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Republic of Albania Europe Tirana 3,020,209 inhabitants 28,748 sq km 105.06 inhabitants/sq km leke (ALL) population evolution

Famous people from Albania

Here is a list of famous people from Albania. Curious if anybody from Albania made it our most famous people in the world list? Read the aformentioned article in order to find out.

Enver Hoxha


Enver Hoxha was the Communist leader of Albania from 1944 until his death in 1985, as the First Secretary of the Party of Labour of Albania. He was chairman of the Democratic Front of Albania and commander-in-chief of the armed forces from 1944 until his death. He served as Prime Minister of Albania from 1944 to 1954 and at various times served as foreign minister and defence minister as well. The 40-year period of Hoxha's rule was politically characterized by the elimination of the opposition, prolific use of the death penalty or long prison terms of his political opponents and evictions from homes where their families lived and their internment in remote villages that were strictly controlled by police and the secret police. His rule was also characterized by Stalinist methods to destroy his associates who threatened his own power. Economically, during his period, Albania became industrialised and saw rapid economic growth, as well as unprecedented progress in the areas of education and health. He focused on rebuilding the country which was left in ruins after World War II, building Albania's first railway line, eliminating adult illiteracy and leading Albania towards becoming agriculturally self-sufficient.


Deceased Person

George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, widely known as Skanderbeg, was a 15th-century Albanian nobleman. He was appointed as the governor of the Sanjak of Dibra by the Ottomans in 1440. In 1444, he initiated and organized the League of Lezhë, which proclaimed him Chief of the League of the Albanian people, and defended the region of Albania against the Ottoman Empire for more than two decades. Skanderbeg's rebellion was not a general uprising of Albanians. People from the big cities in Albania on the Ottoman-controlled south and Venetian-controlled north did not support him while his followers were of different ethnicity including Albanians, Slavs, Vlachs and Greeks. Skanderbeg's military skills presented a major obstacle to Ottoman expansion, and he was considered by many in western Europe to be a model of Christian resistance against the Ottoman Muslims. Skanderbeg is Albania's most important national hero and a key figure of the Albanian National Awakening. Skanderbeg was born in 1405 to the noble Kastrioti family, in a village in Dibra. Sultan Murad II took him hostage in 1423 and he fought for the Ottoman Empire during next twenty years. In 1443, he deserted the Ottomans during the Battle of Niš and became the ruler of Krujë. In 1444, he organized local leaders into the League of Lezhë, uniting their forces for war against the Ottomans. Skanderbeg's first victory against the Ottomans, at the Battle of Torvioll in the same year marked the beginning of more than 20 years of war with the Ottomans. Skanderbeg's forces achieved more than 20 victories in the field and withstood three sieges of his capital, Krujë.

Sali Berisha


Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha, is an Albanian cardiologist and politician who served as President of Albania from 1992 to 1997 and Prime Minister from 2005 to 2013. He was also the leader of the Democratic Party of Albania twice, from 1991 to 1992 and then again from 1997 to 2013. To date, Berisha is the longest-serving democratically-elected leader and the only President of the Republic elected to a second term. Berisha was already a prominent intellectual in 1990 when, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he called for the abolition of the one-party state and transition to democracy. A former secretary of the committee of the Party of Labor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tirana, he abandoned his career as a cardiologist and university professor to become the leader of the Democratic Party in the 1990s. From 1992, after the fall of communism, he served as the President of Albania until his government collapsed in 1997 in the wake of the collapse of notorious pyramid schemes. From 1997 to 2005, Albania was governed by the Socialist Party for two mandates, while he stayed in opposition. In 2005, the Democratic Party won the general elections, and he became the Prime Minister after his coalition formed the new government. In 2009, he was re-elected Prime Minister, after the Democrats declared a narrow win of general elections but were forced into a coalition with the Socialist Movement for Integration through not winning enough seats on its own for the first time since the start of multi-party democracy in 1991.

Masiela Lusha


Masiela Lusha is an American author, actress, producer and humanitarian who first gained recognition after starring in film and TV projects such as the Emmy Award-winning ABC series George Lopez and Sony Picture's Blood: The Last Vampire. As an author, Lusha has translated poems and prayers by Mother Teresa, and has written several books in various languages. Lusha spent her childhood chiefly in Albania, Hungary and Austria. She studied ballet in Vienna, and then moved to Michigan in 1993, where she continued to train in various forms of dance. She rose to fame when she co-starred as the passionate and rebellious character, Carmen Lopez, for five years, on the syndicated Warner Brothers series, George Lopez. This reportedly established Lusha as a TV veteran by the age of 20. She then appeared in movies such as Muertas, Katie Malone, Ballad of Broken Angels, Summoning, A Father's Love, Time of the Comet, and Sony Pictures Entertainment, Blood: The Last Vampire. In recognition of her work, Lusha has been awarded two consecutive Young Artist Awards for Leading Young Actress in a Comedy and Drama. In 2007, Lusha founded a production company, Illuminary Pictures, and has since produced two films with the company. Throughout her career, Lusha has been placed on numerous 'best dressed' lists.²

Zog I of Albania


Zog I, King of the Albanians, born Ahmet Muhtar Bej Zogolli, taking the surname Zogu from 1922, was the leader of Albania from 1925 to 1939, first as President and then as King. Earlier he served as Prime Minister of Albania.

Ismail Kadare


Ismail Kadare is a best-selling Albanian writer. He is known for his novels, although he was first noticed for his poetry collections. He has been a leading literary figure in his own country since the 1960s. In the 1960s he focused on short stories until the publication of his first novel, The General of the Dead Army. In 1996 he became a lifetime member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences of France. In 1992, he was awarded the Prix mondial Cino Del Duca; in 2005, he won the inaugural Man Booker International Prize and in 2009 the Prince of Asturias Award of Arts. He has divided his time between Albania and France since 1990. Kadare has been mentioned as a possible recipient for the Nobel Prize in Literature several times. He began writing very young, in the mid-1950s. His works have been published in about thirty languages.

Edi Rama


Edi Rama is an Albanian politician who has been the Prime Minister of Albania since 2013. He has also been leader of the Socialist Party of Albania since 2005. Rama served in the government as Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports from 1998 to 2000, and he was Mayor of Tirana from 2000 to 2011. Rama led a coalition of socialist and left-wing parties that won the June 2013 parliamentary election, defeating the conservative bloc of Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani


Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani was an Albanian Islamic scholar of the 20th century; he specialised in the fields of hadith and fiqh. He was also a prolific writer and speaker, in addition to an artisan.

Breanne Benson


Breanne Benson is an American pornographic actress of Albanian descent.

Ali Pasha


Ali Pasha of Tepelena or of Yannina, surnamed Aslan, "the Lion", or the "Lion of Yannina", was an Ottoman Albanian ruler of the western part of Rumelia, the Ottoman Empire's European territory which was also called Pashalik of Yanina. His court was in Ioannina. Ali had three sons: Ahmet Muhtar Pasha, Veli Pasha of Morea and Salih Pasha of Vlore. Ali Pasha of Tepelena died fighting in 1822 at the age of 81 or 82.

Sotiris Ninis

Soccer Midfielder

Erjon Bogdani


Erjon Bogdani is an Albanian football player who currently is a free agent.

Anastasius I Dicorus


Anastasius I was Byzantine Emperor from 491 to 518. During his reign the Roman eastern frontier underwent extensive re-fortification, including the construction of Dara, a stronghold intended to counter the Persian fortress of Nisibis. During his reign was built one of the most fortified castle cities on the Adriatic Durrës Castle in Durrës.

Panagiotis Kone

Soccer Midfielder

Panagiotis Giorgios Kone is a Greek footballer playing as an attacking midfielder for Bologna in the Italian Serie A. He was born in Tirana, Albania and moved to Greece at the age of two.

Pyrros Dimas


Pyrros Dimas is a retired Greek weightlifter, considered as one of the greatest of all time, having been three times Olympic champion and three times World Champion.

Ismail Qemali


Ismail Qemal Bej Vlora or commonly Ismail Qemali and in Turkish İsmail Kemal Bey or İsmail Kemal Vlora, was a distinguished leader of the Albanian national movement, and founder of the modern Albanian state as its first head of state and government.

Hamdi Salihi


Hamdi Salihi is an Albanian football player who currently plays as a striker for Jiangsu Sainty in the Chinese Super League and the Albanian national team. Nicknamed 'The Bomber' by his former international coach Otto Barić who would compare him to Gerd Müller, Salihi is known for being a prolific goalscorer both in Albania and Austria, the two countries where he has spent the majority of his career. He has been a member of the Albanian national team since making his debut in 2006.

Bamir Topi


Bamir Myrteza Topi was the fifth President of Albania from 24 July 2007 to 24 July 2012. He was also Honorary President of Albanian football club KF Tirana from 2005 to 2007. In September 2012 Topi become the leader of the new Albanian party New Democratic Spirit.

Igli Tare


Igli Tare is an Albanian former football striker. He is now the technical area coordinator of Lazio.

Fatos Nano


Fatos Thanas Nano has served as the Prime Minister of Albania three times to date; he was the first leader and founder of the Socialist Party of Albania and a member of the Albanian Parliament from 1991 to 1996 and 1997 to 2009. He reformed the Anti-Revisionist Marxist-Leninist ideology of the Labor Party of Albania into social democracy for its successor, the Socialist Party. During his leadership, the Socialist Party, as a result of reforms, joined the Socialist International and Party of European Socialists. Nano was a candidate in the 2007 presidential election but did not win. He again tried in the 2012 presidential election, but he did not even qualify as a candidate, because the leaders of parties in Parliament obstructed their respective MPs to elect him as candidate in the elections.

Naim Frashëri


Naim Frashëri was an Albanian poet and writer. He was one of the most prominent figures of the Albanian National Awakening of the 19th century, together with his two brothers Sami and Abdyl. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Albania.

Edgar Çani


Edgar Çani is an Albanian football centre forward who plays for Carpi in the Italian Serie B on loan from Catania. He also represents the Albania national football team.

Ramiz Alia


Ramiz Tafë Alia was the second and last Communist leader of Albania from 1985 to 1991, and the country's head of state from 1982 to 1992. He had been designated as successor by Enver Hoxha and took power after Hoxha died. Alia died on 7 October 2011 in Tirana due to lung disease, aged 85. He was the first President of Albania from 1991 to 1992.

Sami Frashëri


Sami Frashëri was an Ottoman Albanian writer, philosopher, playwright and a prominent figure of the Rilindja Kombëtare, the National Renaissance movement of Albania, together with his two brothers Abdyl and Naim. He accepted and supported the Turkish nationalism and laicism and had close relationships with Turkish nationalist intellectuals such as Veled Chelebi and Nedjib 'Asim. Frashëri was one of the sons of an impoverished Bey from Frashër in the District of Përmet. He gained a place in Ottoman literature as a talented author under the name of Şemseddin Sami Efendi and contributed to the Ottoman Turkish language reforms. However, Frashëri's message, as declared in his book "Albania - What it was, what it is, and what will become of it" published in 1899, became the manifesto of the Albanian Renaissance. Frashëri discussed the prospects for a free and independent republic of Albania. In this way, beginning with a demand for autonomy and struggle for their own alphabet and education, he helped the Albanian National Liberation movement develop its claim for independence. Translation and distribution of his works were financed by Theodor Anton Ippen and Nopcsa. Nowadays, a lot of schools bear his name, i.e. Sami Frashëri High School is one of the most well-known gymnasiums in Prishtina.

Lulzim Basha


Lulzim Basha is a prominent Albanian politician and the current Mayor of Tirana, the capital of Albania. Prior to being elected Mayor of Tirana, Basha was twice elected as member of Parliament representing Tirana and Elbasan. During that period he served as Albania's Foreign Minister, Minister of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunications and Minister of Interior.

Panajot Pano


Panajot Pano was an Albanian football player. He started his career as a goalkeeper in the SK Tirana youth academy, but he became the most prolific centre-forward of their arch-rivals, Partizani Tirana. During his eighteen-year career he played 24 matches with the Albanian national football team and was awarded the Albanian UEFA Jubilee Award.

Bujar Nishani


Bujar Faik Nishani born 29 September 1966; has been President of Albania since July 2012. At the time of his election, Nishani was a member of the Democratic Party of Albania, an MP, and the Minister of Interior. Constitutionally he had to resign all three posts due to his election as President. The Albanian Parliament elected Nishani as President with a simple majority of 73 votes out of 140, without consensus from the opposition.

Anri Sala


Anri Sala is a contemporary artist whose primary medium is video.

Armando Sadiku


Armando Sadiku is an Albanian footballer who plays as a striker for FC Lugano in the Swiss Challenge League. He is also a member of the Albania national football team.

Sebino Plaku

Soccer Forward

Sebino Plaku is an Albanian football striker. He currently plays for Śląsk Wrocław in the Polish Ekstraklasa, having previously played for KS Skenderbeu Korce, Dinamo Tirana, KS Apolonia Fier, KF Tirana, Ham-Kam, Kastrioti Krujë.

Ergys Kace

Soccer Midfielder

Ergys Kaçe is an Albanian defensive-midfield footballer. He has been described by the media as "a classic agile defensive midfielder" and at the early stages of his career he was compared to Zinedine Zidane.

Bekim Bala


Bekim Balaj is an Albanian football player who currently plays for Jagiellonia Białystok in the Ekstraklasa, mainly as a centre forward.

Leka, Crown Prince of Albania

Noble person

Altin Lala

Soccer Midfielder

Altin Lala is an Albanian former footballer who played as a midfielder. He spent his entire career in Germany and holds the appearance record for the Albania national football team.

Ilir Meta


Ilir Meta is an Albanian politician who was Prime Minister of Albania from 1999 to 2002. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2002 to 2003 and again from 2009 to 2010, and he has been Speaker of the Albanian Parliament since 2013. He also held positions as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, in both left-wing and right-wing governments. As a member of the Socialist Party of Albania, Meta was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2002. He subsequently founded the Socialist Movement for Integration in 2004 and continues to lead the party. From 2009 to 2013, the LSI was a member of the governing coalition with the Democratic Party of Albania.

Rudi Vata

Soccer Defender

Rudi Vata is a former Albanian footballer who played as a defender. He is the manager of Albanian team KS Vllaznia Shkoder. Vata's career in Western football began in France in 1991, when the KS Dinamo Tirana player claimed political asylum following an international match. He played for Le Mans Union Club 72 and Tours FC, before playing for Celtic between January 1993 and 1995-96. He became the first Albanian to win an honour in a major European country when he won the 1995 Scottish FA Cup with Celtic. Vata went on to play for Apollon Limassol, Energie Cottbus, Rot-Weiß Ahlen and SK Tirana. This was followed by a spell in Japan, from where he signed for St. Johnstone F.C. in 2004. He retired from football in 2005 after a brief stint with KF Partizani Tirana. He was capped 58 times and scored 5 goals for the Albanian national team. Since retiring from the professional game, Vata has become a sports agent, specialising in Eastern European football, and facilitating the transfer of players such as Garry O'Connor and Aiden McGeady.

Jürgen Gjasula

Soccer Midfielder

Jürgen Gjasula is a German-Albanian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Litex Lovech in the Bulgarian A Professional Football Group.

Elhaida Dani

Rhythm and blues Artist

Elhaida Dani is an Albanian singer. She is the winner of the first series of The Voice of Italy.

Aurela Gaçe

Pop Artist

Aurela Gaçe is an award-winning Albanian singer. She is a three-time Festivali i Këngës winner and Balkan Music Award winner for "Best Singer from Albania". Gaçe represented Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the entry "Feel the Passion". She is currently a judge on The Voice of Albania.

Alfred Moisiu


Alfred Spiro Moisiu was the fourth President of the Republic of Albania from 2002 to 2007. He is the son of Albanian Army general Spiro Moisiu.

Klodian Duro

Soccer Midfielder

Klodian Duro is an Albanian former footballer. He is a versatile midfielder who usually played in an attacking role.


Pop Artist

Bleona Qereti, also known as Bleona, is an Albanian-American singer, actress, and entertainer. She dubbed the "Madonna of Albania" by the NY Daily News. As of 2009, she is based in the United States, where she has worked with producers such as Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, and Grammy winner David Foster. She has released two singles since, including "Show Off" and "Pass Out," the latter co-produced by Timbaland. In September 10, 2013 she released the single "Take It Like A Man" which is charting in Music Week Charts in The UK on Number 7. Bleona has been on the cover of 35 fashion magazines and toured extensively. She is fluent in German, English and Italian.

Jozefina Topalli


Jozefina Çoba Topalli is an Albanian politician and is the Chairwoman of the Parliament of Albania, since September 3, 2005, and vice-president of the Democratic Party of Albania. She is married and has two children.

Nik Xhelilaj


Kreshnik Xhelilaj, better known by his stage name Nik Xhelilaj, is an Albanian film and stage actor. He began his international career with the movie The Sadness of Mrs. Snajdrova, directed by Pirro Milkani and was the leading actor in three critically acclaimed Albanian films of the last few years, of which two entered in the List of Albanian submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2008 and 2009. Nik has collected several "Best Actor" Awards in various international film festivals.

Millosh Gjergj Nikolla

Albanian Speaker

Millosh Gjergj Nikolla was an Albanian poet and writer. He is better known under his pen name Migjeni.

Essad Pasha Toptani


Essad Pasha Toptani or Esad Pasha Toptani, primarily known as Essad Pasha, was Ottoman army officer, Albanian deputy in Ottoman parliament and politician in the early twentieth century in Albania. He was cooperating with the Balkan League after the Balkan Wars and established a state in central Albania, based in Durrës, called the Republic of Central Albania.

Sinan Pasha

Military Commander

Koca Sinan Pasha was an Ottoman grand vizier, military commander, and statesman.

Kejsi Tola


Kejsi Tola is an Albanian singer. She was the winner of "Ethet". In May 2009 she represented Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia with "Carry Me In Your Dreams".

Edmond Kapllani


Edmond Kapllani is an Albanian footballer who currently plays as a striker for FSV Frankfurt.

Dritëro Agolli


Dritëro Agolli is an Albanian poet, writer, politician, and former president of the defunct Albanian League of Writers and Artists. He studied in Leningrad in the Soviet Union and wrote primarily poetry, but also short stories, essays, plays, and novels. He was head of the Albanian League of Writers and Artists from the purge of Fadil Paçrami and Todi Lubonja at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Albanian Party of Labour from 1973 until 1992.

Tedi Papavrami


Tedi Papavrami, is an Albanian professional violinist.

Ermal Kuqo

Basketball Center

Ermal Kuqo is an Albanian basketball player for the Turkish team Banvit. Kuqo was a part of the Turkish national team from 2004 until 2010, but from then plays for the Albanian national team.

Ledina Çelo

Pop Artist

Ledina Çelo is an Albanian singer and model. In December 2003 she hosted the Albanian national Final for the Eurovision Song Contest. One year later she participated herself and won with Nesër Shkoj, on the Eurovision she decided to sing in English with Tomorrow I Go. She immediately qualified for the final due to the good result of Anjeza Shahini in the previous year. She came in 16th place. Çelos song "E Doni Dashurinë", performed with Luan Zhegu in Festivali I Këngës 1995 has been reported to be the most applauded song in Festivali I Këngës history, a total of 7 minutes and 11 seconds. However, the song did not win and reached an honourable 2nd place. In 19 November 2006, Ledina Celo won 2nd place in the Kënga Magjike song festival with the song "Jemi Të Huaj", a power ballad.

Elis Bakaj

Soccer Midfielder

Elis Flamur Bakaj is an Albanian footballer who plays for Chornomorets Odessa in the Ukrainian Premier League and the Albania national team.

Xhevahir Sukaj


Xhevahir Sukaj is an Albanian football striker who plays for Sepahan in the Iran Pro League. The striker has played for six different clubs throughout his career so far in four countries and has also been capped at both U-21 and senior international levels.

Shpëtim Moçka

Soccer Goalkeeper

Shpëtim Moçka is a professional Albanian footballer who currently plays as a goalkeeper for KS Flamurtari in the Albanian Superliga.

Arben Minga


Arben Minga was an Albanian footballer, who played as a centre-forward and a central defender. He was known as Beni i madh. He was a six-time Albanian title winner.

Ervin Bulku

Soccer Midfielder

Ervin Bulku is an Albanian football player who will play for Sepahan club in Iran Pro League and Albanian national team as a midfielder. He is a Utility player and is able to play in many positions such as Central midfielder, Defensive midfielder, Right Midfielder and even Right Defender. Currently, he plays for Sepahan as the Right Midfielder. He is also the younger brother of former SK Tirana's footballer Sokol Bulku.

Ervin Skela

Soccer Midfielder

Ervin Skela is an Albanian footballer.

Murat Reis the Elder


Murat Reis the Elder was an Albanian privateer and admiral of the Ottoman Navy. He is regarded as one of the most important Barbary corsairs.

Karl Topia

Noble person

Karl Topia was one of the powerful feudal princes and warlord, who between them ruled Albania from the middle of the 14th century until the Ottoman conquest. To the Roman Curia, Karl maintained usually good relations. In 1376 a vacant place became an ore diocese in Durrës, again with a Latin Bishop to be occupied.

Juliana Pasha


Juliana Pasha is an Albanian singer. In 2010 she won Honorary Citizen Award of Burrel from the mayor of the city. After she went into Eurovision in 2010 she won the first prize in the festival "Kenga Magjike" with the song called "Sa e shite zemren". She is currently a mentor and judge on the Albanian and Kosovo's version of The X Factor.

Pandeli Majko


Pandeli Majko was Prime Minister of Albania from 1998 to 1999 and for a short time in 2002. He graduated at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and later in Law.

Mirela Maniani

Olympic athlete

Mirela Maniani or Manjani is a retired Greek javelin thrower. Prior to 1997 she represented Albania. She won the silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics with a personal best of 67.51 m, and the bronze medal in 2004. Maniani is also a European champion and double world champion. Her personal best throw of 67.51 metres is the current Greek record. She is also the current holder of the Albanian record in javelin with 62.64. She represented Albania at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, USA. Mirela Maniani then married the weightlifter George Tzelili in 1997, becoming a Greek citizen. She was known as Mirela Maniani-Tzelili until 2002, when she divorced Tzelili.

Jahmir Hyka

Soccer Midfielder

Jahmir Hyka is an Albanian footballer who plays as a midfielder for FC Luzern in the Swiss Super League and the Albanian national team.

Elseid Hisaj


Elseid Hysaj is an Albanian footballer player, who plays as a defender for Italian club Empoli in Serie B.

Admir Teli

Soccer Defender

Admir Teli is an Albanian footballer currently playing as a defender for FK Qarabağ in the Azerbaijan Premier League and the Albania national football team.

Azem Hajdari


Azem Shpend Hajdari was the leader of the student movement in 1990–1991 that led to the fall of communism in Albania. He then became a politician of the Democratic Party of Albania. Together with Sali Berisha, he symbolizes the start of the democratic era in Albania. He was a member of the Albanian parliament and the Chairman of the Defense Parliamentary Commission. He was assassinated in Tirana on September 12, 1998. On October 2, 1998, Hajdari was posthumously awarded Honorary citizenship of Tirana, and in 2007 he was decorated with the Skanderbeg's Order by president Bamir Topi. An monument honoring Hajdari and Besim Çera was placed on the crime scene where both were killed.

Kledi Kadiu


Kledi Kadiu is an Albanian-born, naturalized Italian dancer, actor, television personality, and author. He is a regular dancer on the popular talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi, which is presented by Maria De Filippi on Mediaset's Canale 5. He starred in his first film Passa a Due in 2005. He is the founder of the Kledi Dance school in Rome. In 2008, Kadiu became an Italian citizen.

Foto Strakosha


Fotaq "Foto" Strakosha is a retired Albanian goalkeeper. Strakosha is one of Albania's most popular and greatest goalkeepers who captained the national team for a number of years before his retirement in 2005. He became Albania's most ever capped player having 73 caps to his name for the Albanian national team from 1990 to 2005. In 2011 he became the coach of Albania national under-19 football team

Ibrahim Kodra

Painting Artist

Ibrahim Likmetaj Kodra was an Albanian-Italian artist. He is the only Albanian painter of international renown.

Andi Lila

Soccer Defender

Andi Lila is an Albanian football player. The defender is currently playing for PAS Giannina in the Greek Superleague.

Saint Angelina of Serbia

Deceased Person

Angelina Branković was the despotess consort of Serbian Despot Stefan Branković, and a daughter of Albanian nobleman Gjergj Arianit Komneni. For her pious life she was proclaimed a saint and venerated as such by the Serbian Orthodox Church as Venerable Mother Angelina.

Vaçe Zela


Vaçe Zela is an Albanian singer. She began her career at a young age and in 1962 was the first to win the Albanian Song Festival. A 11 time winner of the festival, Vaçe gained fame during the communist era and was awarded the Merited Artist of Albania prize in 1973 and the People's Artist of Albania prize in 1977. On 24 December 2002 she was awarded the Prize "Honor of the Nation" by the Albanian president Alfred Moisiu.

Odise Roshi

Soccer Midfielder

Odise Roshi nicknamed "Raketa" is an Albanian football player. The midfielder plays for FSV Frankfurt in the German 2. Bundesliga. His main position is midfield but he can also play as a forward.

Marin Barleti


Marin Barleti was a historian and Catholic priest from Shkodra. He is considered the first Albanian historian because of his 1504 eyewitness account of the 1478 siege of Shkodra. Barleti is better known for his second work, a biography on Skanderbeg, translated into many languages in the 16th to the 20th centuries. Some scholars assert he was an ethnic Italian, while others assert he was Albanian.

Bledar Kola

Soccer Midfielder

Bledar Kola is a former Albanian football player.

Alban Bushi


Alban Bushi is an Albanian former footballer.

Angela Martini


Angela Martini is an Albanian model. She won Miss Universe Albania in 2010.

Davud Pasha


Davud Pasha, also known with the epithet "Koca", was an Albanian general and grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1482 to 1497 during the reign of Bayezid II.

Gjon Mili


Gjon Mili was an Albanian-American photographer best known for his work published in LIFE which he photographed artists such as Pablo Picasso .

Fahrettin Altay

Military Person

Fahrettin Altay was an Ottoman officer and Turkish general. He was born to Ismail Bey and Hayriye Hanım in İşkodra. He was known as the commander of V Cavalry Corps that participated in various battles of the Turkish War of Independence. His most valued and priced action was the role of V Cavalry Corps during the famous Battle of Dumlupınar, where the V Cavalry Corps passed behind the Greek lines in the beginning of the battle. His cavalry cut Greek supply and communication. They raised havoc among the retreating Greek Corps and also captured General Nikolaos Trikoupis, CO of Greek forces in Anatolia. In Great Smyrna Offensive, V Cavalry Corps was one of the vanguards of the Turkish Army. According to Altay Spor Tarihi, in 1966 when Fahrettin Altay visited the Altay Sports Club at Izmir, he explained to Erdoğan Tözge how his surname was given. According to Erdoğan Tözge, he presented a gold fountain pen to Fahrettin Altay, and asked him how did he chose Altay as his surname. Fahrettin Altay replied, When we vizited Izmir with Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha during the years of armistice, the Altay club played football against a mixed team consisted of Royal Navy personnel. We watched the game together. Altay club played very nice and when they won against the British, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha was affected, honored and expressed his appreciation. After a long time had passed and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha sent me to Tabriz to settle border dispute with Iran. During my staying at Tabriz, the Surname Law was adopted in the Grand National Assembly, and the Assembly gave the name Atatürk to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha unanimously. All country congratulated him because of his new surname. I also sent a telegraph and celebrated. Atatürk's response that he received the next day, was:

Ronald Gërçaliu


Ronald Gërçaliu is an Albanian-born Austrian footballer who plays for Erzgebirge Aue. Eligible to play for Albania, he chose to play for Austria after being called up by Hans Krankl in 2005.

Frederik Ndoci

Pop Artist

Frederik Ndoci is an Albanian singer, songwriter, poet, writer, actor and international Recording artist. He also represented his country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, with the song "Hear My Plea".

Alban Skënderaj


Alban Skënderaj is an Albanian singer.

Isli Hidi


Isli Hidi is an Albanian goalkeeper who plays for Apollon Limassol in the Cyprus First Division and the Albanian national team.

Gilman Lika

Soccer Midfielder

Gilman Lika is an Albanian football player who currently plays for Al-Faisaly in the Saudi Professional League. His main position is on the left side of the midfield but he can also play in the centre.

Fatmir Vata

Soccer Midfielder

Fatmir Vata is an Albanian former footballer who last played as a midfielder or supporting striker for Wuppertaler SV.

Rexhep Meidani


Rexhep Qemal Meidani is an Albanian politician and third President of Albania.

Ilion Lika


Ilion Lika is an Albanian football player who is currently plays with KS Flamurtari in the Albanian Superliga. The goalkeeper has previously played for Dinamo Tirana, KS Elbasani and KS Kastrioti in Albania and more recently FC Terek Grozny in Russia.

Nevil Dede

Soccer Defender

Nevil Thanas Dede is Tirana's current coach and a former football defender. He has been capped 30 times as an Albanian National Team player. He made his debut with the national team in 1995.

Zachos Milios

Military Person

Zachos Milios was a Greek revolutionary of the Greek War of Independence and officer of the Greek army. He was the brother of the distinguished general and politician Spyros Milios.

Avni Rustemi


Avni Rustemi was an Albanian teacher, activist and member of the Albanian parliament. Rustemi was the leader of the democratic organisation "Bashkimi", and member of the democratic opposition in the Albanian National Assembly preceding the Revolution of June 1924.

Zeli Ismail

Soccer Midfielder

Zeli Ismail is an Albanian-born English footballer who plays as a midfielder for Wolverhampton Wanderers. He has represented England at both under-16 and under-17 level.

Kristi Vangjeli


Kristi Vangjeli is an Albanian football defender, currently playing for FC Chornomorets Odessa in the Ukrainian Premier League and the Albanian national team. Prior to Chornomorets, Vangjeli played for Aris Thessaloniki FC in the Greek Super League. His preferred position is right back, but he can also play on the left as he has done for both club and country on a number of times, as well as defensive midfielder.

Ansi Agolli

Soccer Midfielder

Ansi Agolli is an Albanian footballer who currently plays for FK Qarabağ in the Azerbaijan Premier League and the Albanian national team. He plays primarily as left midfield or fullback, but he can also operate as a right fullback.

Fadil Berisha


Fadil Berisha is an Albanian American fashion photographer living in New York. He is the official photographer for Miss Universe, Miss USA. He is also the official photographer for Rolex. Fadil moved to New York City from Kosovo at the age of eight, where he worked for several shops and boutiques, getting his first clues on photography. As a fashion photographer, he has worked for companies, agencies such as Avon, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom's and others. His editorial work has been published in the most widely read and influential publications, including Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Seventeen, V, Vanity Fair, W, Esquire, GQ and in Albanian ones like Teuta Magazine, Spekter Magazine and others. Fadil Berisha has worked with several celebrities including: Tyra Banks, Donald Trump, Russell Simmons, Bill Clinton, Roger Federer, Halle Berry, Snoop Dogg, Fergie, Patti LaBelle, Harry Belafonte, Jennifer Beals, Beverly Johnson, Robert Evans, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and others. He is cousin of former Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha.