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Country facts, interactive world map, country rankings, tourist attractions and famous world people. All in one place!

Countrylicious is a nonprofit educational website intended to help all those in search of information about the world countries. It contains an up-to-date database (January 2015) with all the countries and the territories of the world and important details such as: capital, area, population, GDP, famous people, tourist attractions. It also features an interactive world map, country rankings, articles and games to test your knowledge.

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Featured articles

World unemployment overview

World unemployment overview

Unemployment refers to the portion of a country‚Äôs population that is not working despite those people being available for work actively searching for employment in their country. The world has been ravaged by high unemployment in the world over the past several years. Continue reading »

A brief history of the United States of America

A brief history of the United States of America

Many people believe that the history of America roughly began in 1492 when Columbus "stopped by", but that isn't true. Some of America's earliest ancestors came from Eurasia over what is now called the Bering Strait when it was in a state of glaciation. Of course, we all now that this... Continue reading »

Here's more countrylicious can offer:

Interactive world map

Learn about the world countries using our interactive world map with tourist attractions. This zoomable map allows you to search for any country or capital and quickly view details about the country: location, flag, capital, population, area, GDP, climate. You can also switch between different views of the map (currently political and geographical) and zoom in as far as street level. See the interactive world map.

World countries

Browse our interactive atlas of the world and learn about the world countries. These details include: flag, capital, area, population, location, climate, facts about government, economy, energy, communications, military, transportation, and many more. Also, you can view the most popular tourist destinations in each country. The atlas is linked with our interactive world map. Go to the list of world countries.

Country rankings

Learn how countries compare to each other in terms of many different facts like population, area, GDP, public debt, inflation rate, electricity consumption, oil production, and many more. We have also constructed the so-called "choropleth maps" which allow you to easily visualize how these facts are distributed between world countries. See all country rankings.