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About countrylicious

What is countrylicious?

countrylicious is a personal project I have been recently working on (August 2013). It is a nonprofit educational website intended to help all those who want to quickly access information about the world countries. This information already exists on the internet, I am just trying to put it all together in an easy to read format.

I am developing and mantaining this website in my spare time, all by myself. So, please be considerate when criticizing it.


The content of this website is based on the information from The World Factbook 2013-14. Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, 2013. The data has been extracted using the jMatchParser and refined manually.

The data used for the population evolution charts has been prepared by the United Nations Population Division.

The GeoJSON data used for the country shapes is provided by the Natural Earth project.

Most data about tourist attractions and famous people has been extracted from the Google Freebase Project and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Only (CC BY 2.5). Please note that these two sections are still in an experimental status, thus some data may be inaccurate or misplaced. All the imagery associated with these two sections has been automatically collected from the Google Knowledge Graph. The attribution has been given to the respective project. If you feel that there are copyright issues, I will be more than happy to credit you with the propper copyright information or remove the troublesome image. According to the US Copyright Act, these images can be used without attribution if the "Fair Use" doctrine applies (in this case, Section 107: "nonprofit educational purposes").

Geek talk

This website was built with responsivness in mind. This means it will adapt its appearence and content based on screen size and type of device it is being used on. That's why I decided to make full use of the awsome framework called Bootstrap.

It also features all different kinds of maps, all of them built on top of Leaflet.

Most parts of this website use a custom-built caching mechanism which improves loading times tenfold. Also, the use of CDNs lands a helping hand when it comes to speed.

The author

My name is Daniel Chirita and I am a Romanian software-engineer. I am passionate about technology, especially web. If you want to learn more about me, you can browse my CV here.


If you have questions, suggestions or if you just want to get in touch with me, you can use the following email address (copy-pasting this address will probably not work):.

If you like this project and would like to support, please be awesome and make a donation via Paypal.