegiate. He retired from active competition in 1984 due to injury and began an illustrious career as a coach and sports administrator. Connor was appointed head coach at the New South Wales Institute of Sport in 1990, after spending several years coaching on the American college scene following his retirement from competition. He was credited with helping Australian athletes to win medals at the Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney Olympics due to his work in revamping the New South Wales Institute of Sport. Following his successes at NSW Institute of Sport, Connor was given the appointed as head coach of Athletics Australia in 2001. The Australian press has described him, admiringly, as a hard-nosed disciplinarian. Herb Elliott, chairman of an Australian Sports Commission review of the sport, said: "There is a view that he has moved the sport forward. "He's had to take some very tough action. As a consequence, he's rubbed a few people up the wrong way and some are against him… but he's done an excellent job." In 2006 Keith was turned down for the job of Head Coach to British Athletics Board although he was regarded by most as the best candidate. This was his second rejection by BAB the first being in 1990. Allegations of racism surrounded his rejection. Since the expiration of his contract in 2006 Keith has been a Sport Consultant to national associations, sporting bodies, sponsors and individuals.

Bankie Banx

Reggae Artist

Bankie Banx is a reggae singer, known as the "Anguillan Bob Dylan".

Cardigan Connor

Cricket Player

Cardigan Adolphus Connor is an Anguillan born former English cricketer. Connor was a right-handed batsman and a right-arm fast-medium bowler.

Ronald Webster


James Ronald Webster is a politician from Anguilla. He served as the island territory's Chief Minister from 10 February 1976 to 1 February 1977 and again from May 1980 to 12 March 1984. Prior to serving as Chief Minister, Webster was designated Chairman of the Anguilla Island Council when the territory declared its independence from the Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla government in 1967, through the Anguillan Revolution which he led. Anguillans forced the Saint Kitts officials and police off of the island, due to alleged mistreatment of the public and governmental misuse of funds. In a referendum held on 11 July the inhabitants of Anguilla voted overwhelmingly to secede from the Associated State and to become a separate colony of Britain. Britain sent an advisor, Tony Lee, to exercise an "interim basic administrative authority" in conjunction with Ronald Webster, from January 1968 to January 1969; St. Kitts refused to extend the interim agreement and the British authorities left. In February 1969 islanders voted again to remain separate from Saint Kitts and Nevis and to become an "independent republic".

Colin Johnson

Football player

Colin Johnson is a former Anguillian football player and manager. He has played for Roaring Lions. He is now Anguilla national coach.

Robert Athlyi Rogers


Robert Athlyi Rogers, born in Anguilla, was the author of the Holy Piby, generally recognized as one of most important foundational texts in Rastafarian theology, although not strictly speaking a Rastafarian document. Rogers wrote it for the use of an Afrocentric religion he had founded, known as the Afro-Athlican Constructive Gaathly. It was written between 1913 and 1917, and published in 1924. His "Athlican" faith attracted a few followers, mostly in the West Indies, but never grew to the prominence he had envisaged. Rogers committed suicide on 24 August 1931. According to Alfredo Nieves Moreno in Enciclopedia de Puerto Rico. The 1920s and 1930s were an active and exciting time for the social movements that sought to highlight the importance of African heritage in the world. Among the most significant developments were the government of Ethiopian emperor Haile Salassie I and Marcus Mosiah Garvey's ideas of "Africa for Africans" and his Universal Negro Improvement Association, which also inspired the Rastafarian movement begun by Leonard Percival Howell in Jamaica. Pastor Robert Athlyi Rogers emerged from this evolution of thought and philosophy about the black race. He was born on the island of Anguilla on May 6, 1891, and immigrated to the United States as a youth. Jamaican leader Marcus Mosiah Garvey had also immigrated to the United States in 1916 and established a chapter of UNIA there. In 1922, Rogers attended a UNIA meeting in Newark and was very impressed with Garvey's discourse, to the point of declaring him an "apostle of God." Rogers' admiration for Garvey was such that he dedicated the seventh chapter of his masterwork, The Holy Piby, to Garvey.

Bernice Lake


Dame Bernice Lake QC was an Anguillan-born jurist and legal scholar whose career spanned more than forty years. In 1985, she became the first woman from the Eastern Caribbean to be appointed Queen's Counsel. Lake was also the first graduate of the University of the West Indies to receive the honor. Lake was born in Anguilla and attended school on St. Kitts, but resided in Antigua for most of her life. She obtained a degree in history and graduated with honors from the University College of the West Indies at Mona in Jamaica, which later became the University of the West Indies. Lake worked as a diplomat for the short-lived West Indies Federation's foreign service until the federation collapsed in 1962. Lake soon launched a second career by entering law school at UCL Faculty of Laws at University College London. She campaigned against apartheid in South Africa and other causes as a law student. Lake earned her Honours Degree in Law in 1967. Lake was admitted to the bar in St. Kitts in 1967 soon after obtaining her law degree. Lake became a prominent jurist, specializing in human rights and constitutional law. Her chambers, Lake & Kentish, which she opened with attorney Joyce Kentishher niece and was later joined by Kendreth Kentish and George Lake, were located on Antigua. Lake was the chief architect of the 1975 Constitution of Anguilla. In 1981, she served as a member of the committee charged with framing the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda. Another member of the Antiguan constitutional committee, Sydney Christian QC, said of Lake's role in drafting the document, "She was very much in the forefront of the fight for constitutional law and she was always very aggressive in her defence of the Constitution here in Antigua."

Carlos Lake

Football player

Carlos Lake is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.

Lester Connor

Football player

Lester Connor is an Anguillan football player. He plays for Anguilla national team.

Mark Connor

Football player

Mark Connor is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.

Nigel Connor

Football player

Nigel Connor is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.

Andre Griffith

Soccer Defender

Andre Griffith is an Anguillan football player. He plays for Anguilla national team.

Jaiden Abbott

Football player

Jaiden Abbott is an Anguillan football player. He plays for Anguilla national team.

Marvin Connor

Football player

Marvin Connor is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.

Javille Brooks

Soccer Forward

Javille Brooks in Anguilla is a footballer who plays as a forward. He currently plays for the Anguilla national football team.

Romare Kelsick

Soccer Defender

Romare Kelsick is an Anguillan football player. He plays for Anguilla national team.

Lucian Flemming

Football player

Lucian Flemming is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.

Daniel Anderson

Football player

Daniel Anderson is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.

Iston Benjamin

Football player

Iston Benjamin is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.

Walwyn Benjamin

Football player

Walwyn Benjamin is an Anguillan football player. He plays for Anguilla national team.

Rocarlo Smith

Football player

Rocarlo Smith is an Anguillan football player. He has played for Anguilla national team.