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Flag of Algeria


People's Democratic Republic of Algeria Africa Algiers 38,813,722 inhabitants 2,381,741 sq km 16.30 inhabitants/sq km Algerian dinars (DZD) population evolution

Top tourist attractions in Algeria

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Beni Hammad Fort

World Heritage Site

Beni Hammad Fort, also called Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad is a ruined, fortified palatine city in Algeria. It served as the first capital of the Hammadid dynasty. It is located in the mountains northeast of M'Sila, at an elevation of 1,418 meters, and receives abundant water from the surrounding mountains. Beni Hammad Fort is near the town of Maadid, about 225 km southeast of Algiers, in the Maghreb. In 1980, it was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and described as "an authentic picture of a fortified Muslim city". The town includes a 7 km-long line of walls. Inside the walls are four residential complexes, and the largest mosque built in Algeria after that of Mansurah. It is similar to the Grand Mosque of Kairouan, with a tall minaret. Excavations have brought to light numerous terracotta, jewels, coins and ceramics testifying to the high level of civilization under the Hammadid dynasty. Also among the artifacts discovered are several decorative fountains using the lion as a motif. The remains of the emir's palace, known as Dal al-Bahr, include three separate residences separated by gardens and pavilions.

El Kala National Park

Protected Site

The national park of El Ka la is one of the national parks of Algeria, in the extreme north-east of the country. It is home to several lakes and a unique ecosystem in the Mediterranean basin, it was created in 1983 and recognized as a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 1990. The park is threatened by the creation of a highway in Algeria, which would threaten the rare animals and plants of the park. It has been proposed that the highway should avoid this region and go further south. El Kala National Park and Biosphere Reserve is home to 40 species of mammals, 25 bird of prey species, 64 freshwater bird species and 9 marine bird species. The Barbary stag is prevalent in the park. The park averages 30,000 visitors per year.